Jordan Peterson: Boarding Schools Don’t Guarantee Intelligence

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What are your thoughts on boarding School well I I don't think that there's Any evidence that there's not a lot of Evidence that school quality per se is a Determining factor in the outcome of Educational processes that actually Seems to be a situation I mean there are Exceptions and I'm I'm certainly not Trying to say that every school is equal But a tremendous amount of what Determines whether or not a child is Successful at school is their Intelligence I mean you people all went To high school to Junior High School I Mean you know that in a group of 30 kids There's some kids that are so bright That they figure everything out in the First 15 seconds and there are other Kids who just can't get it no matter how Hard they try and that's one of the Really Catastrophic And built-in inequalities in the world Generally in boarding schools because Wealth and intelligence tend to be Correlated

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