NEVER GIVE UP AGAIN – Best Motivational Video Ever

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

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Tyrese Gibson

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Hi what's up guys happy to see you again You can't heal by going back to the Earth you can't receive your future by Holding onto your past So stop pressing replay on the things That need to be deleted from your life Stop getting upset with God for not Closing the door that you choose to keep Reopening you can't get your life Together by staying involved with the Parents that are tearing your life apart So why complain about the situation that You are not willing to change Talking about it just makes you feel Good about doing nothing about it Sometimes we can't control getting hurt I understand that but rehearsing that Same pain is always a choice driving Down that same road that led you nowhere Is a choice thing you may not be in Control of what they give you but you Are always in control of what you Accepted stop asking if it's going to be Different when you know nothing about That situation has changed you go Through later to grow from it you go Through it to learn from it you don't go Through it just to go back to it We never move forward in your life if You are living your life through the Rear view mirror [Music] Those times when you get up early and You work hard

Those times when you stay up late and You work hard those times when you don't Feel like working you're too tired you Don't want to push yourself but you do It anyway That is actually the dream you guys can Understand that then what you'll see Happen is that you won't accomplish your Dreams your dreams won't come true Something greater will And when I look at people I always ask The question I say man tell me what Nike Stands for they said all ink that's easy Just do it I said tell me what Adidas Stands for oh ain't that's easy man Impossible is nothing I said now tell me What you stand for I said when people Look at you do they think excuses I said When people look at you do they think Victory when people look at you do they Think that's a person that's going to Give me everything they got not on some Days but on every day and it's not going To be predicated upon if I feel like it Because I think we all know if we only Worked on the days when we felt like it None of us would get much accomplished Somebody who has been praying for years For things to turn around And they're asking God they're Questioning God where is it what when When where send me a sign send me a Burning bush send me something to Confirm that my hopes and my dreams and

Things that I want to accomplish are Going to actually happen Thinking about quitting you're thinking About giving up you're allowing this Family curse That have gotten in the way of what your Mama your daddy your cousins and Everybody in your family have not been Able to accomplish You are you are folding you are caving In This is for you Don't give up Stay in it Stay focused Even in my lows God never gave up on me So I cannot say that God's Was not present During my rough season Everybody wants to focus on Seasons tied Into positivity Everybody's focused on The good And when they're going through the Bad Season They want to act as if that season Doesn't matter see your greatest moments Of character development Your greatest moments of Compartmentalize and feelings and Emotions and traumas Your greatest season Of life-changing realizations You love me while I'm winning but as

Soon as the fan you disappear and leave Me for day I look for resiliency and a notch above That is the talent is the skill of not Quitting as the number one thing that I Look for and many of you right now Listening to this possess the number one Skill necessary to win and don't give Yourself any credit for it which means It's not helping build your confidence It's not going to the bank of crediting For your identity and so although you Possess this incredible ability that so Many people in the world don't have and Don't possess you have it and you don't Value it you don't prize it you don't Give yourself credit for having it it Ought to be where you draw the majority Of your confidence from the ability to Say I don't quit I'm resilient I own the Number one skill the number one Talent Required to eventually win I already Have I can't quit you'd have to kill me To get me out of chasing my dream right Because it has everything to do with Winning I'll have different Talent Skills and abilities what's the one they All have the ability to stay present the Ability to stay in the fight to have not Quit you'd think well that's not a big Deal really Because as I've been talking millions of People made the decision to quit on Their dreams just as I've been talking

To you the rest of the day Millions more Will tomorrow Millions more every day Literally millions of people quit on one Of their dreams their dream relationship Their dream business their dream body so Quitting has become the number one Habit In the world by people that end up Losing and I'm telling you it happens Every day every second everywhere just The fact That while I've been speaking you're Still after your dream you're ahead of Them you don't give yourself enough Credit because eventually what I found It looks like winning is this huge Competition but every day every week Every year every decade as time goes by You're gonna find that you're competing With a smaller and smaller and smaller Group of people for your dream because So many of them will just quit and by The way many of them that quit will Possess talents maybe even gifts you Don't have their incredible ability with People their Incredible strength their Incredible brain and they'll quit with All this giftedness but you got the Talent you have to learn to distinguish Between something that is a talent and a Gift you can develop skills you can Develop talents gifts are something You're born with but the people that I See that win long term are the ones who Develop the talents and skills required

To win Foreign [Music] I want to be an idea You know I want to represent an idea I Want to represent possibilities I want to represent Magic right that you're in a universe And two plus two Equals four Two plus two only equals four if you Accept it two plus two equals four two Plus two is going to be what I want it To be Like there's a there's a a Redemptive Power that making a choice has you know Rather than feeling like your effect To all the things that are happening Make a choice Like you just decide what it's going to Be who you're going to be how you're Going to do it just decide and then from That point The universe is going to get out your Way I want to represent possibilities I Want to represent the idea that you Really can make what you want I just Believe that I believe that I can create whatever I want to create [Music] Pain is temporary It may last for a minute Or an hour or a day or even a year But eventually it will subside

And something else will take its place If I quit however it will last forever You're gonna have to grow up and someone You have never learned to grow up And so every time something get hard you Quit you call Mama I dare you to take a Little pain I dare you I dare you not to go home Somebody said I don't go home I feel bad Go through it You ain't gonna die at the end of pain And success You're not gonna die because you're Feeling a little pain The problem is you ain't never felt no Pain before yourself [Music] It's a soft generation you quit on Everything I gotta breathe it I gotta eat it I Gotta sleep it and until you get there You'll never be successful in life but Once you get there I guarantee you the World is yours [Music]

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