Louise Perry: A Case Against The Sexual Revolution #shorts

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The problem I think is when having sex Like a man is seen as a default setting Because it doesn't suit the interests of Most women if we're saying that Something that suits the interests of Let's say five percent of women should Be the norm that inevitably is going to Mean that 95 percent are nudged by Shame By social pressure the book in general Is intended as a critique of liberal Feminism and sometimes criticized by Conservatives and Christians for not Being conservative and Christian enough I work for a campaign group called we Can't consent to this what we do is we Document cases where UK women have been Killed and their Killers have claimed in Court that they consented to the Violence which led to their deaths so Like the sex game gone wrong I think That the focus on consent as the sole Framework for determining whether or not Sexual behavior is good or bad is Completely inadequate there's so much Gray area between good sex and Consensual sex

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