“Men Need To Be Tougher!” – Patrick Bet David On Why People Need a Tough Personality In Their Lives

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There's no question many to be tougher There's no question men need a tough Personality in their lives for example a Coach that kicks you could replace a Drill sergeant a father that challenges You to do certain things that doesn't Make any sense that give me a break why Do I need to do this it doesn't matter Like for me with my kids the moment you Turn six years old into David family You're required to read 20 pages every Day that includes Sundays Christmas Holidays it doesn't matter my biggest Complaint last week I had with my the The parent-teacher conference that we do With our kids my oldest son Patrick he's 10 years old right now I said so what what things can we work On with my son and the teachers that Have one challenge with your son if you Can help me out with this I said what's That I can't get your son to stop Reading amazing and he doesn't pay Attention to me and I said I'm sorry Mom I can't help you with that I'm not going To tell my kid to stop reading half the Battle is getting your kids to read [Music]

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