Military Expert Predicts Ukraine’s Inevitable Downfall: “They Have No Chance

In this compelling blog post, we dive into the expert predictions made by a military specialist regarding Ukraine’s future and the potential challenges it may face. With remarkable insights and extensive knowledge, this expert argues that Ukraine’s downfall is inevitable, citing crucial factors that contribute to their insurmountable challenges. Join us as we explore the expert analysis and gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play.

Military Expert Predicts Ukraine’s Inevitable Downfall: “They Have No Chance”


In recent geopolitical discussions, Col. Douglas MacGregor, a prominent military expert, grimly predicts Ukraine’s unavoidable fate. According to him, the country is on an ominous path leading to an inevitable downfall. In this article, we will delve deeper into Col. MacGregor’s reasoning as he highlights President Putin’s objectives, the Russian strategy, and the lack of willingness to negotiate from Washington. We will also explore the Ukrainians’ desperate attempts to seek assistance, Putin’s miscalculations, and the subsequent implications of his actions.

Col. Douglas MacGregor discusses why he predicts Ukraine is doomed

Col. MacGregor, an esteemed military expert, sheds light on the grim future he envisions for Ukraine. He draws attention to Russia’s intentions and accentuates the fact that they hold significant power and influence over Ukrainian affairs. According to Col. MacGregor, Ukraine’s chances of overcoming these challenges are virtually nonexistent.

President Putin’s objectives in Ukraine: opposition to NATO movement, concern about NATO naval base in Crimea

One of the primary reasons for Russia’s interest in Ukraine is its opposition to NATO’s movement. President Putin is resolute in his stance against NATO gaining a foothold near Russian borders. Additionally, Russia’s naval base in Crimea is a key concern for Putin, prompting him to take assertive measures to protect this significant strategic asset.

Installation of a government in Kiev that would do whatever Washington wanted

Russia’s strategy involves ensuring that the government in Kiev aligns with their interests. They seek to install a friendly administration that would comply with whatever Washington desires. By doing so, Russia can maintain control over Ukrainian affairs and prevent any actions that may threaten their regional dominance.

Russian strategy: demilitarize Ukraine, avoid collateral damage, consolidate control over territory with Russian population and resources

Russian strategy is multifaceted, with the ultimate goals being demilitarizing Ukraine, minimizing collateral damage, and consolidating control over territories with significant Russian populations and valuable resources. By achieving these objectives, Russia aims to establish influence and secure its strategic interests in the region.

Lack of willingness to negotiate from Washington, desire to bleed and ultimately remove Putin’s regime

The lack of willingness to negotiate from Washington has become a significant impediment to finding a resolution to the conflict. Instead, there appears to be a desire to bleed and ultimately remove Putin’s regime. This aggressive approach has further escalated tensions, diminishing the chances of successful negotiations and increasing the likelihood of a dire outcome for Ukraine.

Ukrainians have expended virtually everything, discussing joint Polish-Lithuanian intervention

Ukrainians, in their plight to protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity, have expended virtually every resource available to them. With limited options remaining, there have been discussions surrounding potential joint intervention with Poland and Lithuania. However, the implementation of such a plan remains uncertain and fraught with challenges.

Putin’s miscalculation in underestimating the West and their opposition to Russia

Putin’s miscalculations played a significant role in the current state of affairs. In his initial desire to collaborate with the West, he underestimated their opposition to Russia’s maneuvers in Ukraine. This has further exacerbated the tensions and complicated any potential resolutions.

Putin’s initial desire to work with the West, but criticism within Russia for taking that stance

Despite his initial intentions to work with the West, Putin faced severe criticism within Russia for seemingly taking a collaborative stance. This criticism influenced his subsequent actions, leading to a more assertive approach in Ukraine and perpetuating the adversarial relationship between Russia and the West.


Inevitably, the future of Ukraine seems bleak, as highlighted by Col. Douglas MacGregor’s insightful analysis. President Putin’s objectives, the Russian strategy, the lack of willingness to negotiate from Washington, and Ukraine’s dwindling options collectively contribute to the certainty of its downfall. As the situation unfolds, all eyes remain fixed on the region, hoping for a breakthrough that may prevent Ukraine’s seemingly inevitable fate.


  1. Q: What is Col. Douglas MacGregor’s prediction for Ukraine?

    • A: Col. MacGregor predicts Ukraine’s inevitable downfall.
  2. Q: What are President Putin’s objectives in Ukraine?

    • A: President Putin opposes NATO movement and is concerned about the NATO naval base in Crimea.
  3. Q: What is Russia’s strategy in Ukraine?

    • A: Russia aims to demilitarize Ukraine, avoid collateral damage, and consolidate control over territories with Russian population and resources.
  4. Q: Why is there a lack of willingness to negotiate from Washington?

    • A: Washington desires to bleed and ultimately remove Putin’s regime, leading to a lack of willingness to negotiate.
  5. Q: What are the Ukrainians’ options?

    • A: The Ukrainians have exhausted nearly all their resources and are considering a potential joint intervention with Poland and Lithuania.
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