KEEP IT TO YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video 2023

If you care about something enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

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Tyrese Gibson

Andy Frisella

Will Tidwell
Tik-Tok: @neighborhoodhero96

Nate Evans Jr

Music: Licensed from Whitesand

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[Music] Stop running around acting as if you Don't have a choice you do have a choice You do have a choice You love rumors you love issues you love Problems you love people calling you With their problems you love it That's why at the end of every night you Are drained because you are submerged Yourself in Dysfunctional things people In situations People come at me hey man I heard man Don't don't don't talk to me about no Rumors don't talk to me about other People's problems and situations I don't Invite that in my life so it Doesn't show up Stop playing the victim Stop running around acting as if you Have nothing to do with the people Things and situations in your life I'm tired of these grown-ass men And grown as women running around acting As if they don't have a choice You have a choice [Music] The skill of discipline is perishable The skill of grit is perishable the Skill of fortitude is perishable Confidence is perishable nobody is Confident all the time nobody has high Levels of confidence all the time nobody Has high levels of self-esteem all the Time the reason that they have high

Levels of confidence and the reason they Have high levels of self-esteem is Because they are putting work into Developing those qualities and those Skills and raising them up and the more Work they do the higher that they go so When you're feeling like get about Yourself the reason that you feel like It's likely because you do nothing that You tell yourself you're going to do and This will help you fix that [Music] And the crazy thing is I always ask Myself well damn what if I was never Broken What if I never had to go through that Storm in my life Then I would never find my purpose I would have never found my reason for Being So when people ask me that question man What does it mean when you say beauty in The Brokenness It's understanding that yeah you may Have been through some pains in your Life yeah you may have had some failures Made things may not always went your way But when you find the beauty in your Brokenness you find the reason and the Lesson and the blessing and why it is You went through what you went through In your life That's what it means And the crazy thing about life is that

Man whether we may admit it or not Everybody's been broken before Everybody then been through something in Their life I'm really starting to hurt my heart When I think about the amount of people Who are holding on to anger who are Holding on to a grudge who are just Holding on to all of this negative Energy and have all this aggression Towards another person and It's really hurt my heart because people Are making Wild decisions based on something that's So temporary people are killing Themselves they're killing other people They're they're they're just doing the Wildest stuff and the thing is this And and this helped me I started to Think about my negative energy towards Certain people that I had grudges with Certain people that I was angry with and I started to think like am I going to Feel this way you know in another year Am I going to feel this way in a month And you decide to walk in that direction And what the do you expect the Outcome to be You're hanging out with crazy people do You expect the outcome of your day to be Regular and okay Where is a heartbreak Where is someone that's going to make me Feel insecure make me feel bad about

Myself where are they ah there they are So let me walk in that direction I love myself enough to say that I want To walk in the direction of Peace Love Spiritual folks that are always evolving And trying to better themselves seeking Wisdom and knowledge and how to take Better steps and better directions to do Better and want better for their career Their life they have talents Those people that you're around is not Going to help further your career You know that it's been revealed to you A long time ago but because you don't Want to be alone you'd much rather hang Out with a bunch of people that ain't Going for you You have a choice So really make this year the Year that's Different don't go through the year Telling yourself all this looking for This motivation that's never going to Get done what it is you need done okay And start valuing building the skill set Inside yourself the reason people like Motivation so much is because it makes Them feel good right now for doing Nothing all right stop being that person Start being the person that understands What it really takes to live a Championship level life because I can Promise you as someone who is probably a Little further down the road than you it Will be the best thing that you ever did

But you know why a lot of people never See the beauty in their Brokenness They never allow themselves to heal They never slow down long enough to Reflect on why it is they went through What they went through in their life See but see it's so easy for us to just Go through life saying that we okay when We know we really not It's so easy to just drown ourselves Into distractions And you know what man matter of fact I Was just talking about the other day Where These days man when you get on social Media It's almost like people give off this Impression like they life is so perfect Like they never go anything go through Anything in their life Like they never deal with anything And see the thing about it is is that When you actually believe that you Actually think that's what life is [Music] When something does happen to you Then you wonder why you can never get Over and why you keep going through the Same things in your life while you keep Experiencing the same trials and Tribulations because you never allowed Yourself to heal You'll never allow yourself to grow from That

[Music] You got to realize that you're using Energy to really hold that Grudge going You know what I'm saying to really to Keep things going in that negative like You're really using a lot of your energy That you could be using for something Else man it takes a lot of energy to Have hate towards somebody and and a lot Of times people hate individuals for Something so like something so small Something that doesn't require hate Because hate is wild man for you to hate The individual Man I'm saying people throw that word Around they throw that emotion around Over the slightest things over something Someone may have said or like was it That deep So if that's you man if you had that Anger Let It Go release it I'm pretty Sure that whatever you're angry and Upset about or holding The Grudge about It won't matter you know long term it Won't matter next week it won't matter Next month it definitely won't matter Next year let go of that energy man let Go of that energy and start loving Yourself Um start spreading some positivity into The environment and and take back that Energy because ultimately if you do that You hold in a garage someone that means Someone has control over you that's not

Even trying to have control over you and You're giving them that control for Whatever reason so take control of your Life man get your energy back [Music] Please [Music]

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