Message to Trudeau From Iran | With Masih Alinejad

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Masih Alinejad have a message for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, the time to stand for Iranian freedom is now.

Masih Alinjead is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and women’s rights activist. Alinejad is an outspoken critic of the Iranian government’s human rights abuses and its treatment of women and political opponents. She is the founder of the My Stealthy Freedom campaign against compulsory hijab which since its launch in 2014 has become the largest civil disobedience campaign for women’s rights in the history of Islamic Republic. Alinejad currently lives in exile in New York City under FBI protection since a coordinated kidnapping attempt by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry was foiled in 2021.

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We need your action We have common enemy common virus Islamic Republic we can cure the person Use the word We want Canada to understand that they Have to ask for the release of all those Women who protested peacefully against Compulsory hijab as soon as possible Because they want to be heard so this is Our demand and this is 21st century do Not call compulsory a job part of our Culture because calling it this Community a law part of our culture this Is an insult to a nation do not say that That causeslamophobia we don't want to Touch the issue Because the law which lashes us which Arrests us which kick us from our own Country that causes llamophobia not the Women who are fighting against Oppressive and the discriminatory laws And do not say that this is an internal Matter we don't want to get involved Well what would you what would you like More in more detail what would you like Western leaders to do in relationship to The ongoing events in Iran what do you Think would be most helpful as far as You're concerned so if I could sit down And talk to my prime minister Justin Trudeau which has about as much chance Of happening as a snowball lasting on The Sun by the way Um what do you think it is that he

Should be doing that would actually be Helpful to the women and men in Iran who Are trying to fight against this Fundamentalist tyranny simple demand I Call on Justin Trudeau to put the Revolutionary guards On the terrorist list look three years Ago I was in Canadian Parliament I was actually begging the policy makers To put revolutionary guards in the Terrorist list to sanction revolutionary Guards and to sanction all the Oppressors three years ago what happened I was ignored I was actually under attack by Some of the Islamic Republic apologists In Canada And they're calling themselves activists Human rights activists but they were Echoing the voice of the Iranian regime And attacking me bullying me why because I asked Justin Trudeau to actually Sanction revolutionary guards what Happened by ignoring our demand the same Revolutionary guard shot down the Ukrainian airplane and killed 176 innocent Iranian and Canadian People so our prime minister is Hypothetically a progressive sort of Person and is hypothetically on the side Of women and so how do you account for The fact that despite your attendance at The Canadian Parliament and your request For support that you never got it how do

You explain that it breaks my heart it Breaks my heart but as you actually got To know me during this interview I'm not That kind of person to give up my fight I'm not that kind of person to give up Uh having hope to convince the leaders Of democratic countries that this is Your turn now you have to Um recognize Iran's Revolution and call Your allies get United kick out the Islamic Republic diplomats recall the Islamic recall your ambassadors from Iran And publicly announced that the nuclear Deal is dead is dead because you cannot Condemn The Killers the murderers but at The same time trying to negotiate with Them sending billions of dollars to the Same murder yes can we talk a little bit About the nuclear deal is is that a Reasonable place to go I I think there's Nothing nothing else to add the nuclear Deal is already dead but what we want we Want the US government and its allies Clearly and publicly announced that Because this is the only thing can help The Islamic Republic to survive You know Islamic Republic always put the Blame on us saying that Um you know um this revolution the new Revolution is being supported by Western Government but believe me for its own Survival the Islamic Republic is begging Uh for support to get support from the

Western countries we don't actually ask For much help from the leaders of Democratic countries what we want is Just we want them to stick with their Own values That's all and not save the Islamic Republic while the Iranian people Managed to shake this regime don't go And shake the hand of the same regime That's all we want because we believe That the Islamic Republic is a threat For the region and for the Democratic Countries as well And if the Western countries looking for Its stability in the region they cannot Go and negotiate with one of the most Honestable regime they have to recognize The Civil Society they have to recognize This modern Progressive Revolution and They have to stick with the people of Iran we are Better allies than the Islamic Republic For the Western countries Right right right so do you believe that The revolutionary Spirit that's now Manifesting itself in Iran is that Growing or are the mullahs successfully Repressing it because it looks like a Pretty it doesn't look to me like it's Spreading exponentially you know I can't Tell and that's part of the reason why I Wanted to talk to you today I mean the Mullers have a lot of control and they Have a lot of power and authority on

Their side and so what's the situation On the ground and around how widespread Are the protests what percentage of the Population is taking part Um I mean the Chinese successfully have Clamped down on their people time and Time again and maintain their terrible Totalitarian regime and so What I don't understand the balance of Power in Iran at the moment do you think That the protesters have any chance here Or are they just going to get shut down I strongly believe that this time the Protesters are going to win the battle Because look first of all the level of The brutality is very high I mean people Are facing executions but it's still Still every single person get killed Um people get back to the street and Turn his or her funeral like a massive Protest against the same regime but Don't forget that Um they have money And they can actually Um you know buy some of the people to uh To to shut down the protest and to Oppress the the the protesters but at The same times the more that the Iranian Regime killed the more that the Iranian People get determined to overthrow this Barbaric regime for me and millions of Other people this time is different this Time is different because Uh this time maybe it's uh like not 2009

Demonstrations in 2009 it was mostly About election Um it's not like 2019 demonstrations Because it was mostly about economic This time is mixed People who believe that Um you know this regime is is against Every minority it's against uh men women LGBT community environment uh it's about It's against Um Baha'i Jewish people Kurds Turk baluch They're all got United but for years and Years the Iranian regime was sucked like Successfully could execute Kurds then People were like okay we are not Kurds We are not going to get involved right They were successfully executing Jewish People Baha'i minority Arabs Turks but Now immediately when they killed maso Amini people were like we're all Masa We're all United people didn't say that We are not women so we're not gonna get Involved with that so this time is Different because they we see a sense of Unity among Iranians inside and outside This time is unique Because we see a sense of unity among Iranians and non-iranians outside Iran You see that you know finally Um people Are supposed celebrities are echoing the Voice of Iranian people And this is the first time in our

History that we see Iranian well-known Athletes Quitting their jobs and supporting Iranian Uprising this is the first time That we see Iranian well-known actress Saying that we don't want to be part of The propaganda tool They're removing their hijab and they're Saying we want to be part of this Uprising So that makes it different right so you So you're making the case that this this Series of protests this revolutionary Movement in some sense is more Fundamental and also more united it's Not about economics only it's not about The political situation and Corruption It's about the fundamentally Totalitarian nature of the state and the Fact that it's oppressing people so Broadly that everyone can be United in Their opposition to that oppression Exactly so you see it as striking at the Heart of the totalitarian state exactly And as I told you this is the first time In the history that people are united in A beautiful way and it actually Empowered many people in autocracy like Chinese people when they took to the Streets they were actually showing their Support to to Iranian people using the Same slogan woman life Freedom people in Afghanistan they got empowered by the Slogan of Iranian people so clearly

This Uprising is encouraging uh everyone To be part of it you know it's beautiful It's very Progressive it's very Beautiful that you see mothers and Fathers immediately when they lose their Beloved one they take to the street and Saying that this revolution needs blood And our beloved one you know I mean I Get goosebumps it's not easy for parents To say that it is not easy I'm a mother I cannot even Imagine losing my son when I see that Brave mothers for justice in Iran Immediately when they lose their son They get a picture of their beloved one And they write the leading the Revolution and saying that this Revolution needs a blood and my beloved On sacrifice her life his life to free Iran This is a revolution the revolution Happened inside the heart of Iranian People you know it's very very Um powerful that you see people know That this is not free But they are ready to pay the price These are like you know to me it's like Um I'm walking in the history you know in The history you see about you read about Heroes But now we actually Um see the real heroes in the streets of

Iran saying that freedom is not free but We are ready to pay the price to get rid Of the Islamic Republic

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