My Kids Made Their First $20 – Lesson For Every Entrepreneur

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David talks about the first time his kids earned $20 and what every entrepreneur can learn from this story.

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So we had a life change in my last one Well my kids I want to share this video You'll actually see them talking about What happened to them I was about to buy A publishing company I'm looking at five Different companies one of the companies I'm looking at they said look before we Talk numbers I said send me some of the Books they send me 13 of them my son Reads every one of these books then all Of a sudden boom he comes up to me the Next day saying I want to go out there And make money I don't want to mess up The story I want you to hear it with all Of us in it then at the end I'll come Back and give you some final thoughts on Why this is important by the way if you Do get value from this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel Here are my kids telling you what Happened last week so this is a chance For me to brag about my kids a little Bit so what'd you guys do today what did You make why is this a historic moment You guys made the first twenty dollars Now why did you make twenty dollars was It my idea it was my idea it was your Idea okay and when did you come up with This idea when I read Thomas soul and I Read a book and I'm like that's a weird Job should get a job or something and Then what did you do right afterwards You took immediate action on your own I Never told you to do anything where did

You go I told them so then you guys went Out in the city Now uh me Dylan answer when in the Community not knocking on doors and what Did you tell people I don't even know What you guys so what'd you guys tell Them basically Hello we're here to help around the House is there anything you need help With and on the first time you guys went Did you make any money no okay so how About today when you went out we won Yesterday twenty dollars and how did you Make twenty dollars not working you did Dog walking all of you you did the most Yes okay so whatever would have happened Without me so the CEO of the company Today is who okay who worked the hardest Today me so who gets out of the twenty Dollars what did I tell you guys what do We do with the 20 of the month it's a Plenty of them but I said to you Whatever you make today I match you Right so this twenty dollars I'm Gonna Keep because we're gonna frame it that You guys made the first money ever we're Gonna call it the PDS and Associates It's a company Patrick Dylan and Senna And Associates I'm gonna match you Twenty dollars which means you guys made Forty dollars Tico you get 15 and then You decided to do what Dylan gets 50 And then some

Seneca stand for Biz death Congratulations to you guys shout out to Hat trick Billy and sales And Ivana words [Music] I promise you I'm proud to trust me You'll know in 20 years okay okay guys Say bye bye All for 20 years you're gonna sit and Gonna love this video so how cool is This video right I mean this is one of My favorite videos because it's my kids Seeing them winning there's two things That I want you to take away from this Video one I was 10 years old when I Realized I will never starve for the Rest of my life because I made my own Money in Germany at a refugee camp at a Local swimming pool and I came home Every day making money making money Making my life this is crazy if I can go Out there and do this I will never Starve but it happened to me Independently without my mom and dad's Family buying from me just like they Just made money without my friends and Family buying from them as a favorite They did it on their own so number one Is learning how to never starve ever Again by making your money number two You're one book away that was probably His 600th book he's read all the other Books he read was biographies this is The first book where he popped up and he

Said I want to go make money I'm like What I don't even know where this came About until he did it afterwards then I Realized there's one book on Thomas Saul Inspired him to go out there and do this So message number one when you learn how To make your own money would I rely on Mommy and daddy you will never starve For the rest of your life number two When you find one book I can go back and Tell you 10 books that I read that were Life-changing in ways I can never Describe you because I had this one Question that it gave me so much Clarity Everything changed in my life whether It's relationship selling leading Investing approach of Life any one of That stuff because a book changed the Way I viewed one thing okay so if you Got value from this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel And I got another video for you to watch It's a video I did titled 20 rules for Young men if you've never seen it before Click here to watch it take everybody Bye Foreign

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