“It’s Not a Felony!” – Reaction To Donald Trump’s Indictment

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Donald Trump’s indictment.

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Trump rages about being indicted in Social media posts about his indictment Says the US is now a third world country You know uh Donald Trump can still run For president after that yeah I know Indicated I saw that indicator he wrote That yeah yeah if I was indicted I Wouldn't have my spelling very Personally I think you've got to give Him a little bit so what do you think About what's going on here what are your Thoughts about what's going on here oh I Mean it's it's an outrage I mean it's I Called it something similar to Illegal Pearl Harbor where this has never been Done before we'll never forget that it's Done and there first of all they're Directly interfering with an election You don't like Trump beat him at The Ballot Box why do you have to do it this Way second of all this is not a felony What they've outlined we haven't seen The indictment yet so maybe I'll be Corrected but I don't think I will be in This way based on all public reporting And all leaks from the grand jury this Is a paperwork area era that might be a Misdemeanor might and upgraded to a Felony while Alvin Bragg has downgraded 52 of previously classified felonies as Misdemeanors so the trend in New York is Not felonies we're going in the Misdemeanor direction we're going to you Know we're going to say that if you loot

Or if you burn or you steal or you do All these things yeah reduced by 52 Um that yes downgraded 52 percent of Felony cases to misdemeanors compared to 39 so it's it's literally different yeah Yeah and so he's increasing it now and So there's a term for this I didn't come Up with it it's Sam Francis called Anarcho tyranny which is the basic Things that the nation needs to do to Keep yourself safe Holding murders accountable drug Trafficking arson stuff that we all Don't agree with that we're loosening The sentencing and the policing there But we're increasing the Tyranny for Political favored crimes And so of course the political hit job They're using this for political Purposes but I think there's a I think There's something a lot deeper here Going on The real crime that Donald Trump Committed was winning the 2016 election And we know this in the psychological Literature the power of trauma right and We know we know about post-traumatic Stress syndrome PTSD it's not that Different they were the left in New York The New York City Elite were Legitimately traumatized the night that Hillary Clinton was supposed to break That glass ceiling at the Kravitz Center And that has now become almost a

Psychologically defining event for them Where they sort of they swore a Blood Oath seven years ago we're gonna get you And it's gonna no matter what we're Gonna make you indicted in the same Place that you stole that night from us Because Amy Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh And Gorsuch and all the successes that Donald Trump achieved was not supposed To happen so I think this is more a Revenge than almost anything else that It's Petty it's personal it's Pathological and it's political Daily Mail says Trump doubles his lead in Republican primary record-breaking you Know raising money people are coming out Of supporting him some people are saying No matter what he's going to end up Winning story came out that they want Him to be uh he wants them to do 30 days In jail they're trying to get him to go Do time for a gag order for a gag order Yes all of this stuff that's going on Now here here's kind of how I process This you know if you if you go after Someone's father and you kill someone's Father but he's got two three surviving Sons it's game over you know back in the Days if you took out a guy you had to Take out his sons because you did not Want any Revenge to be taking place Let's say you win with Trump Let's say they win with Trump what They're doing let's say they do

How many people have they given birth to Or waken up right now that are saying Now that you did this watch to see what We're gonna do 10 20 30 years from now Yeah that's a rational argument and they Don't think that way I mean look the the Whatever you want to call it the Deep State the elite left taking out Presidents by non-democratic means has Been done before They did it to Nixon Right they attempted to do it to Clinton And he survived in a lot because he made A deal I think with the National Security State they've done this Obama Was smart enough not to wage war on the Security did whatever the CIA wanted Whatever the FBI wanted and then they Tried to do it to Trump three times First with the Patriot Act precedent or The fisa court Which was completely unconstitutional Where James Comey and Peter struck Stroke smirk they colluded together Illegally to get a fisa warrant to spy On a sitting president's soon to be President's campaign and also then a Sitting president and trap Michael Flynn Then the first impeachment over a phone Call and the second impeachment over January 6th I mean this guy has been Attacked at every possible Non-democratic Vector you can imagine Because I think there is a fear that

They will not be able to replicate what They did in 2020 again Whether you think it was fraud which I Certainly believe or not we can all Agree what happened in 2020 was unusual That's that's a fact it was the amount Of mail-in ballots the amount of private Money from Zuckerberg 400 million Dollars drop boxes kind of confusion no One really knew what was happening with Kovid and it was almost like the Make It Stop election I think there's a great Fear that Trump might win in 2024 and we Have to take him off the chessboard Immediately consequences be damned for For someone like you where you are where Uh uh by the way these two screens Jorge Went down if you want to bring them back Up we don't see them so for someone like You I was at your event when I was at The event and I was watching some of the People saying hey four million dollars Two million dollars hundred thousand Dollars you know half a million dollars And and you saw some folks that said hey Uh some of you are worried about wanting To give money because you're thinking You know Charlie's a part of a trump Camp or this or that and some of you are DeSantis people here whether you are or You're not you know he is doing some Values that are good for the how are you Positioned right now to be where you are You got Trump it's a very complicated

Position you're in because uh you know The smile on your face it says a story Because on one side it's never a dull Moment yeah it's never a dull moment but You're in a you're in a pickle here Yourself so how do you maneuver around a Situation like this yeah I try to be as Clear as possible first Turning Point USA the the Crux of what we do is Educational it's 501c3 no political At All by law we have to stay out of Politics high school campuses college Campuses Turning Point Academy TP USA Faith young women's Leadership Summit Thousands and thousands of members That's going to remain strong and Growing and one of the largest organized Nations in the country praise God and Then there's Charlie Kirk personally I've endorsed Trump in 2024. I don't Like his attacks on DeSantis I don't Support them because I actually like Governor DeSantis a lot and I want him To be successful but when I'm clear to My donors about this you know we've lost I'd say probably 10 or 12 major donors Saying I don't like the factor behind Trump I'm like well I'm sorry let me Tell you why first he was a great President Secondly I want you to understand that Charlie Kirk and the Turning Point Machine would not exist if it was not For how generous Donald Trump was to us

Throughout the years Patrick I was 24 Years old sitting in the Oval Office as A non-college graduate getting invited On Air Force One If I if I would forget that I mean I Would be the most ungrateful Short-sighted person to turn my back on The man who believed in me when I was Not nearly as you know let's just say Successful or popular as I am today and So I I have an obligation to him in the Best possible way I don't want to be one Of those people that benefits and turns The back and I also have something to Say about that a lot of people talk About Trump's negatives I hear about all The time but he has some virtues some Great virtues he works relentlessly I've Never seen someone with as much energy As him he loves the country he's Amazingly patriotic he's very creative And honestly he was a fabulous president And he might not like the tone but look At where America was when he was President and the garbage that's going On now it's pretty easy choice so what You just said is the Loyalty you're Staying loyal he was loyal to you yes And I also think he was a great President and I believe in his eyes I Respect that now what do you say to People that say well that's great Charlie we respect that but that's Exactly what his problem is with would

Run because he thinks without himself Ron would have never won and that is why Some people from Mega believe that he is Disloyal unlike you what do you say to Those people So what you're asking is what do I say To people that say that Trump gets mad At Ron because he's disloyal or yeah no So so I'll have a conversation I'll say Listen guys there's a reason why I'm in Florida I mean I lived in La for 20 some Years and I lived in Dallas for five Years we're in Florida we're in Florida Because we watch all the governors are In covert what they did Ron crushed it We felt like this is the place we're Going to build a media headquarters we Moved out here kids values principles All of that we felt good here right and The beach in Florida is much better than The beach in Texas I don't know if You've seen the beach in Texas you're Exactly I love this state by the way Florida and DeSantis has done a fabulous Job phenomenal job right so then you'll Have conversations with some folks and They'll say you know look the scientists Should run 2028 he shouldn't run 2024 he Should just not even go in you know he Should wait till 2028 this is a the Trump thing to do and Trump is upset Because he's not announced that he's not Running he's kept it open he's written The book The Playbook of writing a book

Go out there and do a couple interviews Pierce Morgan all this stuff this is a Sign up this guy's about to run so this Is why some of the people from the Trump Camp was saying you would be much better If he stayed out possibly I I will I see It both ways let me let me because I'm Friends with both of them first of all It is it is a true statement that Ron DeSantis would not have been the Republican nominee without Trump he was Down 30 points to Adam Putnam in the Polls Putnam had all the I think it's Adam Putnam is the name he raised all The money he was Chamber of Commerce Selected and DeSantis got the Endorsement and he became the nominee That there's a lot of Truth to that and So Trump understandably feels like hey Man like I really helped you here right Look at the headline of the Tampa Bay Times this is a left-wing paper fueled By Trump Ron DeSantis easily beats Adam Putnam despite 37 million dollars spent On the primary more than twice what DeSantis did right so there's a lot of Truth to that and people forget that Okay now at the same time though DeSantis is his own man and he's been a Great governor with his own record and He's done a unbelievably good job and so Trump started him on his legacy there But it's kind of an interesting thing Right it's like I kind of made you who

You are Wait your turn and to Santa said ah well You got me past the primary but you Didn't make me a good governor Right and so that's DeSantis claim Here's where I come down on it though my Advice to Ron DeSantis would be as of Right now you will not be the nominee Trump is gaining support this indictment Helps him it validates every core Argument that Trump has which is the System is against me therefore I'm I'm Such a threat they're going to try to Take me out in a Republican primary you Know that plays really really well I'm Still an outsider I'm still an outsider Right even though I'm the former President running as a rebel right so it Helps him tremendously but I personally Don't want to see a nasty primary but I Don't get what I want it's going to be a Nasty primary I'm going to try to Referee it the best I can as friends With both of them also wearing a Maga Hat throughout it as Trump 2024 with my Commitment to his candidacy and what he Wants to do for the country but if Ron DeSantis wins if Rana Santos runs he'll Raise a bunch of money and I hope you Know we'll Elevate the discourse and if And when he loses which I believe he Would lose the Trump I hope he endorses him question for you This is the last question on this one no

I'm happy to go this one this one so so If you were him and you beat Putnam 37 million to half you didn't have the Money that you raised Trump comes in Endorses you would you even signal that You're running or would you come out and Say I'm not running this time around What would you do if that was you I'd Probably run because there's this kind Of big shadow of a very big man Chris Christie of the man who never ran and he Was supposed to be president in 2012 you Might remember he was kind of like the Darling of the Republican party and you Know then he hugged Obama and by the way You know it's crazy you know what's Crazy because I think it's going to be Tough for uh Christie to cross that Bridge the bridge might be yeah exactly Yeah it might not hold his weight Um and so I'm sorry that's mean but it's So true I mean he's like 200 pounds Overweight It's the weight it's not that hard just Like stop eating carbs Um and so anyway the That that kind of that kind of Shadow is Folklore in conservative world I hear it All the time because Christy was a Popular governor who won in a state that Previously was not as favorable and so I Think if I was there in politics the Rule is it's better to run and lose than To not run at all and be forgotten

Charlie this is why people like you Though okay so you're you're in a tough Spot here I had no idea what direction You were gonna go about but when I asked Those questions because you're you're Being super loyal to the man who helped You during a time where you're 24 years Old Oval Office all these things that You were talking but you're trying to Get your business going and then you Know it is where it's at today but You're maintaining a good relationship With DeSantis and you're saying if he if You had to be in his position you would Still run correct so in a way but at the Same time you are wearing the mega 2024 Hat so Rahm Emanuel said the same thing To Obama in o4 when it's like hey you Got all this momentum after the DNC Speech what are you gonna do like what's The likelihood that another Moment Like This gonna happen to you you're gonna be Forgotten about and the resume that Santa's has the last two and a half Three years of what he did under covet It's impressive it's it's more than Impressive it's number one on the Leadership but that doesn't Mean anything to the fact that this guy Named Donald is going to come that's Right at him in ways he's never Experienced before and it might toughen Him remember Ronald Reagan ran multiple Times for the Republican Presidential

Nomination before actually being the Nominee Ronald Reagan primaried a Sitting President we forget this Gerald Ford the unelected president only won in American history he primaried him in 1976 and almost won the nomination Brought it to the convention floor and Then Gerald Ford won in kind of an Inside deal and then Ronald Reagan of Course won the nomination 1980 and won a Landslide election and so you asked me a Very specific question if I was him And so I gave you a specific answer it's Better to run and lose than not run and Be forgotten will he lose oh yeah Trump Will I mean absent a Black Swan event or Massive amounts of Republican primary Voters you know changing their world View in the next nine months which I Don't think is exactly gonna happen I Have a really good pulse of the Grassroots in the conservative Grassroots they love Trump this Indictment has made them Furious they're Ready for action and they look at Donald Trump as a symbol more than a man he is A symbol of abuse of the powerful the Powerful coming after the normal person And abusing them now Trump is not a Normal person he's a billionaire but He's become kind of this Larger than Life martyr where people who get fired Because their Factory went to China or Somebody that gets you know terminated

Because they said something Politically Incorrect Trump is a now manifestation Of the powerful using their powerful Unjustly you might disagree with that Representation but it's how millions of Republican primary voters view it how Much does this infuriate Um a Hillary Clinton that she wishes she Had this kind of a following and this Kind of a admiration that she just Cannot get how much does this irritate Her I mean I could do a whole hour on Hillary Clinton yeah she's a very broken Person Um and Donald Trump largely broke her Her whole life was about becoming President her whole life from when she Went to Maine East High School in Chicago when she went to Wellesley her Whole life was in preparation her Marriage to Bill Clinton what a con that Was right from her running the bimbo Squad for bill which was literally the Same thing that they're indicting Donald Trump for Bill Clinton had a whole Operation a whole team you could look it Up bimbo Squad where they were just went And they went to women that Donald Trump Um had not Donald Trump that Bill Clinton had sex with and then they would Just do NDA after NDA after NDA Um and it was well known in the 90s and People forget about it yep see Giuliani Says Clinton's in uh employed a bimbo

Squad you go down politico.com 2016. yes Hillary was an enabler right she was the Chief architect she was a Michael Cohen Of Bill Clinton's NDA operation in the 90s and look I'll be very honest I don't Love the argument well Democrats do Those crimes and why should Republicans Be applied because I just think it's Overdone in this case it's actually a Good argument which is that Bill Clinton Mastered the private payoff NDA like he Was he was the best at it he would go Sleep with a woman she would go threaten To go to the news and then he would Throw the bimbo Squad and settle for a Hundred thousand dollars right they Never indicted him so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you foreign Foreign

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