NEW YEAR, NEW YOU – Best Motivational Video For 2023

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Will Tidwell
Tik-Tok: @neighborhoodhero96

Les Brown

Music: Eleftherios

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Happy New Year's and and for a lot of People this day represents a lot of Things Um for some people it represents a first Start You know a second chance You know a chance to do things right This time you know but I think one of The most frustrating things when it Comes to New Year's resolutions when it Comes to all of these types of things is That a lot of people want this first Start a lot of people want this second Chance but a lot of people aren't Willing to let go of the old things and Old people in their life And see one of the main reasons why I Think people don't want to do that Sometimes is because they realize is That when they let go of those old People and they let go of those old Things with anything new with any time You're trying to grow anytime something Is different and new to you it's going To be growing pains and for a lot of People when they feel those pains and They get into that uncomfortable spot in Their life A lot of people like to go back to who They used to be A lot of people like to give their time

And their energy to people that they Know they don't they don't even should Be dealing with anymore And see to be honest with you man a lot Of people won't admit it but we all want To feel safe out of life And when you start talking about stuff Like growing and changing and evolving And starting fresh and having second Chances there's nothing safe about that And that's why everybody can't do it And so what I really want to get you to Understand is that If you really want to grow If you really do want to change if you Really want that Fresh Start that you Keep saying you're going to have every Year [Music] You don't have to let some things go You see the thing about it is that for Everybody that thing or that person that We have to let go is going to be Different But the question I'm asking you is that What's that thing of that person in your Life that's hindering you from that First start From everything you said you wanted in Life [Music] At this time of the year It's about New Beginnings remember it Seemed like it was just yesterday when

It was January the first and we made Resolutions and studies indicate that Only 8 out of 100 people kept their Resolutions and made the goals and Dreams they set for themselves become a Reality But they're 92 percent That they did not do that they forgot it As fast as they claimed it but for those Of you that are serious my message is Not for everybody my message is for that Eight percent those are the people that Are serious he that has shall get and he That hath not even that that he has Shall be taken away I want to talk to People who are ambitious I want to talk To people to listen to me that are not Willing to settle for life as it is I Want to talk to people who want to live Life this one thing to survive but what It takes to live as it requires a Different set of skills so one thing That I'm encouraging you to do that I'm Doing is I'm taking time to work on me And to get to know more about me because If you don't know who you really are as Opposed to the kind of person you were Before the world got its hands on you if You don't know that and you've bought Into the culture that is designed trying To destroy your sense of self when you Don't have a sense of self when you Don't have a strong identity that takes Away your purpose and the meaning of

Your life and that puts you on a path of Self-destructive Behavior Take the time and ask yourself as you Are living this life that you're living Is this me Is this working for me you haven't been In a relationship that the relationship Is working for the other person but it Wasn't working for you you in a Relationship with somebody that's always There when they need you but when you Need them they can't be found It's a time for self-awareness it's a Time to elevate your relationships and Your knowledge and your skills and the Value that you bring New Beginnings we Always have a choice every day Represents something that we can claim And say I'm going to make the rest of my Life the best of my life [Music] Sometimes the only person that we can Blame for for us you know this Misdirection in our life and for us not Having that first started having Everything we said we wanted in life The only person we have to blame is Ourself And until we're bold enough and we have Enough courage to face ourselves and Realize that then we might be the Problem and we analyze ourselves and Actually take the time to fix it And nothing ever change

And I think one of the most important Things is that sometimes having the Wrong things in the wrong people Attached to you Can push you thousands of miles in wrong Direction Can push you thousands of miles away From the purpose that God had for your Life And see for a lot of people I don't think we understand that So the question I really want to ask you Man is Who or what is that right in your life Who or what is that thing or that person That has been keeping you from Everything God has in store for you Who is that person in your life that you Should have been let go of What's that bad habit you need to break What's that mindset you need to stop Having Basically what I'm saying is that who or What in your life do you need to let go Of So you can finally be free You see what a lot of people don't Understand why this is so important Because if you keep going into this New Year holding on to old people old things Old habits old mindsets Then you'll never have a free hand to Catch all the blessings that God has in Store for you

Cause you too busy holding on to things That you should have been let go of And this frustrating when you see man Special people settle like that [Music] And so I had to rethink The relationships that I have and I had To ask the question who can I count on And who should I count out Because at the end of the day this thing Called life is like an elevator the Higher you go up you have to stop and Let some people off we have to Promise ourselves to hold ourselves to a Higher standard we pray as if everything Depends upon God but work as if Everything depends upon us you have Something special Time for New Beginnings to do inventory Of yourself to get access to the Unlimited potential that's waiting for You to tap into it yeah you you're here For a reason there's something that Would not be here you're missing piece Of the puzzle God needed your presence Here at this point in time for our Children and our children's children and For Generations yet unborn the time for New Things What a blessing we're here all because Of God's grace and mercy I say to you Honor yourself By looking at your life taking personal

Inventory and be honest with yourself ye Shall know the truth and the truth shall Set you free and decide that you're Going to upgrade your environment your Environment affects you your environment It it can change you Your environment matters it it begins to Affect how you see yourself and how you See yourself will be represented in your Thoughts and your actions and the Achievements that you make or you don't Make This is a time that requires new skills New thinking and a hunger to live Your greatest life You have something special you have Greatness in you [Music]

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