LGBTQ Movement Exposed: Shocking History Behind It

In this episode, Patrick exposes the shocking history behind the LGBTQ Movement.

Gallup Poll: Fewer in U.S. Say Same-Sex Relations Morally Acceptable

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What have you learned the last few years Of censorship counseling about religions You can't say anything about muslim okay They're not tolerant when it comes down To bashing their religion you can't say Anything about Judaism if you do you Could potentially get canceled all over The place but say anything you want About Christianity and it's like it's Okay you can make a comedy thing a skid Make fun of them they're totally fine Because Christians are known for being The most tolerant religion and in America Christians have been like it's Okay it's okay it's okay and finally They're saying dude I am no longer okay You're pushing the envelope with my kids And I'm sick of it and they're starting To find themselves so let me tell you What I got here I got a bunch of polls From Gallup I got studies on black Democrats versus white Democrats on how They stand towards lgbtq transgender Same-sex marriage we're going to look at Some of the most tolerant countries in The world towards same-sex marriage We're also going to hear a message from Malcolm X on what he had to say many Years ago which for some of you gonna Listen to say holy flipping Molly but We're definitely going to tell such this Uncomfortable issue of same-sex marriage In this episode [Music]

This one's a tough one ain't it you kind Of like looking at seeing this pattern Really going into this I am by the way If you get value out of this video give It a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel but here's what prompted this Episode a Gallup poll came out recently Saying fewer in U.S say same-sex Relations morally acceptable now Gallup Is not left it's not right it's in the Middle similar to peer research here's What they have to say they had a lot of Different issues to see the plus minus Such as birth control divorce you know Having a baby outside of marriage Gambling death penalty abortion Everything is there but the one that had The biggest plus minus was gay or Lesbian relations we went from 2022 71 Being okay with it to a drop of seven Percent now down to 64 which by the way Even Democrats went from 85 percent to 79 saying they're okay with same-sex Marriage this is kind of strange when You look at this right so we said let's Look at this even a little bit more how How did this happen did we all of a Sudden become more conservative with it Do we all of a sudden as a nation say no No no no no we're not okay with this I Don't know but there's definitely some Things to go even deeper on to take a Look at another Gallup poll came out With the following question do you think

Gays or lesbians should or should not be Hired for each of the following Occupations there's a bunch of them I'm Only going to touch a few of them if you Want to see the rest of it we'll give You the link to look at but let's take a Look at some of these occupations armed Forces in 1977 it was 51 yes they should Be hired for This Job 38 said no then in 1999 that 51 went to 70 and 2019 that 51 Went to 83 percent yeah there's nothing Wrong with that okay fine Armed Forces Number two doctors went from 44 in 1977 To 75 percent in 1999 to now 91 percent Which means we don't care if somebody's A gay doctor or straight doctor America Is okay with that next clergy these are Pastors priests 1977 36 percent 1999 54 Today 72 72 percent of our gift a pastor Is gay okay that's America Next Elementary School teachers okay which is Where your kids are going to be around 1977 was 27 1999 54 today 81 by the way so some of You said Pat who cares if the elementary School teacher is a gay teacher or not Well if they are you know your kids are Around it if you're okay with that great If you're not no problem but that's how America feels about it by the way I can Tell you from multiple families I talk To local here there's a big private School here that's around fifty thousand Dollars per year K through 12. so many

Parents are taking their kids out of the School because they've crossed a line on Way too much lgbtq pride and trying to Impose it on the students and a lot of Parents are saying listen you're not What you used to be 20 years ago even Though I went here I'm taking all my Kids out and they're leaving to Different schools right around the Corner I hear this locally and I bet This is happening all across the country As well now next question from Gallup You ready in your view is being gay or Lesbian something a person is born with Or due to factors such as upbringing and Environment look how much this has Changed since 1977. in 1977 only 13 said This is something you're born with 56 Said you're gay because your environment In 1999 that 13 went to 34 and the Environment went down to 40 and then I'll bring it to today born with 49 Environment 32 so from 1977 which was Roughly 45 46 years ago to today we went From 13 you think you're born with it You're not to 49 yeah about half the Country says you're born this way that's A pretty big difference just in 45 years Here's another controversial one that Some people aren't comfortable talking About but I'm proud of the fact that Gallup's actually doing these kinds of Surveys do you think gays and lesbians Should or should not be allowed to adopt

Children 1977 14 today 75 should gays And lesbians be allowed to adopt Children just 45 years ago we're not Okay with it today 75 is okay with it Some will say well you think it's a bad Idea how about all these kids that need A place to live who cares who cares them Whether they're gay or straight fine Some people say do you see about all These other arrests that are coming out With gay parents that are adopting kids And what's happening to these kids yeah But that doesn't happen all the time Either way there's an argument for both Sides so now let's take a look at History when did this whole thing get Started when do we coin the term Homosexual you know when it was 1869 it was first coined by Hungarian Journalists Carl Maria Kurth Benny then In 1897 the first known gay rights Organization called the scientific Humanitarian committee is founded in Germany 1924 Magnus hirschfield Publishes the transvestites the Psychology of sex expression this was One of the first scientific studies of Transgender people 1968 Congressional Proceedings reference gender identity That occurs in a Report on Public Health Service under the National Institute of Mental Health summary of sex deviates Which included gender identity disorder As a a future direction for research

That's 1968 under Lyndon Johnson if you Wonder who the president is 1971 the First legal challenge to a state ban on Same-sex marriage was filed in Minnesota 1973 which by the way is only about 50 Years ago if you think about it ready The American Psychiatric association Removes homosexuality from its list of Mental disorder that means in 1972 being Homosexual was a mental disorder the Same 200 years ago folks this is just 50 Years ago when we the Health Professions Used to think it was a mental disorder To be gay 1973 it changed 1974 the first Gay pride marches are held in New York Los Angeles and Chicago 1986 you ready For this one Court's rule that there is No constitutional protection for sodomy In Bowers versus Hardwick ruling allows Sodomy to continue being criminally Prosecuted in states where laws prohibit Homosexual activity so why is this 1986 Because the AIDS epidemic was in June of 81 and people were worried about what Was going taking place a lot of gay Folks were getting AIDS because the Whole concept of sodomy is what they're Talking about if you don't know what Sodom is don't go Google it because some Sites may come up but that's kind of What caused this 1986 ruling 1987 the Supreme Court of the United States rules That sexual orientation is not a Constitutionally protected class this is

87 okay how long ago was that 35 years Ago 36 years ago in 1988 1993 was the Don't ask don't tell policy prohibiting Lesbians gay and bisexual people from Coming out or telling others about Anything related to their sexual Activity anything related to their Sexuality is codified on this date same Year 1993 the Supreme Court of the United States rules that the Boy Scouts Of America cannot discriminate against Gays and lesbian Scouts 1994 Big Year The national educational Association Nea Passes a resolution calling for the Inclusion of lgbtq Topics in the Curriculum 1996 another interesting one Congress passes the Defense of Marriage Act at Doma which defines marriage as Between one man and one woman for Federal purposes signed by the one and Only Bill Clinton this was obviously a Major setback for the same-sex marriage But it was overturned in 2013. 2003 the Supreme Court of the United States rules That same-sexual activity is illegal in All 50 states 2004 Massachusetts becomes The first state to legalize same-sex Marriage do you want to know who the Governor was Republican Governor Mitt Romney 2005 the gay lesbian and straight Education Network releases its first National school climate survey which Finds that lgbtq students are Disproportionately bullied and harassed

In schools which leads to 2008 California voters approved Proposition 8 Which banned same-sex marriage in the State 2009 Proclamation 8387 President Barack Obama dedicates June as lesbian Gay bisexual and transgender pride month 2011 California passes the fair Education Act which requires that all Public schools in the state teach about The contributions of lgbtq community to History and culture 2011 don't ask don't Tell is repealed 2013 gender identity Disorder updated to gender dysphoria in The diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental disorders in 2015 this is a big One the Supreme Court rules in obra Giffel versus Hodges that the Fundamental right to marry is guaranteed To same-sex couples by the due process And equal protection Clauses of the 14th Amendment this decision legalize the Same-sex marriage in all 50 states okay So in 2016-2017 Barack Obama tried to Make it more inclusive for transgenders To be able to participate and not get Judged Trump comes up and he revokes it But then here's what happens to follow In year in 2018 the White House Announces that most transgender people Are prohibited in the military okay then In 2020 a letter from Department of Education announces that the inclusion Of transgender athletes in sports teams Based on their gender identities a title

9 violation this motion effectively bans Transgender athletes from participating In sports so look why are all these Parents I mean you've seen Glenda what's Going on with the protesting parents are Coming out saying us if you were sick And tired of Glendale Unified School District and it's happening across the Country but how did all this material go Into schools why are why are public School teachers teaching this stuff it's Pissing off parents how do we get here You have to know who's behind it all for Example do you remember how we talked About earlier about the California Passing the fair accurate inclusive Act Of 2011 which requires all public Schools in the state to teach about the Contributions of the lgbtq people to History and culture that's kind of how It happened it was something that passed But more importantly policies that make Lgbtq related material mandatory in Schools are typically approved by state Legislatures in some cases these Policies are the result of grassroot Activism while in other cases they are Initiated by government officials once It's a policy it is then implemented by School district and who was the most Responsible for the California fair Education Act you ready these Organizations equality California gay Lesbian and straight education Network

Human Rights Campaign HRC National Center for lesbian rights transgender Law Center and what do these Organizations have in common you ready They have the same three donors and do You want to know who's behind these Three donors I wonder who do you want to Take a while I guess you probably will Get it right let me give it to you first One is Gilead Sciences in 2001 they Became the first company to develop a Once daily pill for the treatment of HIV And AIDS that's one of the biggest Funders and by the way you know who's Been a shareholder up there since 1999 Soros fund management and in 2015 Soros Fund management was one of the investors In a group that acquired a majority Stake in FEMA's Medicare A company that Provides Specialty Pharmacy services to Patients with HIV and AIDS and Gilead Sciences is a major customer of Themis Medicare the second Foundation is called The Arcus foundation and George Soros is A trustee of the Arcus foundation and Has donated millions of dollars to this Foundation and the third one ready the Gill Foundation which who do you think Is a trustee George Soros is a trustee And has donated millions of dollars to The foundation's work a little weird why Is this guy behind it why are you so Concerned about kids and wanting to Teach this to them like how's it matter

To you George Soros why do you care so Much it's a valid question for parents To ask why he's funding this by the way As of June 2023 there are six states That make it mandatory to teach lgbtq Related material in schools Ready California Colorado Illinois Nevada Jersey and Oregon so look I don't know Where you stand or what you're going to Be saying but either way you're probably Like what the hell is about this kind of Uncomfortable to talk about this stuff You either watching and saying I can't Stand you doing this this is why I hate Valentine and pvdm no problem or you Were saying is wow I never knew about This stuff I'm kind of interested in What else he has to say I want to kind Of look at some religions if you were to Look at which one is the most tolerant To same-sex marriage and which one is The least if we have to say Muslim That's the least tolerant but the most Tolerant is Catholics and this is According to Pure research it's followed By Jews then mainly line Protestant then Historically black Protestant then Mormons at 27 percent and the least Tolerant is the Evangelical Protestant And by the way why don't we look at U.S World news on what countries are the Most tolerant to same-sex marriage Here's what you will find according to U.S news if we look at these 24

Different countries you see at the top Where it says totally opposed strongly Opposed someone opposed somewhat favor Strongly favor or total favor score all The way to the right here's what you'll Find Canada 79 U.S 63. but look at this The country with the highest Favorability score is Sweden with 92 Then it's Netherlands then Spain France Then Germany you can look at the rest The lowest believe it or not is Hungary In that list with 31 but if you go to Other countries such as Indonesia which Is the largest Muslim country in the World it's got the lowest score with Five outside of Nigeria and even Kenya's At nine and Israel is at 36. it tells You most Christian nations are tolerant And those that are Muslim nations are Not tolerant for same-sex marriage as if I haven't pissed you off enough with This data that we're sharing with you I'm going to share with you from Pew Research and here's what it says unlike Other Democrats a majority of black Democrats say gender is determined by Sex at Birth so these are black Democrats these are folks who were Really needing civil rights at one point Just 60 years ago now they're kind of Saying civil rights is different than Gay rights if you look at this here's What it says so unlike other Democrats The majority of black Democrats say

Gender is determined by sex at Birth if You look at this year the yellow to the Left is determined sex assigned at Birth The blue on the right is can be Different from sex assigned at Birth if You look at the Republican leaning You'll see 86 say no your sex is Determined at Birth 13 say you can Change but look at the white 72 percent Say it can be different from sex Assigned at Birth but look at blacks Only 33. that's a 40-point discrepancy And blacks are 66 percent saying it's Different Remember by six separate you Know what it says blacks are closer to Republicans than white liberals they Have a 40 Point difference Hispanics are At 44 and Asians are at 38 but blacks Are the least tolerant on this topic According to Pew research here's another One man black Democrats are going to Piss off a lot of the white Democrats When you see this and and this is purely Their data I didn't do this here you can Get upset up here research and write a Negative review about them because these Guys are pissing off some of the wrong People watch this one Democratic K Through 12 parents deferred by race Ethnicity over what kids should learn in School about gender identity look at This here percentage-wise I mainly want To look at the left one here which is The green one where it says someone can

Be a boy or a girl even if it's Different from sex at Birth Republicans Say no nine percent agree with this White said 64 yes you can be different Than what you were born with but black Said 30 percent do you realize blacks Are only 21 away from Republicans and 34 Away from white Democrats how weird is That my experience on being in the Military are my black friends or selling Memberships at valleys or working in the Financial industry for last 20 years With our African-American Community the Grandmothers and the mothers are Typically very conservative so this Makes sense to me and by the way I just Want you to watch this one video but by This guy you may know this guy's name is Malcolm X he gave the speech many many Years ago comparing the difference Between what a white liberal is versus a White conservative and the only reason I Want you to watch a speech if you've Never seen this before is because in This context we're comparing black Democrats white Democrats here's what Malcolm X had to say about this many Many decades ago The white liberal differs from the white Conservative only in one way The liberal is more deceitful more Hypocritical Than the conservative Both want Power

But the white liberal is the one who has Perfected the art of posing as the Negro's friend and benefactor And by winning the friendship in support Of the Negro the white liberal is able To use the Negro as a pawn or a weapon In this political football game that is Constantly raging between the white Liberals and the white conservatives The American Negro is nothing but a Political football And the white liberals control this ball Through tricks Or tokenism False promises of integration and civil Rights In this game of deceiving and using the American Negro the white liberals have Complete cooperation of the Negro civil Rights leader who sell our people out For a few crumbs of token recognition Token games Token progress So what'd you think about his message What do you think about what he has to Say you think they liked what he had to Say he's he's calling everybody out and By the way there's a part of America Today that believes that they're like Wait a minute I don't relate to what's Going on in America today I love America I'm a John F Kennedy Democrat I love What America stood for I'm not part of All this craziness here's a stat that

Just came out that shows What's Going On By Generation by Generation by Generation this is pissing off parents So let me get this straight so Traditionalists people being born before 1946 only 1.7 percent of them are part Of the lgbtq community as if they're Afraid to come out of the closet you Know how people say well because people Are more comfortable today to come out No no there isn't anybody that's more Comfortable who doesn't give a About what you and I think then the Older generation they don't care which One I think like I'm 72 years old I'm Gay I don't care if you like they don't Care whether you think anything about it Or not they're only at 1.7 percent baby Boomers are at 2.7 percent Gen X is 3.3 Percent Millennials born from 1981 to 1996 or 11.2 percent and gen Z kids born From 1997 to 2004 20 one out of five Really that's really naturally that's How they were or is this going back to The Gallup thing that we looked at where It says environment do you remember the Whole environment was a big part of it Yeah this is saying that we were smarter 50 years ago than we are today and by The way remember how I started this and I said there's four things I pray for Courage wisdom tolerance understanding Trust me takes courage to make this Video because I'm gonna get a lot of

Hate for video like this but the Tolerance part it's starting to get to a Point that listen this concept of Tolerance back in the days it was Corinth now was a city that was Corinth Now America the greatest country in the World is turning into corn the school You're going to you're okay with that so Are we you know what happens typically With tolerant people here's how tolerant People are oh it's okay don't worry About it it's fine yeah I'm not with it But go for it yeah it's cool a little Bit of Tolerance fine all of a sudden You realize I think that guy's taking Advantage of my tolerance Am I being preyed on am I being abused a Little bit listen you're not doing this Anymore we'll cry you cross the line With my kids we're staying right here And by the way I'm Middle Eastern I fall in a very weird category yeah I've experienced all these other things Hey you know you're discriminating You're from your graduates I I Understand why somebody would say that For being from Iran totally get it I'm From Iran I get it But Women's rights There is no debate of course we have to Have woman's rights civil rights Absolutely I don't care if I'm darker Than you or whatever I am yes gay rights

Has turned into a religion where Everybody's walking on eggshells Especially the Christian Community Because we are seeing you guys are Tolerant so we can take advantage of you And Muslims say listen man pump the Brakes we're right here we don't play The games here go do that on America not In our country oh oh okay well respect It but no in America these guys are Cowards they're so tolerant you can take Advantage of them and based on some of The data I think people are waking up And they're saying maybe we can learn a Little bit from Muslims maybe we can Learn a little bit from them they don't Compromise their standards and maybe Christians need to start realizing we Also don't need to compromise our Standards and start speaking up again if I pissed you off awesome that was the Purpose of this content to get you Thinking if you're watching this and You're like I was not planning for me to Wake up this morning thinking about this Topic but holy here we go now I got A text this to my mom and dad and my Husband and my wife and my best friend Say do you agree what Pat has to say I Don't care all I want to do with our Team of research team that brought all This content we're we're all thinking Just like you are I'm starting to say I Didn't know this I didn't know this I

Didn't know this wow that's pretty crazy And if you feel that way share this with Others and talk about it and if you're a Parent and your blood pressure went up The last 20 minutes we're doing some Events around the country for parents I May be doing one in the city I grew up In where I went to school because a lot Of parents are frustrated with Glendale Unified School District but if you're a Parent and you want to know if we do any Other events or parents in a city coming Near you text the word parents to 310-340-1132 once again text the word Parents to 310-340-1132 we will let you know if we Do any events in your city and if you Want to watch a video as a parent how to Go fight for your kids we did a video Here specifically for you if you haven't Seen it click here to watch that video Take care everybody bye-bye Thank you

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