Jordan Peterson: Your Children Need Siblings

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Children used to have multiple siblings And siblings toughen you up because There's tremendous competition in Families among siblings and they had Younger parents who had fewer resources And you know now parents are older first Of all and second they're more resource Rich and so they're more likely to Schedule their children to death in some Sense to provide them with all the Opportunities that they feel would be Useful and that's understandable and Plus because they have fewer children Each child is in some sense more Precious you know not like if you have 10 children you don't love all of them But you know there's ten of them there's There's only so much excess attention That can go around and they do a a lot Of socializing each other rather than Being socialized by parents but if you Only have one child you know you're Going to devote all your resources to Providing them with absolutely Everything you can provide them with and One of the dangers of that is that You'll over protect them and you'll Provide them with too much

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