@Mrwhosetheboss On How To Be Confident On Camera #shorts

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What would be your kind of top tips for Someone looking to become more camera Confident it's the scariest thing but You have to just try it almost ready to Receive criticism and then unmask that Criticism into some useful feedback when I first put my face on I knew that there Was going to be some comments there that I wasn't excited to read yeah but I was Like well they'll be usefulness so there Are people like you idiot sit further Away from the camera and if you take Away you idiot that's actually a really Useful piece of feedback and then I did That and then it's like get your Microphone out the frame and I'm like Okay and then I researched where do you Put microphones oh underneath okay great I'll do that and slowly but surely you Start to move towards a quality that You're actually proud of but you've got To accept the fact that to start with it Won't be because you're watching people Who've been doing it for 10 years for Example [Music]

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