Neil deGrasse Tyson- 4 Factors That Predict Your Future Success

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Neil Tyson and Adam Sosnick talk about indicators of success.

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I ask you earlier indicators would you Be able to give a couple indicators to Say here could be some indicators of Like hey this kid's extremely curious That's one of seven indicators of Success yes what are some things you Would say okay so what I would say uh to Get mathematical on you uh why don't we Think of each of these features of a Person as dimensions of a hypercube Okay okay are you pulling out your notes Here notes both gonna write down what a Hyper queue okay so all right so we can Start what's the what is the measure of A line well just its length and there's No other metric sure most measures we Have of people are just this One-dimensional thing are you higher on That or are you lower on that okay any Exam is a one-dimensional measure of People who take the exam let's add Another coordinate so that's an x-axis Let's add a y-axis and now the measure Of two lines Is a square There's not there's no such thing as the Length of two perpendicular lines but What the two perpendicular lines do is Is is Trace out an area which would be The area of a square so now we can say Let's say there are two things about you Uh how good are your grades and how Sociable are you those are otherwise not Correlated so now I can calculate an

Area For you all right well maybe some other Things matter but maybe some other Things how about ambition that would be A third coordinate now I'm not measuring Your length or your area I'm measuring Your volume And now let's add a fourth coordinate so It's what we have uh um what do we have We had linear the linear your grades Your your social skills your ambition And how about here's one which wouldn't Necessarily be the other three Your Capacity to recover from failure Oh okay so now I have four dimensions This could go higher but I have four Dimensions what's the quote hyper volume Of the four dimensions you multiply all Four of those measures And then you have a volume and I would Say that the success of somebody is not Where they are on any one-dimensional Scale they're where they are in this Hyper volume And they could be less on one and more On another but all that volume is a Dynamic place And what you'd want to do is maximize That volume before you hire somebody It'll be a hyper volume I love that by the way you can choose Choose your mate the same way are they Good looking does it matter okay but if You only choose them only because

They're good looking and then one day They get older and less good looking Does that mean you're going to love them Less yes it will mean that if that's the Only reason why you got together which Happens many times what happens many Times okay do you want them also for Their money it sounds shallow but that's Not any more shallow than liking someone For their sure Beauty sure it's just Another thing so might they one day lose Their money that's possible unless it's Deep family money but okay but and how About are they have a sense of humor Um are they ambitious there's a volume And then you can put everybody and scale It from zero to ten on each of those Right multiply it out you have a volume Now you can take all your your mates That the potential mates scale them this Way and what happens is because you're Multiplying this out They end up spreading hugely on a scale And it becomes obvious who the best one Is at that point obvious we did this When we were looking for a home we was Like okay was it affordable is it nearby Work uh do I is it is it is it or is all The appliances or are the appliances new Do you like the neighborhood these are Coordinates judge it from zero to ten by The way if any coordinate is zero Everything drops out because you're Multiplying

All right so if it's zero on any of These coordinate walk keep moving There's nothing there okay no matter how Good anything else looks to you all Right if then give it a one fine all Right so there we are and then you can Throw in a category called intangibles I just it just feels right to me that's Allowed yeah I'm writing it down this is Allowed so let that be an extra Coordinate there then okay multiply it Out as you go to each one that's how we Chose uh the home to buy my wife and I And by the way it's also how I decided That My wife was like the right person for me I looked at all the coordinates of how What I valued in a mate yeah and uh We've been married 34 years can I ask You specifically about your wife how did You judge her are you saying obviously First was like okay Beauty but like what Are these I I'm literally taking notes I Said no no you shouldn't go ahead don't Use mine I want to know from your Category though my category all right am I attracted to her yes you know you can Add things like sex and this sort of Thing or are they fun to be with you can Add all of this yes For me I value uh is is she smart and Um and clever I like that so hot and Smart done what else what Foreign

I met her in graduate school she was Getting a PhD in mathematical physics What about caring and motherly yeah so I Would didn't care at all about Motherliness but uh is the person kind That's a good kind uh is she kind uh or Compassionate and so once you do this There was no one else that came close on The scale of anyone else I dated even Historically dated you know because you Might regret oh I should have Coulda did Right but I didn't no so looking back so For me it was a mathematical exercise 35 Years later 34 years 34 years sorry you Know I try to give you the Plus One Like Pat tried to give you the one plus one You dated from when I proposed to her And when she said yes because then That's when the decision mattered and That was probably 36 years you're you're Uh hypothesis 34 years ago versus you Know the actuality what Still Remains The concept wait you know what you know What what did it now what Remains the Constant I can see other People other women I see them and I say Yeah I'm still glad about my decision Hell yeah 35 years ago it's awesome Right I'm still glad nothing's worse Than buyers remorse but buyers remorse Exactly got it yeah how are you feeling You would ask a question like that well I think it's so like I think where we Started was yeah like what you know all

These qualifications of a good student Yeah but even it's applying to buying a Home picking a mate anything there's all These qualities any decision you need to Make that's multi-variable multivariate And you have to make sure that each Coordinate is completely independent of The other coordinate and what I mean by That is Um if you're trying to choose a choose Your mate you you can't have as two Separate categories uh uh you know she Looks hot with clothing on and with Clothing off those are not two separate Categories ah it's okay It's a general hot yeah all right you Don't yeah you don't want to overlap That because then there's Cross-contamination of the coordinates And you don't you don't want that so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here [Music]

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