“It’s Such BS!” – People Calling Jonah Hill Abusive For Text To Ex-Girlfriend

In this short clip PBD, Lauren Chen, Adam, and Vinny People Calling Jonah Hill Abusive For Text To Ex-Girlfriend.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here's Jonah Hill's ax sharing sharing Texts that they had together publicly Which is obviously a very uh Noble thing To do and many guys of course want to Date her after she shares yeah texts of Her ex with everybody here's a text that Jonah sent to her plain and simple if You need surfing with men boundary less Inappropriate friendships with men to Model to post pictures of yourself in a Bathing suit to post sexual pictures Friendship with women who are in Unstable places and from your wild Recent past Beyond getting a lunch or Coffee or something respectful I am not The right partner for you if these Things bring you to a place of happiness I support it and there will be no hard Feelings there are my these are my Boundaries for romantic partnership my Boundaries with you based on the ways These actions have hurt our trust when You read this what do you say I could Not imagine a more reasonable sentiment From from a boyfriend not only that but He communicated very very clearly and Very sensitively I felt he's essentially Saying this is what I expect in a Relationship you are currently not Meeting those standards if you want to Keep going on the way you're going That's totally fine people have accused Him of being controlling he is not Telling her what to do he is simply

Saying I will not be a part of it and Guess what women we are not entitled to Have a boyfriend to have a certain man's Time he is just setting I thought very Reasonable boundaries I know in this Social media age it's for some reason Controversial to say Hey you probably Shouldn't be posting thirst straps I Would say that period but especially if You're in a relationship so to see People calling Jonah Hill abusive for This I was really surprised I was Expecting something really juicy Outrageous when I open the text and then It's just Okay okay Lauren you hit the nail on the head here Is that you're expecting something so Much worse than this and I was excited For it showed us a woman beater let's Find it yeah and even if you look on Page six of New York Post that he's been Labeled a misogynist oh God abusive yes Emotional abuse is what it's like yeah Here's the actual do Uh you you hit the nail on the head when You said boundaries and also another Word for boundaries is preferences and This is the difference between men and Women today women have no problem and They are not lambasted or been or been Made made fun of or ashamed for when They say it they have preferences well What are the preferences all women want

I want a man that's six foot make six Figures I want it to be nice with my Mother I wanted to be have puppies I Wanted to treat me right I wanted to pay On the first date I want them to tr you Know be fun be outgoing have a good Network there's a checklist that women Want but when guys are like yeah uh Here's my checklist uh don't be a hoe Put your tits away you know don't move Thirst traps all over the Internet I'd Prefer it preferences if you don't have A bunch of guy friends that you're Hanging out with uh and actually just be A respectful person and don't put your out there oh my God he's an Emotionally abusive person he's a Misogynist such trolling I have A question though was she was she like This before this happened or all of a Sudden here's the other part of the text It's interesting because he says 25 okay Good you're right we can't do serve Social things or develop trust until you Consider me and make decisions that give Regard to our relationship I have been Vulnerable as possible and I am telling You I am needing you to step up to the Plate which you can I'm sure of it but These losers don't get your time if you Want me straight up it's consideration I Respect your love for surfing but I Respect myself as well and your love of Surfing and being in those situations

And lack of awareness are not mutually Exclusive this by the way the guy what a Very well spoken here This isn't me I have my own issues that I own I gotta love that if you want Marriage and family you can't use the 25 Card step up and cut these people Don't get your time or your kindness at The sacrifice of mine those guys I mean That seems very emotional Communicating very clearly yes by the Way you do you know this is not recent Do you know that he just had a baby with Another woman yeah well a month ago yeah That is somewhat of the reason behind The leak test correct exactly so Apparently she waited this woman right Here uh Sarah Brady waited until The new mother of his child his first Child is that the X that's I believe That's right From the lgbtq community could say that Jonah's shown too much cleavage that's Way too much it looks great is that a Pirate ship the point is she waited Until the new baby mama had a child out Of respect to the woman now you might Say why the are you even putting These texts out there yeah a year later Right to expose Jonah Hill in my opinion She's only exposing herself because if She actually Made some of these concessions she could Be Jonah Hill's baby mama wife whatever

But he found someone that actually was Willing to work within his framework and His boundaries where she's out there Just still surfing and being by herself And this is essentially the problem with Modern day women is they're not even Willing to listen to a good guy's Requests by the by the way what Jonah is Sharing with her are his non-negotiables That's all it is correct these are my Non-negotiables if you're cool with it I'd love to make you my wife let's have Family together let's have kids together But I'm not compromising here that's a Perfect example of somebody that can Reason Talk deliver his message but at the same Time not compromise his non-negotiables He's got to respect that Ford the Problem is that he's not supposed To have non-negotiables he's not Supposed to have boundaries when it Comes to the behavior of his girlfriend Because feminism she should be able to Do whatever she wants whatever she wants Whatever she wants he can't have any Standards whatsoever oh take it or leave It buddy and I think regarding your Question of was she doing this before There are people who were saying well if She was posting these photos before they Got into a relationship he should have Known what he was in for I think there's That that's a good point I mean men you

Know if if you're at a club I've been to One once it was not an enjoyable Experience for me but you know if you're Looking at one club in your life it was Not good I did not have a good well You're saying you've only been to one Club in your entire life yeah and it was For a work event it was weird anyway you Need to get out more there Are you 30 yet no not yet okay gotcha You're you're still young um but thank You a lot of people online disagree but If you're if well because it's like I'm Past 25 that's like you know oh your smv Is down the hill young lady exactly but If you're a guy and you're looking at a Girl I a club and she's dread Provocatively and you like the way she Looks that's fine you can be attracted For to her but don't be surprised when She's not wife material because I think For a lot of men what they're not Understanding and for a lot of women too That there's a difference between being Interested in someone physically and Maybe for hookup versus an actual Long-term relationship so maybe Jonah Hill wasn't thinking with his with the Right part of his body there when he got Into a relationship for with her but Also I don't think it's unreasonable to Expect someone to act differently in a Relationship than out of a relationship Like I don't think that's crazy well

People don't change I actually had a Conversation with a good buddy of mine Who's a full-on Orthodox Rabbi living in Jerusalem when I was there in Israel Seven kids and I'm like what's up dude Oh he's like dude I'm the same guy he's Like now I've changed like 10 I mean This was a surfer dude wild party guy Miami who had a a situation in his life Where he needed to make a change he goes But I don't I'm still the same person so Maybe you changed five percent ten Percent a little bit people don't do Complete 180s so if he's especially not Overnight for sure yeah Um arguably ever major major life Changes so the point is if she's the Surfer girl that's already doing this Maybe she'll change a little bit she's Not going to completely To a 180 on her complete lifestyle just Like if I'm like hey do you want to go Out to a club Lauren it's like maybe You'll go once but you're not going to Turn into like a party rat Yeah unfortunately I don't know I don't Know about that you think people change Exponentially no no what do you listen Yes dramatic dude I changed not 10 bro You You Me At 19 years old versus me at 26 years old it's not it's not a little Bit of change it's it's night and day What my what my habits have to do okay It all depends on what life you're so if

You're sick of the life that you got and You want to move on which Jonah's going And getting therapy and sitting down With people figuring out a way to how to Live his life he's being in Hollywood You probably partied with so many people God knows what rooms you've been in with What types of people with how many women Would what has any experience so what Happens at one point like dude I don't Want this life I actually want to have a Family I actually want to have somebody You can't change five ten percent you Have to change dramatically and that Pain is not easy so if she doesn't want To give up some of the stuff that she Wants to she doesn't have to do it I Remember dating a girl loved her till Today we're very good together Jennifer's friends with her as well but I I got to a point with the rice Alyssa Man I don't know what we're doing next Okay you want to go to Hollywood I don't Want to do Hollywood I want to go be a Businessman and but man we like each Other's company everything's good here's What I want to do what's that I'm an Atheist I don't believe in god let's go To church together what are you becoming Religious no all I'm saying is if we're Going to take the next step of getting Married I kind of need help I don't have A manual and we got to go belong to some Kind of a church or something to learn

So that month of me going through that Process for her was so dramatic that she Didn't want to do it and for me I didn't Want to live the life that I was living I made a massive shift in my life which By the way when you do make a massive Shift in your life like for her she's Been the same for a long time from the Standpoint of values when she was the Way she was in high school she's the Same as she is today when she says she Hasn't done drunk she's been to one club And because of work and all this other Stuff that's probably your entire life For 29 years that's not the case with me I woke up and I said I'm done the day I Woke up and I said I was done I probably If I give you a number I probably lost 20 people in my life overnight 20 people might go into Dublin's crew my Going to Garden of Eden crew my going on Pimps and host crew in Las Vegas my crew Of going to you know these every one of Those Saddle Ranch crew my you know pull Charles Billiards every one of those I Lost the girls I lost all of them Because what are you doing what happened To you all of a sudden so some you know They're in an upbringing stable things Are more solid all this stuff some are Not if you do want a dramatic change Like let's just say you want to have a Wife and kid if you truly like what Vinnie's doing right now give me an idea

Vinnie Um all of a sudden I'm at church I'm Like I see Vinnie them like what's Vinnie doing there okay that's kind of Crazy and then Vinnie gets baptized it's Like six weeks I'm like what is Vinnie Doing over there and I'll go record it From the sound like this is the same Thing yeah you're telling me story about A girl you know what's good with your Lips getting swollen all the sudden why And if he's not doing this and he's not Doing it and then we go we take him to Bahamas I'm like damn Vinny's not Changed in the last six weeks after the Tate visit or whatever while on the Flight back he makes a massive decision Mario's invited him to church Aaron Invited him all this stuff Vinnie's made A dramatic shift in his lifestyle guess What the people he was kicking with Eight weeks ago probably don't like him Right now nope the people he was Chilling with girls like hey can I come Over at 11 o'clock nah girl you can Right now what happened to you yeah what Happened to the old fun Vinnie that's The you're gonna hear so There's different situations that people Have for some that we live the wildlife And we want to make a big change you Have to be ready like Jonah is to be Able to say I lost this Grand store fine Gotta make that decision as a man it's

Tough to do so it's not easy trust me But your friend that's 10 chains and Seven years old That's fine that's not the case with Everybody I will I'll say this when you Say it's not the case with everybody I'll I'll make make the case that it's Not the case with barely anybody yeah Like what you're saying is an anomaly Pbd how many guys that are gang bang in LA or whatever are like yep I made a Complete change in my lifestyle I'm a Complete family man now I've started a Business I'm sorry you're an anomaly and And respect to you for that so most People are not making dramatic changes I Don't think so I'll give you an example I don't if Vinnie's going to church now Awesome Mazel Tov right amazing I I have I have not noticed any Difference in Vinnie and and respect I Mean it's still the same guy he might so Here's my point your habits might change Your lifestyle might change Exactly that's my point it doesn't Change that's my point no it's not your Decisions may change but your Personality is not changing no no no no No no that's my point you can change Your personality okay exactly yeah you Can't change your personality but you Can't change who you are you can change Your decisions and you're happy the Question though is being a whole

Personality or a lifestyle oh well say This again is being a whole personality Or a lifestyle oh it's a lifestyle girl Is I also think it's part personality Because there are girls that I went to School with in high school and you know They weren't at the time doing anything I don't think and then oh you're Pregnant two years later at a wedlock That was not a shock to me even though The lifestyle they were living at the Time wasn't that but just based on their Personalities I knew that was gonna Happen and I knew there was going to be Trouble in 1973 Gallop did a poll okay Asking what percentage of gays in America were born that way And what percentage of gays in America Were gay because their environment What do you think the percentage was in Gallup when they said what percentage of Uh gays were gay because of the they Were born that way Gallop this is like 70s I would say at that time most of Them would have said or most people Would say it was because they were wait Are they asking environment or born so This is a nature versus nurture question No they're asking the the American People in America to because this guy Would say nurture Before you give the results can we all Guess on this yeah I want you to get Okay go ahead so if you would just

Rephrase it one more time okay so back In 19 late 70s they did a poll in America for asking people People who are gay yeah do you think They were born that way they were born Gay or because of their environment People in the 70s would have said that It was because of their environment okay Yeah what do you say it is is it a Percentage Yeah I would say uh born 40 60 environment okay check this out I Said 30 I'd say 30 13 said they were Born that way today it's 49 okay oh wow Okay during that time when they said 13 Born that way 50 something percent said Was because of their environment so to Go back to your question about a hoe Most holes uh their environments affect Them a lot who you party with you have To pick up whole Tendencies there was a Famous poet named ludicrous that said it Right He's a great poet he's a great poet a Lot of different area codes right And see that don't change they don't Quote Ludacris still in there but it's Free 2004 y'all okay but but the point Is environment has a big impact Upbringing has a big impact people you Befriend has a big impact and a part of It is your own attractiveness to that Which is part of your DNA but I'm not Going to say it's that big of a Percentage you you become a hoe you're

Not born a whole kit doesn't born go Ahead you know what I'm saying this is I'm going to be my entire life no you Pick up some of those bad habits so to Go back some of us may have not had Whole Tendencies some of us may have had Lazy Tendencies some of us may have had You know splurging Tendencies some of Them may have had you know smoking weak Tendencies or cocaine or ecstasy or Special care whatever you want to talk So we all had different Tendencies and Then some people change dramatically Some don't but all in all Jonah Hill Shout out to you respect happy he had a Kid a month ago congratulations I'm so Freaking happy for that guy yes I am so Happy for the life changing for what He's doing and he's a sick incredible Talented actor himself maybe one of the Most entertaining ones to watch no but He does a serious movie or a funny movie You guys are for no doubt incredible so If you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here [Music]

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