“Lazy & Incorrect” – Harvard’s Roland Fryer EXPOSES The Hidden Dangers of Affirmative Action

Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by economic and Harvard University professor Roland Fryer as they discuss the effectiveness of affirmative action.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

What are your thoughts with affirmative Action you know it really the details Matter when it comes to affirmative Action right so I'm sure I benefited From it and and um I needed it I was a Hot mess when I showed up on a college Campus and uh there was more potential Than my test scores would have shown Because of what it took to get those Test scores now my Daughters if if my daughters need Affirmative Action uh it's not because they face Systemic bias it's because they Suck right like we put everything into Them right I'm sitting you know uh this Morning getting ready to come here my Wife text me a a a a link to a video With my seven-year-old playing the piano It was Awful and I thought to myself see she Like every passion is explored club Soccer piano horseback riding they They're bad at them all but you can eat Like trust me okay trust me but but we We do everything we can to make sure That whatever passion they have is is is Is watered is nurtured and so and and They go to the best schools are that we Can Afford and and so if they get to the end Of that journey and they need lower Standards that is not Okay right now on the other hand if you

Take a kid from the inner cities or from Iran or wherever in the world and they Have slightly lower test scores but went Through the to get them that Person's got more talent and if you put Them in a university and free them up From those constraints of their Community and maybe their neighborhood Maybe even their own parents I believe They can flourish so for me it is all About finding people with the highest Latent talent and that doesn't always Show up in test scores so having this Blind like I just take the person with The highest sat I think that's wrong too On the other hand taking people who are From affluent families with low test Scores who haven't had that kind of Struggle that's also wrong and so I Think it is all about the details and The way we're doing it now is just lazy It's not correct you think long term the The current model of the educational System is going to be disrupted so bad That these physical type of locations May one day no longer be around that's a Big idea I don't know um because there's Still a big effect from going to these Places maybe it's less than it was 10 Years ago I don't know but it is Particularly for um minorities and so I Think that um it of course it will be Disrupted of course it will the question Is what it will look like in 25 years I

Don't know my guess is there still will Be a Substantial um in-person presence in the In the same model we see now have you Seen the numbers that came about that Shows who AI will be affecting the most Negatively I haven't they they put those Numbers out like every day right um Remember it was going to be truck Drivers five years ago truck drivers Look safe maybe data scientists or not Software Engineers might not be but but Show me the list I'd love to see it yeah It was actually just just came out Robin I think uh uh Brandon has it uh uh uh uh The link between Ai and Who gets impacted the most by the way um Impacted the most do you have that it's L literally a chart drop that shows um It's an image that shows which people With what kind of degrees and higher Education lower education who gets Affected by AI the most it's not that One Brandon has it if you want to have Brandon text you I don't know if Brandon's listening or not he can send It to you but the people that were Affected the Most um by AI I there it is I just found It here we go uh let me send this to you Rob just pull this up right there if you Can pull that up look what I just sent You just pull that up and you'll see it Numbers are

Surprising [Music] Um it breaks down ethnicity men women Sex do you see it Rob and this is for The future P like this is what's coming Down by way this is coming from Pew Research okay what shares of workers are Most expected To AI are most exposed to AI in their Jobs okay zoom in a little bit more Rob I know it's going to be zoom in a little Bit more so men 17 women are more women Get more degrees than men do whites High Blacks 15 Hispanic lows Asians the Highest they're going to be affected by It the most less than a high school Diploma they're not going to be affected Cuz they're working cars and Stu High School grad 12% some college 19 look at Bachelor's Plus 20 so the people that Are going to college are going to have The biggest risk to AI than those who Don't because those jobs will be Replaced by Ai and somebody doing it so I wonder what's going to happen with uh College and the reason why I asked that Question and what does that have to do With affirmative action Because is the idea Of all those things you talked about Okay allowing kids to go to school you Know the the lady that paid $600,000 or Whatever it was for her daughter to go To school and then she got exposed and

You know daughter's embarrassed she's Embarrassed I don't Sex in the City it Was one of the girls I don't know what Her name is and then boom we all know About it right and we all read about it Imagine that kid every job she ever gets Aren't you you you're the one right yeah Okay of course those people shouldn't Get in with you know I'm a Hollywood Celebrity I'm a billionaire let my kid In she's not that smart but let her in Anyways I get it but also you know some Of these guys that are come in whose Parents are more disciplined with Education Asians who are more about they They spend more of their money investing Into their kids for Education than the Average person does when you look at the Data in some of these places some 25% of Their income is invested back into their Kids education from K through 12 not Even like just in college what the data Is Right so you're you're thinking Affirmative action the concept of Capitalism doesn't app apply to Affirmative action all across the board No no no I didn't say that at all um in Fact my what I described as much more Market-based the thing is it is trying It is the market is connecting with not Just an SAT score but an innate ability Right that's harder to measure and so to Get that innate ability yes of course

SAT scores are part of that but the life Journey it took to get those SAT scores Is also important For sure because a person who's lived a Harder life that they overcame I would Much rather hire that person because That person is going to be able to Handle tough times and be mentally or Emotionally tougher than the other Person is I can no longer remain in Today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Says she is no longer a Democrat a Potential Tulsi gabard VP where we are Being told that we just have to comply And go along with whatever they say American people uh are smarter than this However we must remain Vigilant to Recognize their propaganda for what it Is pure life unfortunately we live in a Time where free speech is under attack Whatever they say goes and we we have to Just fall and the people who suffered Under your reign as prosecutor you owe Them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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