“Leave The Kids Alone!” – Reaction To Anti-LGTBQ Policies

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Anti-LGTBQ policies.

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Uh lgbtq families Mall leaving Florida In Wake of new culture laws okay new Culture laws let's see what the story is All About which by the way uh we talked About this briefly a few months ago Robbie price and his Husband Jordan Lechert are considering leaving their Home in Florida due to what they say is A lack of Tolerance and policies that Marginalize the lgbtq community the Couple who have been together for 12 Years and have a six-year-old son Kellen Say that the discrimination and hate They have experience in recent years has Become in your phase in Spring of 2022 a Florida legislator enacted two laws the Individual Freedom Act more commonly Known as the stop wrongs against our Kids and employees woke Act and the Parents right in education and dubbed by Critics as a don't say gay bill that Regulates how race sexual orientation And gender identity can be discussed in Schools For me when I see something like I'm Gonna show you guys a video clip right Now that you're going to be blown away By this man seriously you're going to be Blown away by this Rob I'm gonna text it To you in a second For me here's how this works you know How people were saying you know uh Roe v Wade you know abortion this abortion That you know I don't feel safe being

Gay here or I want entitlements look if You want a lot of entitlements right now The city of San Francisco is thinking About giving a five million dollar Reparation to black people in their city Did you see the story or no okay yeah Did you hear about San Francisco San Francisco wants to give five million Dollars of reparation to black people That live in that City guess what that's Gonna do if I'm Black and I'm wanting The five million dollars maybe I'll Consider if you can pull up that article This is CNN San Francisco reparations Committee proposes a five billion dollar Payment to each black resident think About that how quickly would you want to Go be a black resident in San Francisco That is the fastest way to attract a lot Of black residents okay if that's what You're proposing if that's important to You go to San Francisco if for you you Want to be part of the lgbtq community And you want to feel free to do whatever You want to do Florida's not the state Right now it may change it's not right Now consider going to Austin consider Going to California consider going to a Different markets by the way I lived in Dallas Dallas had a very big Community Tom I don't know if you remember this or Not Dallas's gay community was massive When you would go to you know uptown not Uptown what was it not Highland Park the

Other one something park it was a yeah University Park it was University Park Six blocks east of the American Arena Yeah hey if you want abortions right Okay these following states you know Worse go to those States if you don't Want to pay high taxes you want to pay Low taxes there's five or six states Tennessee you know Texas Florida you got A few States you can go today can Benefit from taxes I want a lot of Entitlement and Welfare and stuff like That go to California go to New York Your policies are going to attract the Types of people you want so I am not Surprised and I don't blame these folks For wanting to leave a state like Florida totally get it I suggest this Family choose a state that's going to be A little bit more accommodating to their Policies because it's normal some places Are not welcoming of certain people I Don't feel welcome to be in California And a business owner I can't sit there And [ __ ] and whine about it I moved to Texas and I was very happy and from Texas I wanted lifestyle I moved to Florida I'm very happy it could change 10 years from now based on a different Governor it can change 20 years from now Tom what are your thoughts when you read A story like this my thoughts don't go To this particular family my thoughts go To

I get so tired of headlines that every Time someone's upset they're leaving and Going somewhere else if this election Goes the wrong way I'm moving to Canada If this tax thing goes the wrong way I'm Moving to Canada and you'll notice that Canada's population really hasn't gone Berserk so there's a lot of celebrities And or people on the left that have not Gone to Canada you know so I I think This I'm mad I'm leaving stuff I think Is you know they may have real reasons Behind it but I get tired of the Headline like that it says you say America is the greatest country in the World and there is a there are Communities all over the place that you May feel more comfortable in this Community and that community and you Know go find go find your comfort and I Just I just get tired of the I'm mad I'm Leaving angle Pat what you said about Find a community that Embraces you that For what you who you are what you want To do where you want to go or or things You're working on right now Go there But by the way do you guys have any any Unique uh thoughts on this if not I want To show this video to you go ahead I'll Give you one thing by the way what Percentage of people in America are gay Well it's increased it used to be less Than one percent it's at five percent

Right but if you correct by the way if There's a recent poll uh this is by Gallup they asked Americans what Percentage you think are lgbtq uh they Said 25 meaning it's not 25 it's five Percent so people get sensationalized we Had Nikki freed on the podcast we were Just talking about this last night Ironically who was running for governor Against Charlie Chris and the Democratic Party and she was saying here on the Podcast when Jedediah and her kind of Got into it she goes you understand how Many people I talk to that aren't Comfortable here in Florida and they Want to leave and they don't like the Fact that what's going on here and DeSantis don't say gate Bill and people Are moving out of Florida and drove I Said what I go I go I don't know where you're Getting these numbers or who you're Speaking to but everything I'm seeing a Hearing feeling is people are flocking To Florida like crazy but what you're Trying to twist right now is the fact That people are leaving Florida because Of a don't say gay Bill and you're Bringing up this story with Robbie price And his Husband Jordan Legend you're Making this up this isn't a real thing You know what people are coming to Florida stop it with the nonsense nobody Believes you no then yeah go ahead yeah

But here's my thing though I I don't Know what you guys all read from that it It's it's coming down to these two this Gay male couple who have a kid this all Comes down to me it's obsession with the Kids okay this is what it is nobody Cares if you're gay or do whatever help You do these acts to stop the work all Both of these acts that we put in is Just please watch this video leave like By the way you're a gay couple you have A six-year-old kid you teach whatever Thing about gays that kid's Gonna Know You want to leave here because why the Governor here is telling people Hey Listen kids shouldn't be sexualized they Shouldn't know about this [ __ ] till they Get older if you want to leave because We're trying to protect kids why what's This obsession with jids and no we want To teach them and leave the [ __ ] kids Alone watch this video it's the perfect Transition into this video watch this Video good evening every teacher that Has a pride flag in their classroom Should be fired and arrested the gay Flag is a sexual flag it represents Nothing other than sexual things gay Lesbian bisexual transgender and Questioning what business is it of Anyone on this board of what children Would like to do with other children It is none of your business it is Between them and their parents but

However you guys want to illegally Survey your students my name is Frank Rodriguez I'm the executive director of Operations for gays against groomers I'm A 31 year old gay man pushing back Against That's happening within our classrooms Keeping parents away from this Discussion is absolutely severing the Relationship between a child and their Parent My community is not discriminated Against anymore shockingly enough we Succeeded Now you're sending out surveys that's Asking students what their gender is What their pronouns are and whether or Not you should be telling their parents Could you imagine if my son or one of Yours went to school and said hey I'm Gay and you never knew All of you up here are pretty Intelligent You have Doctorate Degrees you're Educated and you lead this District But yet you turn a blind eye with the Sexual things that happen in your Classroom watch watch this I refuse to Believe that any of you think that That's appropriate Because if you think that that is Appropriate You would be a predator There's images that are going to be

Displayed today for you to listen of a Child Sucking another child off And that's in your classrooms what I Shake because it makes me uncomfortable To even utter those words to you this is A gay man this is nothing about Inclusion it is nothing about respect to My community I say with you with a hundred percent Truth according to the center of Disease Control that the reason my community Faces such issues in this world has Absolutely nothing to do with the Straight people on this planet has Everything to do with the drugs that we Digest has everything to do with our Access to Health Care the number one Reason my community has so many mental Health issues is because they don't have Access to health care and that's the That's directly from the CDC it is not Slurs it's not gay bashing if we don't Have access to therapy If you really want to help the lgbtq Community to feel really accepted in This world Embrace that people have Mental health issues and they should Seek help Having a classroom without the American Flag in it is a disgrace to this country If this country wasn't here millions of People around the world would perish And that flag this flag

Should be held high by every single Student dude oh my power of God holy [ __ ] oh do you not that was [ __ ] Fantastic 31 year old games screaming at The top of his lungs America First Enough with the woke agenda That was a perfect based think tank with Statistics and things backing up his Points like eloquent like similar saying It right and then that Twist of like I'm A gay guy like what the hell are you Guys doing they're sucking each other Off he felt like he was you know Uncomfortable that was for him the same Person he's a gay guy and you can't say You're anti-gay you're answering My boyfriend's house going back leave The kids alone it's none of your goddamn Business yeah it's the parents Responsibility bro and if you and if a Gay couple wants to leave because the School is not guess what you teach your Own kid whatever the hell you want leave The ones that's going if you want to Leave bro Whether it's in social issues it's when You're calling out your own side and say Guys enough yeah we we what do you say Specifically is like we want we we we Figured it out yeah it's done yeah now There's this complete over correction And this indoctrination of kids yeah and As a gay man he's just basically saying Enough yeah enough to know and what yeah

And I questioned the other day I was Like what is the obsession why why is it That the the powers that be want the Sexualization of kids why are they Pushing this down everybody's throat no Pun intended why why why why is it Happening why do you guys think they're Forcing this so much and they're trying To make it like look at the you know Don't say gay Bill and all this of what And why so this this just this just Makes you oh oh when you when you hear This is the crazy thing about speakers When I was first getting into sales I Would watch different people speak from Stage And you know the first one was so as a Kid that I was attracted to was the guys That just screamed the entire time yeah And they didn't know how to like Enunciate and you know kind of go up go Down go up good job let me tell you what We're gonna go take over the world oh This is so awesome and then after like a Few months I've listened to I'm like Dude I'm burned out and then I watched a guy would get up and speak And then next thing you know 60 minutes Felt like two minutes And you're like Wow I never saw marriage that way before I never saw money that way before I Never saw leadership that way before I Never saw relationships that way before

The guy didn't raise his voice he was Just kind of talking to you and then When he wanted to make one point maybe We would go Elevate and you know get Excited about it like That was the best speech I heard This guy didn't raise his voice stayed At the same level for two minutes and 20 Seconds or so And I got the chills all over my body Because when somebody makes an argument In a logical way using reasoning And tapping into your emotions where you Don't feel like a victim you listen to This guy saying he sounds like a person That doesn't want you to feel sorry for Him he wants to be a leader and he's Given Solutions you just get off and you Say Great freaking Point man beautiful what Are you going to say to a guy like that Yeah okay he he he didn't do anything But just give his argument to us and we Hurt him out okay We need more people like this to make Their arguments a guy like this can I Don't know who this guy is I've never Met him Frank Rodriguez some of you guys Are asking about me sharing the video I'm about to tweet it out so you can go Out there and see it and learn more About them they're they're trying to Fight against the system that's trying To groom kids and if that's really who

He is if this is not a spoof if this is Not a trolling if this isn't anything he Feels very sincere People like this are going to make a Very big impact the next 5 10 15 years What is this here that you're talking About gaze against groomers the Coalition of gay people who pose recent Trend of indoctrinating sexualizing Medicalizing Children under the age of uh under the Guise of lgbtq our community that once Can you zoom in a little bit more so I Can read our community that once uh Preached love and acceptance of others Has now been hijacked by radical Activists who are now pushing extreme Concepts onto Society specifically uh Targeting children in recent years the Overwhelming majority of gay people are Against what the community has Transformed into and we do not accept The political movement pushing their Agenda into our home gaze against Groomers directly opposes the Sexualization indoctrination of children This includes drag queens story hours Drag shows involving children the Transitioning and what and Medicalization of minors and gender Theory being taught in classrooms the Activists backed by schools government Walk media and corporations have been Speaking on our behalf for too long when

Fighting for equality our goal was to Successfully integrate ourselves into Society but now these radicals aim to Restructure it entirely in order to Accommodate a French minority as well as Seek to indoctonate indoctrinate Children into their ideology we're Saying no wow yeah it's pretty good well It just shows that you can't just paint The lgbtq community with a broad stroke With the large paintbrush it's the Radical people what does it say at the Very beginning radical activists are Hijacking the lgbtq movement to Indoctrinate and radicalize young kids To your point stay away from the kids It's so refreshing to see that there's Grown-up lgbtq Community they're like no We can be gay and we can get married and We can fight for that like you're saying Leave the freaking kids alone yeah and I Don't understand I generally don't What that why they want these young 6 10 12 year old kids that's my question Learning this yeah but mind you Adam This dude like this this organization This is the the small minority group Within that the majority of the LG they Want the kids and they want to put just Like I still question why what what is Your obsession with them bro like you Know what I was disgusting you know what I was so though here's here's the part Just be patient

Reasonable people will lead okay just be Patient reasonable people who present Their arguments in a way where it makes Sense the world has no choice but to sit There and say damn this makes sense Because there's guys that are Instigators that jump in that just want Attention and want to seem like they're For the people but they're not they're Just ass kissers like you know how they Say oh you're such a uh teachers what Was it teachers you're such a teacher There really is people like that of Course okay there were people that Weren't they were just helping out the Teachers and they there really were the People that were the teacher's pet that Were brown-nosing yes okay there are a Lot of people that are brown-nosing Different communities to be accepted Into whatever they're getting uh They're getting exposed and it's a Beautiful thing by the way just read That one line it's gays against groomers Here's the point the overwhelming Majority of gay people are against what This community has transformed into and We do not accept the political movement Of pushing their agenda in our name so Here's my question though I I haven't Seen Rob have you I have this these type Of groups are new to me all I've been Seeing all over the media is uh kids in Strip clubs uh in New York um parents

Letting it's just dude it's just the Sexualization and their uh drag queen Reading hour at school and it's like What what what is going on bro I don't Exactly what I don't get it give it time Okay let the people with common sense Rise present your argument with the data Present your argument with reason and And calling out hypocrisy and majority Of the people will sit there and say This makes sense this makes sense this Makes sense you're in the business of Leading convert persuading debating Given arguments yet being patient with The right people that are reasonable to Say you know what Vinny I kind of see Your point that that's what that's what We're doing so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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