MKBHD: The Goal Behind His YouTube Videos

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The overarching goal behind everything Just to to keep in the back of my head For all this stuff is we want to make What we want to watch And that actually it translates pretty Well towards like the entire business And if you keep that in the back of your Head towards any part of what we do it Makes a lot of sense so when we consider Like what videos we're going to make It's what what would we want to watch What we what would we it's like a tongue Twister what would we want to subscribe To that's the type of Channel we're Trying to build and then as far as Revenue like we are in a position where The AdSense on the videos makes a good Amount and so we do very very carefully Hand select like we're extremely picky About when we work with sponsors because They all we also want them to make a lot Of sense you're right we could decide to Make a sponsor the amount of no's I say In my inbox like we could make a Sponsored video every single video for The rest of time and and that would be a Very different Channel you wouldn't want To subscribe to that channel but we Could do it if we wanted to make a lot Of money Um but yeah there are some sponsors Where it's it's a win-win for everyone We see that it's a cool product and we Want to share it anyway and now it's

Worth working with them and the whole Thing works out great so yeah we we do Have goals as far as expansion and and Building not just a team but uh I sort Of have like this dream video studio in Mind on the horizon and that's not going To be cheap so we got to get there Somehow But yeah there is a there is very much a Hand-picked very picky element about When we do sponsored stuff and when we Plug stuff just because it's what we'd Want to watch so it sounds like it's Very much sort of craft first and Business second I guess Um and you can correct me if I'm wrong But it sounds like kind of the business Exists for the purpose of the craft Rather than the other way around and I Guess this is something that Casey said Um we're at the North summit in Dubai he Was like a lot of creators make videos To make money but he makes money so that He can make more videos and so the the Making of the videos is just the Instrumental intrinsic joy that he gets From his life would you say the same for You like how do you balance kind of Craft versus business again assuming That there's a there's a spectrum Between the two yeah that's a hundred Percent I had never heard that quote but That's exactly how the way we see it Like if we are sitting here trying to

Think how do we make more money what's The point of making more money if we're Not going to do anything with it the Thing that we do with the money that we Make is turn around and make better Videos so yeah if at any point we are Like I said we we have Ambitions and in Order to reach those goals we do need to Make more money in order to be able to Afford to to attack those goals but it Is very much that making money is in Order to make videos for sure hey Friends thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed this clip then click here For the full unedited episode and if you Like that then do please consider Subscribing to the channel it means a Lot thank you so much and have a great Day bye

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