“It’s The Essential Objective!” – Exposing The Establishment


“It’s The Essential Objective!” – Exposing The Establishment

Is the goal in order for America to be Free To go up against establishment expose Them replace them with people that are Statesmen and hold them accountable Would you say that should be one of American voters top goals it is the Essential objective we're on the same Page so now he this course can I add one Little thing of course and I talked a Little bit about this in my talk Yesterday about when you look at the Words that the founders used in our Founding documents We the People a Self-governed nation we are the ones who Have the ability to make this change it Feels hopeless at times because of how Much money and power and all these Machines that are that exist to maintain That status quo of power but ultimately At The Ballot Box we are the ones who Have the power to make the kind of Change you're talking about and hold These elected leaders accountable

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