“Mad Man vs Dead Man” – Chris Cuomo On Voting For Trump Over Biden

Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment’s 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana. In this clip, Chris discusses voting for Donald Trump over Joe Biden in 2024..


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

What I would want to ask you is just With that time and that distance away From the network what is your actual Perception of the people that follow Trump the people that believe in Trump The American people that support him and Want to see him back in the office like What do you actually believe about those Individuals uh one that you don't have One individual right you have different Groups of people who support uh whether It's Trump whether it's any alternative To the left right you're going to have Different buckets of people uh so did Hillary Clinton make a mistake calling Trump supporters deplorables of course Of course that's easy did she mean it The way that it came out yes prob of Course I I don't know easy I don't know I don't know I don't know uh I and I Know this much I know she says no but You don't have to care about her answer Uh but that's politics and that's media Did kellyanne Conway mean what was Ascribed to her when she said Alternative facts no it's not this is Your reality this is my reality uh what Time is it right now that's a fact What's the temperature that's a fact how Many people are on this stage that's a Fact you say the only thing that matters Is what time it is I say it actually Matters more what the temperature is I'm Using an alternative fact to make a

Different argument it's not different Realities that's what she meant did the Media give her the benefit of that hell No why ha her wanted to beat her down Kellyanne's been a friend of mine for Over 30 years so I understand this That's the way it gets played Clinton Made a mistake Clinton made a mistake I Had a very strong feeling that Donald Trump was going to be president of the United States in 2015 and 2016 why the Rallies and the the truth of the Grievance and the Disaffection that he became a proxy for I often not just cuz it's a litera of But I often refer to Trump as an agent Of animus as an agent of grievance that There is a big group of this country That has very legitimate if Different concerns whether it's values Based economic based uh what we're now Calling democracy but is really just About having uh honest Brokers that you Give your power to right to lead you um I often say I just wish you had picked a Better agent uh because the Grievances Are very legitimate and it was a mistake To understate them it was a mistake in Any situation as we both know it is Always a mistake to Discount how Somebody feels when they're in pain or When they're scared or when they're Angry uh the worst thing that you can do As a parent I'm sure well you're you're

Just getting into the the game but Listen to The Ghost of Christmas future For you with with the with the kids when Your kids are upset and you look at them And you say you know you really Shouldn't feel like that you should That's going south immediately works Great with spouses also uh by the way um So in politics you don't blame people For how they feel right my father used To joke and say nobody's ever going to Say to you hey you don't like your taxes Make more money be more valuable to the Economy and you don't have to worry About what you pay as much you're not Getting their vote I promise you that So um I think That the mistake that they made was not Speaking to the people that Trump wound Up Representing instead they just decided To blame them for their feelings and say You you're an idiot to vote for Trump so Instead of talking to me about why I'm Voting for Trump and what worries me You're telling me I'm stupid to feel the Way I feel I'll see at the polls that Was the mistake I would argue they're Still making that mistake last night's Speech was a very low bar as we were Talking before I don't know you know if If you're my opponent if somebody had Asked me if we were in like a debate Setting first of all I wouldn't have

Agreed all right cuz I don't need Another beating uh for for no good Reason and you're going to be much Better at that than I am but I would set A very high bar for Candace Owens I'm Telling you that right now I would be Like you know she better beat me on Every point 10 out of 10 otherwise she's Had a bad night I would not say I hope That she doesn't trip walking up onto The stage and not remember her name uh For the next you you set a low bar like That for the president you're asking for Him to get over it and the bar that was Set was gee I hope Biden doesn't stroke Out during the speech tonight um okay he Didn't stroke out what a great night for The president I mean this is this is Really poison uh for us as a people and You should should always have high Expectations right I mean again forget Politics what do you say with your kid Hey I hope you passed Today you know unless it's a driving Test you're really hoping for a little Bit better than that right but Chris do You do you regret some of the language That you used in talking to Trump Supporters cuz I'm me personally no Because I didn't talk to supporters that Way um again you get blamed for the Outlet you get blamed for who's around You you get blamed for what happens like There's a clip that flies around the

Internet of one of my former Colleagues saying why he didn't want Anybody on the show or on CNN who didn't Feel certain ways about uh vaccination And I am in the split screen listening To him like This which is like my resting face right Which is just like general dyspeptic you Know like I have indigestion and it goes Around as a clip as if that's how I feel Cuz I'm I'm on the screen at that time It's not how I felt it's not what I ever Said uh I never said you're stupid to Vote for Trump I said what I will say Which is I wish you had a better agent For your feelings and for you what you Want to happen um and I feel like that About both choices you're faced with Right now and I am actually uh Encouraged by the fact that better than Two out of three of you don't like your Choices I like that I like that you're Getting it That this system has failed you when Trump and Biden is the best that America Can Do we're not living up to our potential And I think that there are things that Need to change that would make it better What do I Regret and Patrick and I have talked About this the guys and I have talked About this it's really hard to have a Huge uh screw up failure whatever in

Your life and Come Away With It not Saying next time I'll do it differently Because there is never a universe in Which any of my people uh my brother Obviously but the family that I choose In my life that I'm not there for them There is no scenario where that happens And I'm only half as dumb as I look it's Not like I didn't think that my brother Being in trouble wasn't going to get on Me some way um but I would never not be There for him And so I can't say I would do it Differently I just wish that I had been Smarter about understanding how bad it Was going to get for me in terms of how I did the Job you know you'd always like a second Chance that you do you know when you do Things in life um but that's not the way Life works you only try to correct it Going forwards you know at CNN nobody Had people from both sides as much as I Did on my show it's not even a close Call and it's because I've always had The same feeling one these people are Not my enemies okay I had no problem Walking into his house with this failan Of uh you know capable Knights that he Has here and when people heard that I Was going on his podcast the first time They were like boy you really do hate Yourself huh this is uh this is this is The beat and I was like this is going to

Be fine these guys don't know me and They don't know what I'm about and They're judging me by being CNN which I Don't think is fair about the outlet but Certainly is not fair about me so do I Wish I had said more early on you know This guy's going to win by the way this Guy's going to win I've never seen People behind someone like this before I've never been to rallies like that Before for anyone Obama didn't even have Rallies like that um yeah but it's easy To feel confident about it after it Happened you know um but we're not you Know my business doesn't work where when You say something I say Candace uh that's not the right way to Put it the way you just put it that's Not the way the media works you don't do That to your own um when you broadcast Now you can say you don't like that you Do like that but you can search all day Long and he's got great people who do it You're not going to find me saying People who vote for Trump are bad people Uh that they're deplorables that they're Stupid that you're stupid to feel this Way uh that you're wrong to care about What to be to your kids I want to make Sure it's very clear so everybody Understands it after last time you were On the podcast the world now knows You're voting for Trump I% listen I

Because when and and there's a better Chance of me eating my own hand by the Way I just want you to know so so here's A question I got for you I want to Follow up with this cuz you and I I Think it's important to kind of see how You respond to this when I asked the Question from your last time when you Were here you were you were like I said So based on what you're saying it sounds Like you're open to the idea and you Were like well open yes and you kind of Left it open right yeah then within 2 Hours you're trending on Twitter and You're like what the hell just happened Here and the trending topic was Cuomo is Voting for Trump yes so then all your Friends came after you saying how so it Was a wonderful tell us about that day And what's changed since did the mob get You to go back to Biden so what what Happened with that uh the power people That called you did they bully you what Happened to this wasn't first of all Nobody bulled me this it was a nice here We'll protect if they do I need it it Was an I need the protection from the Lawsuits that result when I protect Myself um it was a nice exercise in What's wrong okay um and look you've Been in the you've been in the same Position uh here's what happened it is Not my job to tell you who to vote for I've never done that um it's really not

My job to tell you who I would vote for Although you know what I've been Reconsidering what transparency in the Media really means and what should be Involved and involved with it people Probably should uh see I told you he Fact checks you in like real time no no Siri doesn't believe you so I know it's Like Siri he's got chat GPT on my hand You know it's like everybody's but here Here's what happened thank you very much Here's what happened I don't tell you Who to vote for I shouldn't should you Be open to voting for Trump of course Figure out what is in your bet be Selfish What is best for you for your family for Your community for what you care about That's it don't think party the party is Not there for you you don't even know What the part's about I say it to Democrats too what are you about except The GOP is evil you've allowed this to Become a reductive Battle of where it's Does he have dementia is this guy really Demented so it's madman or dead man That's your choice and you're okay with That so be open All voters should be open am I open no I'm not as open as you why because I Have my own feelings for me and my own Judgment and as I said that day next Part of the problem context there is no Context there are only gotes so I said

If the former president is betting on my Vote to get back in he's going to have a Bad day that part doesn't get picked up Why not helpful to the media who want to Frame me as a changed man because I've Gone bad on the media because what Happened to my brother it's all Bs but It works and so they attacked me they Attacked me for coming on here they're Going to crush me for sitting down and Having a conversation with Tucker Carlson and that is all part of the Problem the problem is this morning I'm Talking to people about this about you You did very well in the analysis by the Way I had to keep asking different People how do you feel about Candace Owen I couldn't I was looking for some You know some ammo I got none and they Would say you know I don't have a lot of Conversations about this because you Know people are so Divided that's the problem Vinnie and I Were just talking about it we used to Have conversations about this all the Time you didn't think that I was a bad Person if I said that I owned a gun Unless I said I was going to take it and Come to your house cuz I was mad at you Then you had a problem with me now Somebody's evil because they believe Differently than you I'm telling you That's not a natural inclination that is Been foed upon you by the people in

Power who benefit from the division it Only works for the parties it doesn't Work for you a shrinking electorate Works for the parties it doesn't work For you anger and division works for the Parties it is so much easier for me to Beat Candace by showing that she's wrong Than showing that I'm better what do you Think about what he's saying I Mean I everything he's saying sounds good It's just not the quomo I remember on CNN so I'm always hopeful that people in Retros CNN you don't remember I always Just wish that people in the retrospect Because everybody understands Humanity Everybody understands change everybody Understands that circumstances makes you See things differently you know I Remember CNN and you and your brother Outside of CNN being really harsh on Trump supporters and I don't mind that You've distanced yourself from that in a Bit but I think people would appreciate You know acknowledging that that period Of time definitely did happen and then What I would say is you know you you Guys the network also brought us the me Too movement and then like in the end Your brother got bit by the same bullet That you guys were pretty much throwing At everybody else which is like a woman Makes an allegation it's got to be Accepted a man's life has to be ruined

And so I just I think that people Watching it are are watching right now Are just going to be like dude come on You know but I'm not an apologist from The outlet I only control what I say and You said a lot uh you can't name one Thing that I got I got to be honest Outside of the clips that Circ I was not The number one CNN Watcher but I do know That you're going to live by whatever You're saying right now because if I can Tell you one thing about Trump Supporters they're good on finding the Clips and putting it side by side they Were going to have you in 2016 saying Something and then they're going to have You right here saying I've never said That you can do it but just if you you Got to be right about you can ever look Backwards and say I have no regrets Nothing could change I was Great I just question your sincerity Because I I I have regrets and changes About every chapter of my life and so to Hear you say that you have none but That's not what I said which is of Course a lot of words to say I never Said anything on the network I'm things Are being attributed to me that I never Did that's pretty much what your answer Was but that's also the truth I don't I Don't like I said the Trump supporters Are fast before we get up from this Table they're going to I have something

You said next to you saying that I'm Selling you that's why I always try to Be honest the the better chances the Better chances and again I'm not new to This okay and I understand the game and Sometimes it's entertaining sometimes It's uh ruinous to getting anywhere that Could be deemed progress but that's not Really the point the point is to get Paid the point is to get a following the Point is to stoke answer uh Ang And I don't think Trump voters are a Monolith I think they're being forced to Be a monolith I live in a county that's Trumpy in a village that's trumpy I'm a Fisherman and I'm a fighter and most of The guys that I'm with are Trump Supporters okay so I understand it I Understand it and I don't believe in the Color of the collar uh I believe in Where people's values are doesn't matter If you wear a tie or you wear a overalls Uh a set of overalls it's about what's In your head and what's in your heart You can find whatever you want but What's going to happen most likely is That you're going to take a clip that Somebody put together for you online That is manipulated and it will suit an Agenda and you will go with it and You'll play gotcha and I just don't you Do it knock yourself out I just don't Think it gets you to a better place okay If you have no regrets and you think

That your always have regrets I always Have the exact opposite no I'm saying This I don't have any regrets about Helping my brother I don't know what I Would have done different About terms my network and and you know I don't control what a network does I Don't control what new network your time At the network I said in answer to the Question do I wish I had said things Differently that would have been more Reflective of a reality I saw coming yes But I wasn't in the business of Demonizing people for voting one person Or another I will never apologize for Pointing out when a politician or a Person in power goes out of their way to Not tell the truth to divide and to Manipulate the answer is yeah but you Got to do it to both sides yes you're Right you have to do it to both sides But it doesn't mean that it's coming at You the same way from both sides what Hillary said about the Trump people was Stupid for her to say and she really Paid a price for it but to say that Everything is equal that's a false Parody and it doesn't help people so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right Here

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