@marktilbury’s Biggest Lesson’s in Entrepreneurship #shorts

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What's the worst that can happen when You're 20. you lose what you have you're 20. you've got all your life ahead of You to restart something else I mean how Exciting is that I always knew at 16 When I left school I wanted to be Self-employed I'd done loads of Different side hustles I've always liked Finding ways of making money School Teaches you to go out and find a job to Earn money but it doesn't teach you what To do with that once you've got it in This conversation we talk a lot about Business how to build a physical Business how to build an online business What it really means to think like an Entrepreneur and the skills needed to Survive in the world of business and how To make this thing that we call passive Income everyone who's young has got time To make money I don't think people are Aware of how much time they have I'm Probably going to shock you here with Something

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