Never DENY Yourself an Opportunity – Patrick Bet-David

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I met her at Venice Beach California and She's working on Morgan standing we Start going out she picks me up in a Different car every time I said how did You make your money she said I work at Morgan Stanley what do you do I'm a Stock broker how did you get your job I Got a degree from UCLA you need it they Won't hire you and that's when I send The resumes out back then we used to Send resumes out so my resume had Bob's Big Boy Burger King Haagen-Dazs you know Bally's and Military that was it so I Sent a resume with a joke on a cover Letter and I told him I said listen you Know if you laugh after reading this Joke this is exactly how my customer is Going to feel doing business with me They're going to love me if you want Somebody like this part of your team Give me a call so I sent 100 of them I Got 30 calls 15 interviews three offers I took one of them when Morgan Stanley Glendale foreign

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