News Bites: Cuba Fights For Freedom 🇨🇺 #Cuba #Shorts

Cuba is in the streets protesting for basic human freedom, food, and electricity. Meanwhile, the communistic regime has shut down the internet to prevent any more uproar.

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On Sunday hundreds if not thousands of Protesters took to the streets of Cuba Demanding an end to the 64-year Communistic Castro dictatorship these Protests span throughout Cuba's second Largest city Santiago as well as Bay and Its capital Havana videos circulating Throughout social media show the Cuban People out on the streets protesting and Shouting things like down with Communism I am no longer afraid we're starving and Freedom the regime even cut off mobile Data during the protest to stop people From sharing information and to suppress Peaceful Pro protesters with brutal Force the consistent blackouts and Severe food shortage has made it more Evident that this government and this Regime fails to support the Cuban people It's all smoke and mirrors folks what You see in Havana when you go and visit Is not the real Cuba the heartbeat for Freedom and democracy is evidently alive In the Cuban people and these videos Prove it this story needs to be shared So that those who ignorantly praise Communism from the comfort of their Homes in the US can think twice make Sure you follow more news stories like This one at

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