IT’S TIME TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video Ever

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Tyrese Gibson

Andy Frisella

Chris Ross

Tyler perry

Jody Urquhart

Music: Eleftherios

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Foreign You don't love yourself You can't say that you love yourself When you continue to invite and include These people in your life You're threatened they're insecure They have a problem with you and you Don't even have a problem with them they Try and make you feel bad about being so Blessed they laugh about it but they're Throwing subliminal and very direct Messages at you foreign That person has a problem with the fact That you're getting money They're jealous They're envious and secure That threatened By the idea That you're coming up your career and Your life is advancing God put people in your life for a reason Others are there for a season And it's very important that you Recognize when people's seasons are over God put people in your life for a reason Other people are there for a season Is the season over Or have you decided because you're Desperate Because you just need validation you Need all of this people and things Around you You've decided to drag these random People into the new season of your life

Most of the world has been convinced That you know they can kind of sneak Their way through the system and Opportunities that are bestowed upon us Are in someone else's control the Reality is for you guys is you don't Understand how the world Works you're Playing by the wrong rules when you Start to understand that you have to Become first then you receive it becomes Real easy But it's really hard when you're trying To do it the opposite way and you're Trying to sneak your way in and then Convince and then get the opportunity From someone else when you're not Qualified you don't have the skills you Don't have the commitment to even Deserve that opportunity or that uh new Position that you're looking for so Whatever it is you're trying to be Whatever it is you're trying to do Work on becoming the type of person that Would actually have that Foreign So for 2023 disappear And work on you Work on those things you said you wanted In 2022. this year this very year is Gonna be the year that some of you Become millionaires it's gonna be the Year that you get that dream house You've always wanted the relationship That I lost it didn't kill me losing

That job Didn't kill me Yeah I might have been hurt But I Stood Still and now I understand That the journey that I went through Was for the better was for the making of Who I'm going to be in the future 2023 is your year Your year to shine bright your year to Be the leader That you need you to be You have a boat And your boat is at its capacity And in order for your boat to not sink And go underwater And that could be your career that could Be your life that can be your your Personal life your relationships It's that relationship over Do you feel mentally spiritually and Emotionally stimulated In that relationship are you just Holding on to it because you got this Concept of loyalty That you have overviews overused and Over abused Well I've learned that loyalty has an Expiration date Loyalty isn't some open-ended thing that Just goes on forever because technically Some people just don't really make sense For your life in the new season the mind And the space that you're in Think about this

This is the this is a reminder that Loyalty has an expiration date So if you had drug that person those People those friends those family Members those situations and to the new Season of your life Your life wouldn't be going as well as It's going right now No different in relationships A lot of you guys are trying to bat out Of your league you're trying to you're Trying to kick the hit these Grand Slams When you can't hit a ball off T Okay when you want to attract an amazing Partner guess what you got to become An amazing part Okay this is no different in any area so Whenever you're out there trying to Achieve whatever you're trying to become Stop and ask yourself what do these People do what are their habits what are The skills that they have what are the Routines they follow and start to become That now And then the rest of life will start to Materialize around you Focus on one thing make it your priority And stick with it no matter what you're Trying to get there you cannot stop Believing Anyway No matter what anybody says no matter What anybody tells you you have to know It Beyond knowing it

Don't stop narrow your focus to one idea One and make it work Let go of limiting beliefs and grab onto Hope trust yourself you can't ask for Something new and expect nothing outside You to change Let go of fear and doubt that hold you Back don't let it consume you let go of Others approval within you right now is All you need to accomplish what you want It's in you right now To help you be happy to be successful When something you don't like happens Negative limiting draining energy can Bring you down Now you have to lift your energy back up Don't let stress have its way with you When something doesn't feel right when You feel heavy When people's words make You feel bad or rotten or down you have To run you have to leave they don't Determine your worth you determine it Protect your value don't let other People's negativity bring you down you Can clear your energy through your mind When someone Something puts doubt and fear in you Turn it into hope turn doubt and a hope Turn fear into belief to resentment Into helping you create your future the Future you deserve you're on track don't Let doubt bring you down don't let Others doubt make you hide trust Yourself trust your value know your

Worth immerse yourself be patient keep Believing in yourself your mind is so Powerful everything happens everything You've created is because of your Thoughts that's why you need to believe In yourself

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