“Life Is In Danger” – Suge Knight Issues Warning To Diddy Over Sex Trafficking Allegations

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss Suge Knight issuing a warning to Diddy that his life is in danger regarding sex trafficking allegations.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Sugite claims Diddy's life is in danger Urges Diddy to turn himself in okay and I listen to this recording I don't know If you guys did or not he's he's doing 28 years in jail just so you guys know Shite and shite goes all the way back in The 1995 W ceremony when he said if if Y'all want to be part of a you know Label that the the owner doesn't need to Be in every single video the videos at The source Awards come to death come to Death R he say that right if you want to Play the clip with what shite just said On the recording Rob I think you uh uh Yeah if you can play just that clip Right there go for it everybody been Talking about the puy situation oh rob You can't do it you can't do it Rob Anyway so let me just read this Knight Said he praise for Diddy's kids but also Blasted the Mogul for giving up hip-hop Giving hip-hop a bad image I'll tell you What puffy your life is in danger cuz You know the secrets Who's involved in a Secret little room you guys are Participating in the year-old Knight Said he added they going to get you if They can knight noted that he turned Himself in to face his charges and he Thinks didd he should do the same Sometimes you got to face the music That's most of the time Knight said Knight also insisted that Diddy would Face serious trouble if he ends up in

Prison you got to make a decision when You go to prison you're going to be Standing up pissing or squatting sitting Down pissing Knight said before warning Did he not to use his nickname brother Love in prison got to give this guy some Uh uh oh my well listen yeah uh do you Think is there any bigger enemy choose Your enemies wisely than didy has with Suge Knight Suge Knight is the Diddy of Death Row Records so we talked about This on the on previous podcast in the 90s the biggest beef in America was the East Coast West Coast rap so when Suge Knight is talking and giving friendly Advice to Diddy just be careful where You get your counsel he does not have The best intentions for Diddy you got Overlays on this comes is right because It's taking on a cultural component About uh people looking with a jaist eye At hipop it's happening more and more as This goes and there's no direct action On Colmes um the first thing that Bothered me about this is why is a guy Who's doing 28 years for voluntary Manslaughter and he didn't just turn Himself in to do the right thing okay They had him why is he after I killed a Guy got arrested kind of turned myself In I don't understand why he gets a Platform in prison first all like if you Want to punish the guy shut him up you Know what I mean you're doing your 28

Years for murder um what are you saying Though I'm saying that why does he get To give press statements about what's Happening with Shawn Colmes the guy Should be in a box thinking about what He did for the next 20 years would you Want to interview him would you want to Interview sh of course I'm a Shameless Opportunist if I got but I think that as A if you're watching this as a rule I Don't know why a prisoner who did Something that bad is getting that kind Of access to free speech but the idea of This becoming more about hipop this Investigation doesn't smell right from An investigative perspective and I'll I'll tell you why ordinarily here's how It works you start working bottom up in An investigation like this this is Essentially a RICO case okay this is a Racketeering case that's what they're Going to do is get him for ancillary Activities that were part of what They're going to say was a criminal Enterprise you get the little guys the Start to Bubble Up you now get your Subpoenas out you get your information Your your web of of networks of contacts And Communications which is a treasure Trove these days because everybody's Doing this all the time then you Punctuate it with things that you now Have an understanding where they might Be and what they might mean and you raid

And then you indict and or arrest that's The way it usually works here we didn't Hear about a lot of these things until The raid which may have been motivated By these civil suits which are laid out Very well by the way especially that Little Rod it it reads like a novel yeah Then there's no action on Diddy Diddy's Waving going to Adam's friends Restaurants he was in Pita in Miami Filming with Wes Watson this weekend Mean his sons have been arrested there's Something off about this investigation And what it smells like to me is that Hip hop is a great Boogeyman for the Feds hip hop is bad they don't see it as What it is now which is my kids culture Okay okay my white kids living in the Hamptons live hip-hop my daughter is Going a little country on me the Songwriter she's been writing some Country so I don't know where where she Gets that from but I think that there Are going to be some big surprises in This investigation of the nothing Variety and it's going to be a big Problem for the feds you bust a Billionaire's house who's a major Culture figure you put his kids in cuffs I know they thought there may be weapons In the house and that's a protocol for Them but I tell you I don't think they Would have done it to more Cuban's kids And I think that this is going to wind

Up having a nothing Burger aspect you Think so I'll tell you I know that 9010 Anybody who's been around investigations Will say no way they would have never Raided his house if they don't have him Here look an indictment is a probable Cost standard it's the lowest standard In our business that's why we say you Can indict a ham sandwich right I don't Smell that they have him on the kinds of Major felonies that were being teased Early on except for one component he's Got a lot of friends no one's defending Him right now that makes me a little Suspicious we are his friends but it Doesn't it's not lining upright in terms Of how they usually do this Pat that I Know I'm right but when Suge Knight is Your biggest Advocate you got some Problems Rob go uh uh while you're I Want to hear what go to 50 c by the way Play that clip to see where he's at this Is Miami go ahead yeah this is West Watson show Pita by my pad R into the Man right here no what's up Miami's like That it's a movie down here okay go go To 50 cents Instagram but go ahead Minnie so so Mo what what what do you Think about the aspect of a lot of People not just you know online ex People making those you know those Videos posting but what about the aspect Of cuz he he looks like he's happy he Doesn't got to care in the world the

Aspect of all the cameras and all the Stuff that he recorded on some epscene Level stuff that they went in and the Some major players that pow that went in Just to make sure all the footage of all The [ __ ] that I had with all these Elites was taken out and deleted and Then he flew that plane he well he Wasn't on it but this jet with God knows What was on it flew to a a place where Was it where Antiga where there's no ex Tradition to the US that thing is there Whatever is on that plane is gone that Looks like the guy to me that knows that He's good because they're like Hey Listen with all the [ __ ] with all the Girls that are with all the kid stuff And all that stuff we got to go in there We got to raid we're going to take Anything that we seem we deem like that Can get our people in trouble and we'll Get it out of here I think that that Seems more feasible to me from a person With that type of attitude that just Like yo what up all love if your kids Are getting arrested and you're walking Scott-free like that something is Definitely fishy Rob do you have that Clip from uh uh 50 Cent go to the the One to the right top right yeah watch This press the go for it hey yo right Now though for real y I need to know who [ __ ] with me you know like just Straight up like like I don't have the

Time you know if you [ __ ] with me let it Be known because I'm going this next era And I'm lining the ball of allies if you [ __ ] with me let it be known if you Don't [ __ ] with me be quiet and I will Take your silence as you don't [ __ ] with Me you know what I'm saying and it's all Love but if you [ __ ] with me let it be Known because big thing okay so so so is He saying if you're with me yes are you With me or against me are you on my team Orever Come out come out like hey whatever's Happening with Diddy i v i want to know Tell me one person that supported him This guy that picture this guy supports Tell me One one person that's come out at said Anything that I got his back and that is The suspicious thing so that what does That tell us so my reporting uh talking To some of these people who I thought Would come out and obviously you protect Them as sources it's that's what uh the Media is supposed to do ethically and They say look I don't believe that he is Gay not that that's a crime that he is a Pedophile I don't believe it I don't Like these Bieber videos I think they're Misleading but but but they all have a Butt and it all goes to abuse of his Power and what the people around him may Have been doing that he was caught up in And that's why they're staying quiet now

The problem is also that you got fitty I Keep getting yelled at for not saying His name right fit is it fi t t you're Chris Cuomo you say what you want buddy You start rapping all up in the club Right now you do what you want you're From New York it's 50 all right so 50 Cent says uh bad things about uh biggie About uh Colmes because it's it's Competition Suge is saying bad things Because it's competition that's getting Covered more than the actual Investigation and that's my problem with This is there's an overlay of kind of Hip-hop culture going at itself and That's a distraction from the actual Case And I really believe that I haven't seen Any indication except that raid which Was I've never seen a guy of his profile Get done as dirty as that raid was you Know you get people say Trump got raided Trump didn't get raided they didn't have Any weapons they didn't draw any weapons It was done by Arrangement they spoke First that's a raid oh what they did to A billionaire named Shawn Colmes it Doesn't smell right to me it doesn't Smell did you see this clip did you see This clip of Mike Tyson and him sitting Next to each other Can you Rob if you can you know pull up This clip I by the way I just typed Diddy Tyson there you go yeah watch this

It's a little weird so Tyson and uh Diddy are next to each other in in an Interview this is with the Keenan Keenan Ivory Waynes is the and back watch what Tyson Does it truly is about the Benjamin as We see oh yes put it on his he's moving Out the way well now we come back we go To talk more with puffy and if you want To hang out more than welcome to stick Around my brother all right we'll be Right back more right after this yeah Look at he doesn't like his hand near Him this is this is probably from the '90s yeah but still he's still moving His ass away from this and I don't Tyson Um was on was did we talk about Diddy With Tyson I don't I think he kind of Just what did he say about skipped over That question he said all by the way Where are Diddy's friends where's Usher Where's Bieber where's L Kim well he's Friends with Will Smith he's friends With obviously um the whole Junior Mafia Crew mace DJ Ked in Miami these are his friends But let me ask you a question ask you a Question though Adam what what would be Not not necessarily the benefit what is Coming out to stick up for a guy that You at the end of the day have no idea Why was he recording everybody why were There cameras in every room that's a you There's nothing illegal about having

Cameras in your home small little Cameras in every single room is that Illegal cameras in your home your Bathroom in your home it's not illegal Based based on how you use the footage But I will tell you it's unusual to have Cameras in a house as opposed to Pointing outside the house yeah you know What I mean like security cameras are Usually looking at the perimeter like Like when Pat uh you know caught me Trying to steal some of the air valve Cover one of the cars it was on the Camera outside not in my bathroom I Fully disagree you can have cameras in The house you can it's unusual by the Way we officially know Adam has cameras In every one of yeah I'm never going to Take a crap in your house what the hell You talking wait hold on hold on a Second if you have a camera in your House in your bathroom room hold up and Somebody's in there peeing or doing Drugs or hooking up with somebody that's Legal in your own bathroom and without Telling them something with it yes but You can have cameras in your house well No if you do something with it no it Wouldn't be legal correct but in terms Of wanting you can do whatever in your House you want but if you then put it Online or something you got but but Here's my blackmail yeah here's my Question though what have you ever seen

Any reality show ever it's cameras every Room go by Florida law so wait wait wait So recording in private spaces without Consent such as changing rooms bathrooms Or private homes is illegal so I love You Rob thank you so go to my point go To my point what we finding out is his House in La his house in Miami his house In New York these cameras were Everywhere and bro we're not just Talking about you know Cassie was there With a couple rappers no no foreign Dignitaries like the prince they're Saying these type of people were at this House if they found out oh he's getting This is happening and there's cameras in The bathroom you know what I was doing In that bathroom go go after him get the System get his ass go in there and rate It that's what I would do if I was of That caliber that's that could be one of Five things that you have to put on the Line that could be happening right now Rico sex trafficking human trafficking You know Intel on others you know rape You know guns there could be a lot of Different things that it's going to be Rico no matter what because that's the Vehicle that they created to make it Easier to get all the other stuff Whether they can make the case in a way Where when you read the indictment which Is the best it gets for the prosecution Right the indictment is the height of

How compelling it is because you haven't Really heard anything from the other Side if you don't read that and you're Like oh wow uh they really have him and They're all these people that are Testifying against him who are doing the Activities for him then my suspicion is Right that this is this is sniffy look This is why they always get Mobsters on Tax Okay the reason they get Mobsters on Tax is and that was a different day Where guys basically you know once in a While Sammy the bull and others would Talk but usually it was a conspiracy of The Quiet hip hop and these new uh Things that they're doing criminally Within that that sphere they all talk It's bragado does at best so Racketeering influenced and corrupt Organizations is just a fancy way of Saying we're going to catch you for the Side activities that went into the main Criminal Enterprise that's how they're Going to come at puffy it's a much lower Bar for them to make the case let's go To of traffic we're getting right now With man is unbelievable yesterday I Can't even tell you how many mans came Through yesterday for me great Conversations people booking 15 minute Calls Tom is about to cross 2,000 manets Okay he'll be the first person to have 2,000 paid manets uh uh there I know Chris uh is probably one of the fastest

To respond on man I think he's a 24-hour Guy at 100% responds back to answer so If you have any questions today if you Disagree with me or agree with Tom or Vinnie or Adam or Como these are their QR codes ask him any question you want On man there's a 95% chance you get a Respond back on Instagram you get Respond backs 5% on LinkedIn 5% on Twitter less than 10% on man there's a 90 to a 95% chance they're going to get Back to you so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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