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How are you thinking about short form Content like shorts and reels and tick Tocks and I know you've got the MKBHD Shorts Channel where some of the stuff On that has been cool but for example if Again if you wanted to you could 10x Your output on short short form content To think and you could be thinking hey Tick Tock is where all the kids are at Let's just bang out the content on Tick Tock but it seems like you're not going Down that approach so yeah how do you How do you think about tick tocky type Content yeah okay so that last point you Made is really very close to how I think About it is like the the demographics of Our audience so again uh I'm 28 a lot of My audience is right from about 14 to 35 let's say just like 15 years Less to maybe 15 years older just Somewhere on there and endlessly Probably undefeated with creators what I'll see is as they get older their Younger audience that was closer to Their previous age becomes less Interested and I guess their older Audience becomes more interested so when I see Tick Tock I'm like that's where The youngest parts of my audience will Inevitably be if I want to talk to those People and anyone using tiktok that Doesn't mean you're a child that just Means like that's the average of what a Tick tock scroller is doing if I want to

Reach that younger audience I guess I Should be on Tick Tock but is that my Goal or am I really just concerned with Reaching the same people who are making A purchase decision who who have some Disposable income who have a choice to Make about what piece of tech to buy and Maybe the age of those people isn't Going to change I mean it's cool to get Kids into Tech I still think I that's Awesome and I think there is probably a Cool way that we can make short form Content that is interesting to younger Audiences and maybe that's a net Positive because we can get people Interested in Tech and that's cool but I Think the Target demographic is actually The same age as it's always been whether It's shorts or longer videos or podcasts Or anything like that Hmm so it sounds like you don't feel That pressure of like I've spoken to a Bunch of other creators who and myself Included who sort of feel that pressure Of ah crap Tick Tock is where where all The new people are everyone shows that Like maybe YouTube is on the decline am I gonna stay relevant by uh am I going To try and force myself to stay relevant By kind of adapting and becoming a tick Tocker as well yeah okay so that's a Different question so relevant if my Goal was just to be famous which I don't Want then I would be all in on Tick Tock

Right but here's a different way of Thinking about it when I'm going to Search for the new iPhone comes out Where do I go look for that video I go To youtube.com and I type in the YouTube Search box that is where I want to live For those people who are searching for That information if that answer ever Changes if it's like the new phone came Out let me go into Tick Tock and see What people are saying about the phone Then I guess that is when I'll feel that Pressure but I think for the people who Feel the pressure to be relevant or the Pressure for the eyeballs or the fame or Something like that then you'll feel the Pressure because Tick Tock is 100 Accomplishing that now the most viewed Piece of content I have ever made in 15 Years is a 12 second Tick Tock of me Unfolding the LG wing it has 35 million Views if I wanted the eyeballs I would Be all over Tick Tock but I think it's Different it's just that people Searching for things the people making Purchase decisions I'm trying to make Valuable content for them and so that's Still YouTube so that's why I'm thinking Of it I'm just out of out of curiosity If you were to look at your analytics do You find that most of your growth comes From search or is it mostly through like Home page suggested the browsy type Features growth interestingly comes from

The browse and suggested but I still Feel that like slightly intangible like Section of it's almost like time based When I when you look at the comment Section of a video like the first three To four or five hours of people Commenting on video are not people who Came from search there are people who Subscribed who found it with browse then Like a week or two later there's people Who are searching on the subject and Then and watching the video and then Commenting and that's a whole new Separate crowd that might not be the YouTube growth you're after but you can Still see the value in that so we sort Of optimize the content for both of Those groups of people but they're very Different times So do you then change titles like you Wouldn't believe this phone versus a Google pixel 6A review and I kind of Know the answer to this because I I Don't see you doing those sort of browse Type clickbaity type titles particularly Yeah I I see those titles and it comes Down to again like what what I want to Watch what would I click on what would I Want to subscribe to and sometimes I do See this title on thumbnail which is Just like because you know you're you're Doing the analytics you're like oh I Have to have a face and a thumbnail I'm Gonna have a sort of a clickbaity

Blurred out object you wouldn't believe This oh check it out I I don't click Those I don't watch those videos if I Was thinking wow every time I click one Of those I am very happy with what I Watched then I would probably explore Formatting my content like that but I Think if you just name it what it is Can't lose right that's it you're gonna Get what you came for yeah there's no Way you're let down I told you exactly What you were getting into we we play With like the the post text formatting a Little bit sometimes play with a little Pun at the end of the title but you know What you're getting hey friends thank You so much for watching if you enjoyed This clip then click here for the full Unedited episode and if you like that Then do please consider subscribing to The channel it means a lot thank you so Much and have a great day bye

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