“Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room” – Jeffrey Toobin Talks Zoom Disaster

PBD, Jeffrey Toobin, Adam, Tom, and Vinny Zoom call that got Toobin fired.

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Let's address the elephant in the room And we'll get into all the stories here So first when that happened you're Saying you had no clue the camera was on You had none of that stuff and you've Talked about this multiple multiple Times my question isn't about your Apology you've already addressed and Actually liked the way you did it There's some people that didn't like it You just kind of said look as a lawyer I Can't even defend this I can't even say Anything about it I just this is what I Did I'm Manning up I screwed up you know It is what it is I wish they would have Kept me but I understand their reason And these guys brought us back some People said why would you bring him back You know he should have never had the Job people for lesser things were fired You know Megan Kelly's been critical of You a lot of other people have been Critical of you but you owned up to it You just said this is what I did my Question is what do you talk about During therapy for something like that Um Look ah where to start Um you know I did something wrong period And I am more sorry than I can say Um to everyone involved the people on The call my former colleagues people who Trusted me as a journalist Um I've been working to restore my

Reputation since then Um I you know as I say I don't make Excuses I only make apologies Um I'd like to think that I mean as as We say in school as we used to say in School you know I know this is on my Permanent record but I like to think It's not the only thing on my permanent Record And you know all all I could do is you Know offer a complete apology and try to Get on with the work that I do I would I Would say this part uh from my Perspective okay Um I don't think you can be in media for Three decades without having some dirt That comes out on you whether it's going To be a DUI you know you remember who Was a guy that was the best Monday Night Football guy and then he got a DUI Leaving a restaurant Al Michaels Al Michaels any address I got something Embarrassing to say I got a DUI cop Pulled me over it doesn't matter who you Are whether it's politics media all this Stuff you're eventually going to do Something that's going to be screwed up Yours happened to be something that Every boy has gone through what you've Gone through except most people get Caught with their parents it's not on a Zoom so you're like you're like the goat Status of of getting you know you know In the space that you went but the

Question I have for you is a very Different question I run an insurance Company we've licensed 45 000 agents we Sold the company last year but one of The things that I had to learn as a CEO When I ran an office with 66 agents I Know everyone's dirt and it wasn't big Dirt and then all of a sudden one of our Best guys got a divorce and also one of Our guys got a DUI and all of a sudden One of our guys you know we love this Guy cocaine issues boom we lost him Another guy went through marital issues Another guy went through drug issues not And then eventually everyone said why is This happening and I'm like listen Everybody sins in a different way Everybody's going to do some stuff that They're going to do unfortunately some Of them are going to be Republican Humiliating and we got to kind of go Through it and it seemed like the bigger And bigger the company got the more Stories like this happened was there a Part of you because one guy called me One time and he says do you know what That guy is doing do you know how what That other guy's doing I said listen You claim you're a Christian I do listen Man you may want to not be that Judgmental because in about a couple Years it's going to be your turn and You're going to want people to be a Little bit more gentler on you okay when

It comes down to your turn did at any Point for you did you kind of sit there And say this is pretty embarrassing And I've been the one that's kind of Been hard on that guy and this guy and That guy and this guy did you buy Yourself I'm not talking wife and kids And all that stuff in college just you Versus your mono you know like yourself Did you say you know what as much as I Don't like that guy yeah you know that Guy also did something here and that guy Also did something here I guess none of Us are perfect I have to really work on Becoming more forgiving because now I Want people to be gentler on me did you Ever go through that process uh Short answer yes I I think Um you know when you have sinned Publicly you are aware of others who Have sinned publicly I think one thing That I felt Um I I don't want to say Positively about is you know even back To the days when I was a prosecutor I Was never the Um lock them up and throw away the key Kind of person and and that's not the Kind of journalist I've been I I have Written about people who have made Mistakes who have come back from them And Um written positively about that so you Know my view has always been that you

Know if you acknowledge what you did if You you know try to make amends try to Apologize then you get another chance I I as as people have said to me you don't Get a third chance and and I'm very Aware of that in my own life but Um I I I I I don't feel like of all the Things you can criticize you know accuse Me of and I think there are a lot Hypocrisy is not one of them I'm not Someone who has always been you know one Strike and you're out kind of person and Um so in that respect Um I I think my reaction is consistent Quick follow-up right there I've watched You on CNN for 20 plus years so Um one thing that I'm obsessed with Jeffrey is the concept of Legacy right We talked about reputation I started my Show Um when I started interviewing Millionaires and billionaires and Financial advisors and I asked them all Right after you're doing all the saving And all the investing and everything and The budgeting and the and the and the Gifting and the philanthropy I'm like What's Next what's next and like it's Just it's Legacy it's Legacy planning They actually call it estate planning Legacy planning Um so the question of legacy is what my One of my favorite uh people that I've Ever read their books is John Bogle Jack

Bogle the founder of Vanguard and he Said when I die my one wish is that I Die with my legacy intact so you you've Been working in media 30 years right so Pat reads your bio and of course you've Done all this work six-time New York Bestseller and then it's like oh by the Way you got cough jacking off on a zoom Call by the way like that's part of your Legacy that's part of your reputation You know like the famous joke is like You can build a thousand Bridges and uh You one goat you're no longer a Bridge builder you're a goat yada Yada so very very interesting I didn't Know that joke I'm afraid yeah to use a metaphor some Call you the goat the goat so yeah Um I mean even in Urban Dictionary There's a like you're familiar with this I I'm familiar with Urban Dictionary I Wasn't aware that I'm now am I you go to Tubing how wonderful if you get caught On Zoom so like this is part of your Legacy yeah I'm going somewhere yeah Okay hold on so uh but we also Understand that America likes a comeback Story we talk about this all the time is That like this is America you get Second Chances you didn't kill anybody dude Like you didn't you didn't do anything Like felonious like you got caught doing What dudes do you just happened to do it an embarrassing fashion you know

It's rough Um My question is everyone's going to have That lowest point in their life this is Clearly your lowest point What's your comeback story what's your Strategy how can someone deal with the Lowest part of their life the most Embarrassing thing that could ever Happen to you and make a comeback and Own it and be on podcast and be like Yeah you know I did it how can someone Deal with that Well I guess my my two two ways Um one is acknowledge and apologize not You know one of the things that uh you Know I I often thought you know I've Covered a lot of Um political scandals and and one of the Lines that always Um irritated me was Um people would say well I I'm sorry if You were offended which is not a real Apology that that's like blaming you I'm Sorry because I'm sorry because I did Something wrong because there's no Excuse so so in that respect you know Not to try to equivocate about the Wrongdoing is just to completely Acknowledge that there is no excuse and It was it was wrong the the second part Is to get back to work is to do the work That you do and fortunately I was Allowed by CNN by

Um Simon Schuster who published Published this book that to to do the Work that I do and do it well and Um That's that's the the way to come back I Mean I'm incredibly proud of homegrown This book I this book is the best work I Can do and I think the reaction to it Has has been terrific and that's that's The way to Um to try to come back you know there's A there's a quick follow-up there's There's you know there's a camp out There that would say never apologize Never never say you're sorry Own it you did what you did do not Apologize don't even own it like there's That can't I thought we were going to Talk about Donald Trump yet How would you say to that camp that's Saying never apologize that's not me I Mean I I apologize because I think it's The right thing to do and Um you know I I I you know I can't speak For other people and Um obviously Um you know some some people that that That's their approach I can only do you Know what what I think is right for me Um and I I we would it would it would Never even have occurred to me not to Apologize so I I want to get right into It if we can I want to get into his Shoes is what I want no I'd like to talk

About this one more [Music] You know Take us to the issue but I'll say one Thing I mean the sincerely I appreciate You're saying acknowledge and apologize And get back to work because I agree With you when people say I'm sorry you Were offended it puts on other people It's funny I've always thought that when I heard that and the other thing that I Get that I can't stand when I hear is But this is not who I am yes it was for That moment and you need to own it and Just move on from it and I really Applaud that because it didn't mean you No longer had a Harvard law degree it Didn't mean you that you were no longer A classmate of Elena K again didn't mean You no longer had six out of eight New York Times bestsellers and you're a Brilliant legal mind on these issues That didn't change and I appreciate when You go out on the other side and say hey There's something more I can do here and There's something I can do it's like you Know one of the BIOS I appreciated was Chuck Colson now you didn't commit a Felony and a cover-up and all that was The goo that was there but he he Basically discovered a current Imprisonment reform and to do something Else good without a law license because He was disbarred and I think there's far

Too few of those stories in America and There's a little tiny thread of that in What you just said so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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