Men vs Women In Therapy 👫 #shorts

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There's actually a bit of a gender Pattern which I think men really Struggle to know what they feel and how They feel and if they can identify Anything into anger but but anger is a Superficial emotion it's almost like a Secular emotion it'll be a masking a Deeper hurt and then we'll explore with Courage and with openness and with Vulnerability safely what is underneath That there will be hurt there that you Mind trying to protect you from and it's Easier to feel anger anger is very Empowering whereas hurt is very opening Or with often with females they know how They feel or they're not sharing it They're not truly sharing how they feel To the person they love or sharing truly What they're experiencing at work and It's holding them back and eventually Though we reach a point where we're Thinking we're sickness we can't Continue anymore because the pain of not Connecting to our truth and expressing Our Truth is too much Foreign

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