“Message To Hezbollah” – Israel Sends Message To Iran, Kills Top General In Syria Airstrike

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss the Israeli airstrike on Syria that killed a top Iranian general.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Iran's revolutionary guards say seven Officers have been killed in an Israeli Strike on the Iranian consulate building In Syria's Capital Damascus um brick General Brigadier General Muhammad razah Zahedi a senior commander of the elite KS force uh and brick General uh Muhammad Hadi rahimi his Deputy Were named amongst the dead Iran and Syria's governments condemned the attack Which destroyed a building next door to The Iranian Embassy the Israel military said it did Not comment on foreign media reports However it has acknowledged carrying out Hundreds of strikes in recent years on Targets in Syria that it says are linked To Iran and Allied armed groups which Are armed funded and trained by the Revolutionary guards Chris what do what Do you what do you see with the story Here Israel did it um it puts America in A weird situation there is a chance that Israel did this with the United States Understanding uh America has been uh Very impotent where Iran is involved Iran is the head of the snake Iran is Involved in about every terroristic and Anti-American activity in that region And elsewhere uh Israel is sending a Message that you don't tell us what to Do now this may not be as big a deal as I would was making it last night because I believe the United States knew that

This was going to happen and they are at Least tacitly okay with it why because We don't have the political will to go After a run right now the American People don't want it they're they're Afraid it never works out in their Interest as far as they're concerned and I don't know that they're wrong but this Is absolutely going to ramp it up Because now all of their proxies and We're seeing it already they got hit in Galilee Hezbollah is launching ing more Rockets you have an Iraq uh militia that Is Iran sponsored is now hitting them From the West it's going to ramp up and The idea that this was going to go away It's not going to go away it's only Going to expand we've gone past the Tipping Point of this being able to end Easily and by the way with all this Noise the one word we're not hearing is The word that should matter most to Everyone listening to your podcast the Hostages MH when do the hostages matter Everything else matters more now we're In the Iran mode meanwhile these people Are rotting they're being abused they're Being assaulted why don't they come home First why isn't that the first thing Hamas you want us to treat you fairly in Any way give them back now oh no we'd be Losing our leverage you took them give Them back that should be the sole focus Of the American negotiation and it isn't

It boggles my mind but they did this I Think they did this with us Understanding and it's going to expand The footprint of this and it's going to Get uglier before it gets anything other Than that I I completely agree with that And there's you have to understand in US Foreign policy how we communicate Sometimes sometimes we communicate with Aid 48 hours before this happened the US Approved giving f35s to Israel along With 3.8 um million billion dollars of Advanced advanced guidance bombs why say That publicly we do that in the evenings Without the world know about it every Tuesday why say it now we're sending a Message to Syria and others hey we are Now sending advanced stuff very Advanced This isn't f-15s this isn't f-16s this Isn't the the you know the the when you Hear those those numbers those are Planes of around 25 years that are still You know you know Heroes of the sky the F35 is a very Advanced aircraft that Went with $3.8 billion to Israel we're Sending a message to people around there This was a proxy hit we knew about it we Knew it crossed the line when you go on The other soil and you cross the Sovereign lines it's very symbolic and It's and it brings in Israel was acting Almost as a us procy because we want Hezbollah and those know in Syria listen Dudes you know don't cross over here

There's messages being sent to Hezbollah In many ways don't get in and the way We're doing it is we allow Israel to Cross the line make a big hit not a Rocket not a defense Miss not Iron Dome Landing Rockets over the Border make a Hit and we say and by the way we're Sending them Advanced Weaponry very Advanced Weaponry huge so so how so let Me ask you guys a question though so Obviously the North Korea threat is kind Of there we have the China Threat all The time Russia is always going to be a Threat how cuz now if if they're bombing This guy in Syria how much longer till They actually extend and they actually Do attacks we're not doing anything in In Iran have we has Israel and with Kahutu thus bombed anything in irania How close are we to that happening Officially is Israel has made it very Clear that they will hit anywhere at any Time where there's an existential threat I do not think they would hesitate to Hit anything that was Iran backed Specifically or owned uh and they would Hit inside Iran true remember they have A very different mentality than we do You know there is no substitute for Existential threat we've lived it once In our lifetime 9/11 was perceived as an Existential threat to at least the American way of life if not to America's Sovereignty and it was nothing compared

To what Israel is dealing with and I Don't have to tell you guys you served You know what we did in response to that Situation yeah so Israel believes and How do we know this the Israeli people Yahoo is seen as a malactor right now He's a bad guy right he's got to go the Policy is not going to change if he's Gone Visa Hamas no way the war doesn't I Mean you know Adam whatever you think About this tell me but I'm not saying That uh Netanyahu is not making it worse But even if you get a new person in There who's a lefty let's say they're Not going to just back out of Gaza nope Uh they're not just going to let Hamas Continue to attack them and now you got Hezbollah doing it they're very Different than us and we are desperate For division in this country right now We're addicted to grievance they are Fingers that become a fist I don't know What would make us become a fist to be Honest and that's sad um they're going To keep doing this and no one's going to Tell them not to oh yeah well we'll pull The aid I don't think so yeah um whether It's BB net nahu whether it's Benny guns Whether it's n t Bennett whoever's Coming in is going to keep the exact Same strategy that is happening right Now everyone's calling for the ceasefire I get it there's just one thing that Needs to happen before the ceasefire uh

The hostages people forget about that so In order for us to stop trying to win This war we need to get our hostages Back and you know I make light of this But they're literally negotiating with Terrorists okay so good luck with that Here's what I'll tell you you know People make the um metaphor it's like What happens if Mexico or Canada was uh You know dropping bombs United States What would we do it's it's actually a Little bit more specific like that Israel is basically like Washington DC And all around them whether it's Maryland Virginia South Carolina North Carolina Jersey Delaware New York There's countries that are trying to Kill them and New York the biggest bad Boy in the region is Iran now pbd can Speak to this for the rest of his life He knows this more than anyone how how Do they say it every H mad how do they Say it mad I can't sorry my my uh my um Farsy is not what it used to be but They're calling for the death of Israel They're calling for the death of Jews They're calling for the death of Americans this isn't rhetoric this is Policy so if you're Israel um you care About one thing and one thing only the Preservation of your country and your People and you'll do anything to Basically keep them alive so if it has To doing with taking a preemptive attack

On Iran in Syria we've done it before With solomani they'll continue to do it And they'll give zero apologies and they Unlike America are willing to stomach What comes with this especially when it Comes to nuclear situations it's more Complicated now with Gaza it's a far More complicated situation for people That know their history this is in Israel's DNA and if you go back and and Read about a historical event that was Called the raid on inbi this is when Israel went and rescued a bunch of their Own citizens on a hijacked air craft and It was very Surgical and precise Unfortunately in the world in which we Live with tunnels and everything around Gaza you cannot you know do it that way And you you wish it would because it Ends up being um you know the mess that It is right now and it's just it's That's horrifying but it's in their DNA To say I'm going to get my people back And I'm going to go take care of this Pbd can I ask you a question yeah as Someone who served in the military this Is genuine genuine question you know the The narrative around Iran on in the cuds Force and everything is they're great at Little attacks they're great at funding Terrorism you know they're the head of The snake what war have they ever won in The last 40 years what have they Actually ever done and fought for how

Prepared are their troops to go to war Because I can guarantee you this the Israeli military if goes down they Do this day in and day out yeah I mean Listen it's like fighting a guy and you Know he smiles in your face leaves and Does what he does behind your back That's one way of fighting another guy That just you tell him he tells you to His face how he wants to fight you That's another way of fighting it's Direct another guy you fight he sends Four or five guys after you that's Another way to fight another guy he Hacks you makes your life a living kill Makes your Social Security public that's Another way that's a different country There's many things these guys are the Ultimate proxies on how many different Militaries they build to piss people off And at the same time you know they they You can't underestimate their uh uh Their size and what they have right now And their backing on who's with them They have the right people backing them Up and unfortunately yeah they got the Right people on their side and that you Know when when somebody signs a 25 year $400 billion contract with you and That's China saying we're going to Invest $400 billion in Iran for the next 25 years you've read this story you've Seen the story they got the right people Backing them up so you're almost feeling

Like protected you know the kid that Goes into a bar and he like yeah what's Up like I had a sergeant he was a small Guy 56130 you met him before he was on a Podcast once and every time we go to a Pool hall he'd be like yo what's up you Want to do and he would hustle people For money oh really and is he going to Do something to me you know who's my Friend that guy right there go do Something do something and then guys are Like and then I'm like Felix I'm not Going to P to get into another fight but I know if I'm going with Felix he's Going to hustle people cuz he was the Best player under nasty he was a nasty Player like professional he knows how to Play so Iran is a little bit of that and A little bit of you know deceptive dark Way of competing and fighting but by the Way they're also not somebody you want To I don't know it's not Israel has to Keep their reputation going the way they Are they're the types that's going to Say if we're going to do something we're Going to do they're doing it they're Keeping their War to their people I Don't think that's going to slow down Let's go to amount of traffic we're Getting right now with man is Unbelievable yesterday I can't even tell You how many mans came through yesterday For me great conversations people Booking 15-minute calls Tom is about to

Cross 2,000 manets okay he'll be the First person to have 2,000 paid man uh Uh there I know Chris uh is probably one Of the fastest to respond on man I think He's a 24hour guy at 100% responds back To answer so if you have any questions Today if you disagree with me or agree With Tom or Vinnie or Adam or Kom these Are their QR codes ask him any question You want on man there's a 95% chance you Get a respond back on Instagram you get Respond backs 5% on LinkedIn 5% on Twitter less than 10% on man there's a 90 to a 95% chance they're going to get Back to you so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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