“National Security Threat” – Terrorists Infiltrate U.S. As Border Crisis Rages

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss terrorists infiltrating the United States as the border crisis continues.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Guatemalan illegal migrant accused of Killing veteran cop fre okay is there a Video with this one that you want to Show was there one Rob where he's Walking out all so let me let me let me Go with this and I'm going to come to You okay virgilia agular Mendes a Guatemala migrant has been released After spending 10 months in custody Accused of killing a veteran police Florida cop Sergeant Michael uh kovich The the charges were dismissed by the Seven district State Attorney office Citing agular Menders his incompetence In stay and trial due to language Barriers and concerns about his Intellectual capacity the Arrest I can't believe what I just read Right now the arrest stemmed from an Incident in May of 2023 where Kunovich uh approached agular Mendes Over suspicious Behavior body cam Footage showed a struggle between them With officers eventually retaining Agular Mendes who does not speak English Minutes after the arrest kovich released Suffered a fatal heart attack despite Kovic's cause for death being attributed To natural causes due to several heart Disease concerns arise over the release Amid a perceived migrant crime waves Fueled by illegal border crossing Vinnie Um how many more of these stories are we Going to have to see with them raising

Their middle fingers beating the [ __ ] Out of cops this is a a clear-cut i I Called it the I the title is illegal Migrant crisis I know Pat we always make Fun of it cuz when Australians say but By the way this guy Illegally in the country uh the cop Stopped him because he saw suspicious AC Something was going on by the he had a Knife on him so he gets into a scuffle The cop has a heart attack none of this Happens this moment this incident Doesn't happen if the illegal person Isn't in the country and his lawyer that Scumbag right there is like he they Violated his constitutional right the Constitution it doesn't apply to me for An illegal person that's not even that Didn't even come in into this country Legally and that's that's that's one Thing okay uh I and I called it illegal Migrant so in Chicago I'm just going to Go down the list rob you you don't have To show anything in Chicago okay they're Having an outbreak of measles okay and The city run shelters now they're going To require migrants staying there to get The M MMR vaccine to prevent further Cases this goes to show you that they're They're putting them before us and then Cuz Adam this is the next story if you Don't mind me keep going Pat an illegal Migrant from Lebanon mind you I can There's hundreds of these stories an

Illegal migrant from Lebanon was caught At the border he admitted he's a Hezbollah terrorist hoping to make a Bomb and he was headed for New York do We have video on this uh Rob can you see If you can find video on this going yeah There's his photo there's his photo Right there like I'll say that again Guys the guy was caught this is this is The guy that was caught at the border Okay how by the way how is this not Headline news how is this not the number One story the guy is going going to New York as if we haven't had enough bombs And terrorism and planes in New York Openly by the way give him credit at Least he's an honest and open terrorist He's I'm going to New York to make a Bomb to blow [ __ ] up the find find the Words of yeah and his name has Basel Basel his parents were very creative uh Abadi 22 years old was caught the Border Uh Patrol on March 9th near El Paso Texas while in custody he was asked what He's doing in the US to which he replied And I quote I'm going to try and make a Bomb uh uh say what you want like I said He's he's being uh open and honest like It's only a matter of time it's only a Matter of time the ones that we didn't Get they get together they do their Things and they and they make something Crazy happen and the last thing the Supreme Court yesterday indefinitely

Blocked Texas from enforcing immigration Laws so that's a victory for the Biden Administration and my orc is the Invasion is back on and the left can get In their steady steady flow of votes Drugs and SE sex trafficked children uh The Scot's order state that the Texas Authorities cannot arrest or detain Illegal immigrants until the appal court Rules in the matter this is due to Biden Administration filing emergency appeals Forcing the Border back open which goes Back to the point that you guys were Talking about left and right and what Are we saying this is such a blatant Invasion of what they're trying to do U Elon posted a thing after he talked with Um L man about what these cuz Don L Man's like you don't know what you're Talking about about these illegals Coming in they're not Pat did you see This video can you speed this up Rob is There any way to speed this video up This is who Elon posted this yesterday About all these illegals coming in if You if if you don't mind P play look how Sick this is the Democrat open ERS plan To entrench single party rule explained In under two minutes one flood the Country with Untold millions of illegals By land sea and air from all over the World enough to eclipse the populations Of 36 individual US states so far two Prioritize the needs of these millions

Of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizen with free flights buses Hotels meals and phones ensuring their Loyalty to the political party that Orted them three keep them in the Country at all costs even when they Commit violent crime like murder and Rape attack the language used to Describe the criminals as opposed to the Criminals themselves slander critics as Racist four ensure their privileges are Made irrevocable with city and state Sanctuary laws that act as population Magnets codify permanent status and Ensure non-cooperation with ice five Count the non citizens in the census That will determine Congressional Apportionment in the House of Representatives as of now that would Equal 13 extra congressional districts a Tremendous amount of electoral Power Six Wage a massive heavily funded law fair Campaign to change State voting laws That legalize Mass mail inbalance no Signature verification and no proof of Citizenship requirements making it Nearly impossible to prove vo a fraud Seven lock in the permanent voting Majority with campaign Promises of Lavish benefits and permanent privileges Enshrining generational falty to the Democrat Party eight win elections nine Entrenched single party rule has been Achieved the best part your tax dollars

Are paying for it like think about it That's exactly what's happening and like I'm going back to the the cop that died Dealing with an illegal it's it's only a Matter of time to one of the terrorists That they didn't catch actually makes it To New York by cuz in all real reality They're already there they're already Where they need to be they just caught This one guy and it's only a matter of Time till it happens and it drives me Crazy that these people like lak and Riley's family has to has to mourn this Cops family uh has to mourn because none Of it happens to these people like my Orcus do you think my orcus or Joe Biden Or anybody in the administration's Family is getting affected is any of Their members getting killed P are any Of their uh cop cousins getting uh Dealing with the guy that had a knife no And that's why I I I don't wish negative Upon people but I I hate the fact that It's happening to good people and not to Them Tom thoughts Well before people react to the Supreme Court on this one real quick the Supreme Court made the right decision state do State things federals do federal things And Texas can't arrest people that the Federal government says can come across The border the problem is the federal Government allowing it to happen once They're in Texas Texas can arrest them

For doing illegal things and protect its People but the fact that that's a Federal border that the federal Government says can be porous is the Crime here and Texas is trying to do Everything they can to protect its People but in that in this case the Supreme Court is right and I hate that They're right but they're right and what I see in this is how can you not read it Like this how can you not read that They're just trying to put in a single Party rule on a permanent majority for What what is it it makes you believe in The the whole globalist agenda that this Is only chapter one Rob here's what I Want you to do can you do me a favor and Type in the word of the terrorist Basel Basel okay now I want you to see this Okay and go to okay look at no don't do Anything just zoom in a little bit zoom In if you could who's written about it Fox News New York Post New York Post H Dustin Dustin times that's but do me a Favor go more news go more news and zoom In CNN wrote about it right there go Down right there fit andus Lebanese NBC Wrote about it okay no problem CNN Migrant C at border wrote about it okay Keep going keep going keep going and and Nobody else now take that name and go to YouTube okay take that name and go to YouTube copy paste and go to YouTube and Type in the name um of the guy copy copy

Put the name in nobody commented on it Wow unbelievable the only person I Commented on it was New York Post look At that and look how many views it got 2,300 views is that crazy goore go la Lore Basel Switzerland basil Switzerland Keep going keep going there it is c s to See the State of Affairs okay they just Talked about it right now maybe that's What that story is about 44 minutes ago And that's it there's nothing else about That story weird isn't that like how do You take that why not how is that not Number one maybe maybe they're going to Respond to it today maybe you know we're Not being fair with them or they're Going to be reacting to it today uh Maybe there's so many stories that they Don't want to maybe they're so Immigration out where they're kind of Like man we've been doing so much of This illegal immigration stuff that we Have to get some new stories here and Maybe they're just don't want to cover The story because it goes against the Story that they want especially the Mainstream media well the beauty for Them is though guess what once it does Happen and it's going to happen Something is going to happen you know They're going to say well guys we we Love people we want to let everybody in Because the statue of libert and that's How they're going to spin it they're

Going to win Kelly sent in um the ones They caught in 2023 169 individuals on the terrorist Watch list apprehended were caught right Caught got 18 individuals on the Terrorist watch list apprehended in September alone at least 1.7 million Known getaways since 20 21 okay 598 Known gang members arrested in 2023 Including 178 from MS13 coming into the Streets here go ahead Adam well this is Why this is the number one issue in the Country at this point you know a year Ago it was inflation you know they Famously say it's the economy stupid at This point how can this not be the Number one issue in the country this is A national security issue this is Everything and everything in between the The open border Biden uh Administration Doctrine is disastrous and the fact that He had sort of the uh the mocking tone Uh in the State of the Union I mean to Me this is like the number one reason That the Democratic party is just so Completely out of touch with the American values at this point this is Not what the Democratic party at least Stood for for decades this is not what Clinton stood for you know Obama was the Deporter in Chief you people forget that Obama reported more migrants than Anybody else so I don't know what the Hell Biden learned for Obama it this

Ain't this a't it but there are levels To this thing yeah there it is deporter Of Chief there's a difference you know It's a spectrum there's a difference Between coming for Asylum and literally Looking for safety there's a difference Between being a trafficker or gain Member there's a big difference between Uh MS13 how do you call it marucha Marasa you do that so good and then There's a big difference between uh Jihadi Terrorists so you know what's wrong with Hezbollah coming into the country Vin What's wrong yeah Hezbollah Hamas huis They're all they're all great people but So just so you understand not to get uh To to be all like combative this is Exactly why us Americans have no clue What Israel is going through right now Because Hamas is Hezbollah Hezbollah is The houthis is houthis are Isis it'd be The equivalent of Canada Mexico Cuba all Trying to blow up America so yes I mean Not to get all into the Israel situation Can you talk about Netanyahu and what They're doing a little extreme but if Every one of your neighbors is literally A Jihadi terrorist like the houthis like The Hezbollah like Hamas how do you deal With it Americans have no clue zero clue What it's like to live in war the Closest thing we've ever had to it is Pearl Harbor World War II in Hawaii and

Maybe the Cuban Missile Crisis were you Were alive for that by the way Cuban Missile Crisis 91 was pretty bad okay That was bad but it's not like they were Attacking each one of us that was one Big thing horrible I get it and your Friend Steve Schmidt thinks that January 6 was worse than that yeah but we have No clue what it's look like what like Protecting your citizens if every single Day you're dealing with somebody Literally trying to come in the country And kill you by the way big difference Guess what Mr Handsome single Manting with women that want to have Babies and you Know we got to get you to respond back Faster than seven days but but but the One thing that I want to tell you is the Following you ready I love how concerned You are okay and how paranoid you are And by the way I'm thinking of what You're saying and I'm actually Visualizing how concerning it would be To raise your kids in that climate just Like my parents were worried about Raising me in Iran they should be yes And did Iran lose democracy yes yes do You see the the risk of but Iran never Had a democracy well under the Sha it Was a very imperialism it was Imperialism but it was it was like it Was like UK Britain okay it was like UK Britain because you had a king just like

They have a king you had certain similar Capitalism was alive you know people Would be very if if if the leaders of The world wanted to meet somewhere they Would go on Iran and have business Meetings okay then go another place There's no doubt that under the Sha Despite critiques was way better than Whatever the theocracy is going on there But you know what happened he did not Believe the threat Ofi the Sha thought he was not a threat And all his people from the inside the His Sak which is rcia UK's MI6 when they Told them this guyi stop thinking he's Not a big deal his tapes are Circ cating In the streets and people are listening To them they're sending the tapes and They're telling people to dub the tapes And give it to everybody else boom Iran Falls that's when February of 1979 January of 1979 that's how many years Ago 45 years ago Iran is still a Dangerous place where you and I cannot Go there for vacation and I'd love to go There today if I had if I had my way I'd Love to take the kids there today but It's not a safe place to take there That's the part where all of these People are coming the way they are Borders are wide open 10 million people Came in maybe the democracy is on the Line if we don't get our act together in 2024 I can no longer remain in today's

Democratic party Tulsi gabard say she is No longer a Democrat a potential tulsy Gathered VP where we are being told that We just have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is is pure life Unfortunately we live in a time where Free speech is under attack whatever They say goes and we we have to just Fall and the people who suffered under Your reign as prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here [Music]

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