Multi-Millionaire On What To Do BEFORE You Start A Business #shorts

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I asked multi-millionaire Daniel Priestley what every entrepreneur should Do before they start their own business And here is what he said it's massively Useful to join someone else's startup Like I would highly recommend that to Absolutely anyone so here's what goes Wrong with a lot of young people they go To careers fairs and all that sort of Stuff it's only big corporates that Exhibit so they end up being funneled Down the big corporate path so when you Join a big corporate you have no idea What the whole business does you have no Idea what everyone else does but when You join a business that's four people Five people six people you know exactly What the whole company does you you Often know the revenue you often know The profit you often know the weekly Activity of the entire team so you get This kind of feeling and experience of What an entire team does and what an Entire business does and I I would Highly recommend anyone who wants to Start a business First do two years working inside Somebody else's small business

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