@mkbhd’s Best Advice For Growing On YouTube #shorts

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Marquez Bradley is one of the biggest And most respected Tech YouTubers in the World I asked him how he scaled his Channel to 16 million subscribers and Here's what he said so their active Personality is like as you start off as A Creator you're a solo Creator there Are all these different things that you Do that you really want to be good at But you you have a main focus so for me It was like I want to review Tech I want To talk about tech but I also have to be A professional cameraman and I have to Be a professional video editor and Lighter and I have to be a professional Inbox manager and and finance an Accounting and taxes and I also have to Do all this other behind the scenes Stuff and audio and and the list goes on And so you feel like an octopus you've Got eight armed they're all doing Different things in order to stay on Track at this point the team we've built Is all of the arms that I've cut off So they're all much better than I am at Holding a camera they're much better Than I am at set design they're much Better than I am at sound design at Still Graphics so the thumbnails are all Better the the sound is all better Everything is better about everything we Make because of the team and that is the Purpose of the team

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