Liver King Tells The Truth About Being Caught Using Steroids

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Brian ‘liver king’ Johnson, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana talk about Brian “Liver King” Johnson being caught using steroids.

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About a year ago maybe even nine months Ago we start seeing you everywhere okay We might myself just like everybody did You hear about the Liberty can you hear About the Liberty I'm like wow what's he Talking about so he's talking about Liver you got to eat this and you got to Eat bone marrow I'm like dude that's Great being Middle Eastern you know I've Been waiting for somebody to promote Liver because nobody likes feed liver With me so I'm like another guy that Likes eating liver and he's not from Iran or he's not Armenian serious so That part of it was great so and then uh You know as you're on podcast whether It's with whoever it is you're like yeah I don't understand PD let me tell you I Did take PD I'm gonna admit to it and You said the lines that you said and Then uh came the part from the rest of Us uh I mean I've been around Bodybuilders for a long time my dream Was to be Mr Olympia when I was a kid Coming out I went to the military like That's what I was going to do and I'm Looking at your body just like everybody Else who's in the space And saying you know just naturally it's It's not possible to look like that guy Right there and and then the story comes Out last week about the stuff that you Were taking in an email uh if you want To put that up there Rob when you see in

The email well you know this email and That this was taken and that was taken And this was taken in for people that Are in the space they know what those Things are you know you know it yourself If you're into space You Know It uh I Come from a background where uh in Bodybuilding back in the days there was The steroids Bible Edition one and the Second one and the third one and it Would always change the color I remember Back in the days with uh Bill Phillips From muscle media 2000 who was always The guy that would be straight up and it Was very uh random for people to come Out talking about steroids he was one of The first guys I said no I use steroids Here's what I do and then Arnold did it So for me when I saw you not doing it The first thing I thought about was the Final one there used to be a time 30 Years ago if somebody smoke weed you're Like oh that guy smokes weed he must be A gangster he must be this today he Smoke weed nobody gives a [ __ ] like Literally no one cares if you go on the Street somebody next you smoking when I Was like smoking weed great And and I think we're getting to a phase Where steroids if a person chooses to do It For whatever reason they want to do it There's some studies that say you ought To do it your trt levels your

Testosterone levels are low this this That I think we're getting to a level Where it's no longer a big deal but you Kept saying I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm Not I'm not an in boom this comes out And the world hears about it I've heard Your video where you talk about this but Maybe share with us you know when you First saw this email that came out and The world saw it what was your immediate Reaction When you saw that and then your mindset When you're making a video to talk to The world who's been thinking you've not Been using steroids your entire life Well I remember it like it was five Minutes ago Um I was getting ready to go to bed it's Probably 8 30. I just spent spent some Time with my boys and everything was Dark in the house I'm getting ready to Go to bed right before I go to bed I Like to just check my phone yeah make Sure there's no emergencies and um There's this Pew that I sit at my house It's nice and dark nobody can actually See me they walk by they don't even know I'm there and so I checked my phone and There's a message a group message that Says Do we need to get crisis management Involved and I'm thinking oh God here we Go again like somebody's overreacting And so

Um you know I'm like what what are we Talking about here so somebody then Sends a link to the video and uh so I Start watching the video I'm like I've Already seen five of these from the same Guy like okay here we go again who was The guy that you're talking about the Same guy Derek from more plates more Dates has made quite a few videos right Gotcha and so I'm all negative about you You know I wouldn't even call them Negative I I would call him the truth Well you know there is one that's Totally [ __ ] full of [ __ ] it's about Me having AB implants and ab itching Like so I I will say that's completely Not true Um but uh So so I'm like okay big deal here's Another video same guy right and then uh So I said you know tell me exactly what Minute to go to so then I went to the Minute that they told me to go to and Then they start reading the email that I Sent and I said holy [ __ ] like I did This and I did this and I called my wife Over I'm like wife She comes over she sits right next to me So she doesn't have a name wife over her Eyes that's what I said my wife over Here We got Primal she comes over and she Starts watching it with me and I think She could probably feel my heart beating

Right next to her it was going to come Out of my chest and again like Everything on there was true and I said Okay like here we are right now we're Here and so my mindset is Um I called Derek uh and he didn't Answer send that sentiment text message I said hey man thank you and so uh then He answered I said hey what's the best Way to get in touch with you he said I'm Free now so I gave him a call and I said Uh thank you for doing this I don't know What good will come of this but good bad And different you know everything in Life is good and I'm gonna find a way You know to make silver linings from This and so there's so much good what Was his reaction when you saw it like How did he take it yeah well actually This is what I what what he says hello And I said How long did it take for you to make This documentary and it he says a couple Of weeks and I said holy [ __ ] a couple Of weeks you did a masterful job hats Off to you thank you for doing this I Don't know what good will come but good Will come of this and he goes oh I'm Surprised that you're so chill about This and I said well I don't know what You expect me to be you know maybe you Expect something else but you know I Know that you know this too but like you Can't be grateful and express a life of

Abundance and also scarcity and contract At the same time like and so this is my Attitude these are my philosophies my Principles that that drive me I'm like Okay I don't know how we're going to Deal with this but I'm grateful for this And I'm going to figure my way you know Into this well I figured my way into That now now I gotta like go through the Storm and so that's my mindset you know That's what I'm thinking you know and so The way that I came up with the apology Video is just like um the kids were Going to bed they went to bed uh first Thing the next day I said hey I need to Talk to you guys let's get around the Table so we all got around the table and Really what I said to my kids is almost The same thing on the apology video was Like I just looked at them you know and Uh this is tough you know um To look your your kids in the eye and to Tell them that you've been lying to them You know I've never lied to my kids About anything but I lied to them about This So I told them Um I said I lied to you guys you know And what I did was wrong let me tell you What I've lied about I have taken Steroids I'm on steroids right now and I Can tell you the reasons why I'm going To justify it you deserve to know you Know why I've Justified it but what I

Did was wrong and I'll never lie to you Guys again and you know the reason why I Just the the mind is such a deadly Weapon because once I got myself into This you know I convinced myself that This had nothing to do with my message I Convinced myself that um Who the [ __ ] am I cheating hmm like I'm Not in a competitive sport who am I Cheating you know and I would say like One of the most hurtful things is um Or maybe I did some of the most damages I convinced myself that the 15 year old Boy my kids these guys they don't need To hear this message And so um there's a whole lot of other Things that I'd convince myself of but Once I'd convince myself of like these Six or seven things I'm like digging the Hole and digging the hole you know now I'm answering DMs I don't touch the Stuff Never Gonna touch this stuff don't Touch this you know now I'm going on Podcasts you know and now I'm doing the Same thing and I'm just digging a [ __ ] hole deeper and deeper and Deeper you know and um It's probably the the thing that I Regret most of my life out of all the Dumb [ __ ] that I [ __ ] have done like I probably regret this the most so uh Facing my my kids what was um it was Tough But um it's brought us closer together

And you know another Silver Lining that I see in this is like you know my kids Have Held me in the highest they think that On this infallible character and so I Will say that um I am grateful that my Kids see me drop to my [ __ ] knees They see how I'm dealing with this you Know from day one I was grateful for it Um immediately I'm like I own this I [ __ ] own this and I'm going to lead Myself out of this and I want you guys To see what ends up happening I know I'm Not Rising above this now but I know in Time that that will happen and uh so That's how I handled that you know I I Got to tell you before we went live on The camera you were talking about how You know the life I lived that life a Mile away I live close I want to do this Because I work so hard that I want to Spend time with the kids your kids are Here with you your wife's here with you While you're going through this that Says a lot about the character or the Family and anything with family you know You know issues like this there's not a Perfect father in the world there's not A perfect mother in the world uh the Best thing I ever was taught about this That lifted a lot of weight off my back Of having perfect expectations of my Parents was three things I learned a guy One time told me this it says every kid

And a parent specifically father-son Relationship goes through three phases First they idolize which you just use The word they idolize that then they Demonize I can't believe you did this That which you haven't gone through your Sons are they have your back and the Last one is humanize that is a human He's not a machine he's not perfect okay So that level of him and that lifts Weight off our back to become looser Parent having fun you still have high Standards and expectation but I'm not Here to be perfect so what all the Craziness taking place I believe future Looks bright if you believe future looks Bright get your latest Future looks Bright hat of valuetainment it says Future looks bright here future looks Bright here we got them in white we got Them in Black we got them in red or Black on black sold out these are about To sell out if you haven't ordered one Yet we had a person in Michigan but one Then he bought three then when those Three people wore it in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks bright hat Especially during times like this Because ain't nobody's saying future Looks spread toward your future looks Bright hat click over here and to watch The entire podcast click here take care Everybody


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