IT’S TIME TO LET IT GO AND MOVE ON – Best Motivational Video

Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.

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That person that Is always loving You know that that person that is always Giving That that person that's that's selfless You know that person that will give you The world even though they know you may Never give that back to them in return The person that'll help you even when they might have nothing To help themselves This message today man it's for you See because I think that a lot of those People that have you know that big heart Those people that are loving and giving It and you know willing to give you that Last I think they have kind of a Love-hate relationship with themselves This is like when you have a big heart It's like that's something to be proud Of The fact that you're so selfless But it's also as times in your life when You when you wish That you weren't so selfish That you weren't so you know willing to Give your lives See and the reason why I say that is That because One thing I want you to do is that I Never want you to apologize for who you Are Like I never apologize for that Beautiful soul that you have see but the

Reason why a lot of people end up Regretting having that big heart is Because somebody in their life realize How big of a heart they had And they start taking advantage of that Until they got to the point where you Had nothing left to give See and that's what happens when a lot Of people have that big heart that's When they end up becoming heartless It gets to the point where they say man I wish I didn't have this big heart damn I wish I could just cut this person off Damn I wish I I wish I wasn't so loving All the time because People just do nothing but hurt me But one of the reason why I wanted to Share this message with you is because I Just hope you don't let that change you You came here to get results It's time to push your body past your Limitations cause excuses don't burn Calories time to kill some fat you gotta Take care of your body because it's the Only one you got don't you give up on me Master your mindset and you'll master Your body of course it's hard it's Supposed to be hard if it were easy then Everyone would do it there's no days off When you're chasing your goals slow Progress is better than no progress Don't quit get up no excuses get it done Stop wishing and start doing you are Built to be epic consistency is key

Three months from now you will thank Yourself what are you waiting for stop Saying I wish and start saying I will You will never regret working hard Because hard work always pays off so are Today strong tomorrow pain is weakness Leaving the body nobody cares about your Excuses let's go look in the mirror That's your competition don't wish for a Good body work for it if it burns you're Getting closer do not give up the Beginning is always the hardest because Seventy percent of people that start a Fitness plan quit except you not this Time it's not about being perfect it's About effort every single day that's Where transformation happens and if You're tired of starting over then stop Giving up Foreign Let them sleep while you grind Let them party while you work And one day I promise I guarantee The difference will show And you don't even have to talk about it I like to hustle in silence And let my success make all the noise Let My Success scream loud Rise and grind And in due time you will find yourself Climbing up that ladder Ascending the next level greatness

I want you to understand That behind every successful person There's a lot and I mean a lot Of unsuccessful years you gotta take the L's you gotta take the setbacks you Gotta take the failures But the true champions The true winners the next level residers The high performers they understand That without setbacks without failures That would be no them it's all a part of The journey it's all a part of the ride And they take pride In overcoming everything that they went Through To break through And arrive at Next Level success which Was the ultimate goal Don't waste a single day Hustle like you have no tomorrow Because you never know You just might not But what you do have Is this moment right now To put in the work To put in the sweat To put in the hustle to give every ounce Of you So one day You can wake up And do exactly what you want to do Foreign Because no that's nothing wrong with Having a big car there's nothing wrong

With being selfless There's nothing wrong with showing love So never apologize for that see but the Problem comes in is that so you just got To be careful who you give a piece of Your big heart to Because you just keep giving a piece of Your big heart to people who are never Willing to put back what it is they took You might look up and have nothing left To give yourself when you need yourself The most Because you matter too Man and I wanted to keep this message so Simple man and to the point you know for Those people out there that you know That They had that big heart and they willing To give that last anybody like I never Want you to feel bad for that Or see the disconnect and the problem Comes in Is when you keep giving to people that Would never do the same thing for you When you look out for people that would Never do the same thing for you when you Show love to people that will never give You that same type of love in return You giving out this beautiful energy to People they don't even appreciate it And what I'm saying is that if you keep Going down that path if you keep giving And giving to those takers in your life Then eventually you're gonna stop using

That big card and that was never what it Was intended to do with it All I want you to do is remember that Man you mad at two Foreign Don't stop let's get it beast mode feel The burn keep going stay dedicated trust The process go harder push push push Every day is another chance to get Stronger eat better live healthier and Be the best version of yourself that you Could ever be and the best investment You could ever make is in your own Health so let's get it get fit and you Can and you will because without pain There is no gain so start training Insane or you're just gonna remain the Same You're killing it don't stop keep doing It it's your time this is what you do You're a winner don't quit I am the Tiger success is yours you got this Don't slow down breathe through the pain Make It Count pull it together

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