Max Fosh’s Advice For Aspiring Creators #shorts

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Any advice you'd give to aspiring Creators get good at making videos which Is that you think is like be good at it Because I think often people are so Determined to find hacks and cheats Can you provide value through a video to Somebody are you making them laugh are You educating them are you entertaining Them if you're answering to that Question yes then great and the best way To do that is by making videos I don't Agree that YouTube is too saturated and That you can't start a YouTube career Now that's absolutely rubbish there are People now with 10 subscribers who will Have 10 million subscribers in three Years time we've got a framework that we Have for our YouTube course stuff which Is level one is get going level two is Get good level threes get smart yeah and Get smart is where you worry about your Niche and stuff yeah and get good at Making a video Once you once you can do That once a week then or whatever Consistency you want at that point let's Talk about your nation and retention Tactics and all of that crap that what Thumbnail you're gonna use Foreign

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