“It’s Ridiculous!” – The Liver King Speaks Out On FAKE ABS

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Andrew Schulz, Vincent Oshana & Adam Sosnick discuss Fake ABS.

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Brian anything with you Where like are you one that goes to Bodybuilding shows are you one that Follows guys are you are you into it at All like do you know the some of the Competitor no that's not even your world I know some of the older guys you know That I I know Ronnie Coleman got it you Know I know Jay Cutler yep I know a lot Of these guys okay uh I don't follow any Goddess guys today I think Ronnie is in Dallas by the way I know he made a video Uh about me about if my abs are real or Not I mean this actually became a thing You know that if I had real abs and then If I had AB itching done and all this Ridiculous stuff you know and uh what Does your apps feel like like if Somebody touches her right now just Feels like muscle here's the thing I Mean I'm flexing my abs right now I mean I have my shirt off yeah I'm flexing my He's been flexing this whole time no you Can't not have your shirt on it's not a Joke a more comfortable flexing my abs Now than not flexing myself so you're Flexing right now as we speak I'm Flexing my abs that's so fun that's Right so you feel my abs are gonna feel Hard look our friend that we spoke to Before the show I don't know if we want To give a shout out or not but he has One question he said ask the liver King About his abs and if they're real 100

They have to be real that was this one Question our buddy who is a big Bodybuilder guy oh he's a bodybuilder Yeah well that's a crazy thing I would Think any bodybuilder would actually Know would actually know yeah you know Like if you have AB implants or chest Implants then why would Ronnie say Though Ronnie is like the ultimate I Think his team said hey let's make a Video and Ronnie ends up saying okay I Saw his abs move here I think he ends up Saying it gives me His blessings yeah The king gave me his blessings you know You know what like just so you know I've Never heard of like uh uh implants for Apps although there's implants for abs Out nowadays there's [ __ ] there's Implants for everything I mean if you Want implants you can figure out where To get implants today go down to Miami Yeah but say a lot of it if there is Like implants that you always hear about You hear about calves and plan you hear About shoulders what they're doing to Their shoulders nowadays I don't know if You've heard the story with shoulders Shoulder implants oh yeah adults the Stuff they put there for the dust like You know some couple guys got criticized For that but it's typically yeah wow Calves and plants is what you get in Triceps you know there was a time in High school

Um this guy had incredible calves and at The gym I remember saying to him holy [ __ ] man like what do you do and he goes And he grabbed it and he goes oh these Are implants and I started laughing like Of course it's a joke Um then he goes no these are implants Holy [ __ ] and there's no way yeah yeah Bodybuilder I don't know no I don't Think no no way no way he just he had a Great uh physique but Um you know I I don't think you could Probably do I AB implants and have them actually Look good Yeah I don't think so either what are You googling right now I've been playing I've been plans you could tell like that Does not belong on that guy what is that That guy like you know something like That you could you'd be able to tell bro That's very interesting that's pretty Weird that like that guy right there in The middle that looks insane that's Hilarious by the way if you go a little Bit lower I'm worried what other Implants will show up so so what all the Craziness taking place I believe future Looks bright if you believe future looks Bright get your latest Future looks Bright hat of valuetaining it says Future looks bright here future looks Bright here we got them in white we got Them in Black we got them in red our

Black on black sold out these are about To sell out if you haven't ordered one Yet we had a person in Michigan but one Then he bought three then when those Three people wore it in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks bright hats Especially during times like this Because ain't nobody saying future looks Spread toward your future looks bright Hat click over here and to watch the Entire podcast click here take care Everybody Foreign [Music]

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