My Favorite Type of Investment

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He said the most amazing thing to me he Says Pat no matter what you put your Money in with us nothing you're doing Right now in your life is going to make Higher returns than whatever you operate Look what he said whatever you operate Because operating I know how to grow and Scale a business you know how to operate And grow this this didn't go to where it Did by pure luck you have a system Behind it you're a data guy your numbers Get your all that stuff right sooner I Found out I'm an operator that's my game I'm not a guy that's going to build a 17 Billion Auto real estate portfolio That's not my game I'm not a guy that's Going to go out there and you know be The next Bitcoin guy and talking I'm a Maximum you know I'm not that guy yeah I'm an operator I like starting Businesses building businesses you got To take a piece of paper and write out For yourself what excites you what are You very good at and match those two if What excites you matches what you're Very good at that's that's that's Peaking yeah if if what I'm doing I'm an Expert at is this but this excites me as Well as this that matches I'm solid

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