Moralistic Enabling of the Screaming Infant | Andrew Doyle | EP 373

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Andrew Doyle discuss the intentional irrationality of far-left doctrines using religious rhetoric despite the absence of God, their paramount desire to dismantle societal structures, regardless of need or merit, the argument for transcendence inherent in the pursuit of art, and how woke culture stifles genuine expression, forcing dogma in the place of fundamental truths.

Andrew Doyle is a writer, broadcaster and comedian. His latest book is The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World. He is also the author of Free Speech and Why It Matters, and has written two books under the name of his satirical character Titania McGrath – Woke: A Guide to Social Justice and My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism.

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The New Puritans (Book)

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(0:00) Coming up
(0:25) Intro
(1:49) Do “left” and “right” wing mean anything anymore?
(4:27) Activists or caricatures?
(5:49) Left wing authoritarianism
(12:55) Hitler’s temperament, everyone pays
(13:37) The spirit of Cain
(17:21) All the hallmarks of a fundamentalist religion
(20:35) Lens of presuppositions, in the place of God
(25:24) Milton’s Satan, power claims
(28:47) Querying society, emotionality and whim
(35:20) Teaching students to protest, the infantile world
(38:10) Where does the left go too far?
(44:05) Outsourced thinking
(45:20) Dawkins, the aftermath of the death of God
(50:00) Why the “woke” movement appeals to academics
(52:08) Do the arts move us toward a unitary spirit?
(58:54) No great art has come out of the social justice movement
(59:45) Balancing the need to survive with honest expression
(1:04:36) An artist must submit to their muse
(1:05:29) Most people are not great artists, functional hacks
(1:06:26) Sacrificing the ideal, theorists of resentment
(1:10:08) Losing the point of Shakespeare, the power of Macbeth
(1:13:44) The greatest form of tragedy, why the Passion is so impactful
(1:16:11) Harrowing hell, realizing our own malevolence
(1:20:18) The refusal of understanding
(1:24:03) When you bring the margin to the center, the snake that eats its own tail
(1:27:40) Sex reassignment is an affront to the gay community
(1:31:28) Gender ideologies have taken control
(1:34:07) The unnecessary expansion of Pride
(1:35:50) This is a spiritual battle at its core
(1:38:04) Kids pushing back through parody? Identifying as a moon
(1:40:46) This fervor might burn itself out
(1:41:30) The sudden end of COVID panic, the Canadian Freedom Convoy
(1:42:48) Will today’s politicians look back and regret their role?


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