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Foreign [Music] But crying time is over Let's get back into shape Let's get back into the gym working on Our physical health because you know It's the foundation for improvement in All other areas of your life It starts here did you forget Doctors don't get paid to tell you to go Exercise You're not the only one that is feeling Defeated So let me ask you Where are you meant to be How far are you willing to go Let's stop going to the gym to get Ripped Exercising to lose weight Let's find out what you're made out of How far can you physically push yourself To create a stronger version of yourself In all aspects of life it starts here I need you to know that I'm not going to Be your therapist I'm not going to tell you to take your Time and that everything's gonna be all Right so stop the excuses You know exactly who you want to become And you know exactly how you're going to Do it Are you ready to embrace the fact that This time will be different Are you sick and tired of starting over

Good because this time we are given up We ain't playing games get off your cell Phones it's time to lose the fake Friends ghost of social media Dust off those old running shoes because No one is going to hold us accountable This is the moment we pull ourselves up Self-improvement is our destination and It's a path we will walk alone it's time To give ourselves permission to feel and Accept what we've been through because It's time to dig deep This is the new me And it's time for my upgrade [Music] Because I know there's somebody out There That is writing in their life It's already made up in their mind that They're not gonna fight no more they're Trying to fight You know they don't have no more Strength to find because they've already Gave all their strength Then we have the strip to turn the page And I have the strength to see tomorrow They made up in their mind that their Life is over So I just want to tell you man That don't let those thoughts that are Trying to kill you kill you Those thoughts that tell you life is Over those thoughts they're telling you You're not enough those thoughts that

Tell you things won't get better those Thoughts that say that you are your Mistakes those thoughts that tell you That you are your past those thoughts That tell you that you're worthless Don't let those thoughts kill you They're lying to you Because you're more than that you're More than a conqueror you're more than What you're going through you do have Purpose you are awesome you are talented You are beautiful you are special Despite What you've been going through So you make up in your mind right now Okay you don't have to have a whole plan Out for the rest of your life you make It but you make up in your mind right Now that you're gonna fight with faith Tonight you make up in your mind right Now that you're gonna survive tonight Whatever it takes [Music] Allow the challenges and the pressures Outside of me to continue to to bust Pipes because breast pressure bus pipes Or I could use the exact same pressure And use it to refine me and not be Afraid of being uncomfortable and not Being afraid of of the challenge of the Emotion that's in front of me or how Somebody's treated me or what I Experience and embrace and lean into it And allow that same exact pressure that

Can bust pipes is that exact same Pressure that can refine the diet And so what I've had to wrestle with for A long time when I was a kid growing up Was that no matter what we're all going To have storms listen in the last 18 Months in your life when things have Kind of changed and normal hasn't been Really normal and there's a lot of Things that we haven't been able to Control and a lot of us have kind of Been probably a little bit uncomfortable I can promise you this it won't be the Most challenging thing that you've ever Faced in your life [Music] I deserve happiness I am worthy of Success no more limits no more apologies I Will Stand My Ground I am strong last Year is over this is my upgrade No More Heroes my time is now no one to impress I'm in my zone I know who I am I am Better I learn faster I project love I Provide value I am the winner again and Again protecting my energy I am the Winner healing my scars I am the winner This is who I am I am the winner taking Control I am the winner upgrading my Future I am the winner headed to the top I am the winner my time to shine I am The winner no more excuses I am the Winner this victory is mine I am the Winner I am needed I am the winner Draining my mind I am the winner I

Choose happiness I am the winner You are a winner start acting like it I pray that you have a peace in your Mind that floods your mind Like never before To let you know Despite everything that you're going Through the storms that you're going Through the flood this flooding your Life with pain right now I pray that peace tells you That everything is gonna be okay I pray That you find the strength Inside of your weakest moment right now That lets you know that everything is Going to be okay [Music] So you put down that gun You put down That drug those pills You put it down man Because there's more to your life Than what you're currently going through You'll never understand it if you quit Right now But I promise you if you fight with Faith you fight with prayer Eventually you'll realize everything That you went through Had a purpose Everything that you went through had a Purpose Life will get better

But if you're in your life You prevent it from getting better [Music] And the truth of the matter is what I've Learned is when I learned to lean in to Uncomfortable and to pressure and not be Afraid of the moment and not shy away From feeling the feeling but embracing It and communicating see for a long time I hid from every Challenge and in that Story there was good days also there was Amazing opportunities and great Relationships and beautiful parts of Your story but throughout your story of Your life you're going to have Challenges and traumatic and difficult Situations but also these amazing Victories and amazing moments and I've Learned through good or bad my my my What's inside of me Is to embrace these things the inside of You I promise you in your DNA as we get Into this today inside of the very Essence of who you are I don't care who You are inside of you is perseverance Inside of you is the ability to problem Solve inside of you no matter what your Story or storm has been or hasn't been Or will be or won't be it's the thing Inside of you for you to say yes I can It's in you The problem is for many of us we're too Afraid and we we put on the social and The emotional mask and we keep everybody

At an arm's reached distance Because communication is the very action It's the ignition it's the igniter it's The very spark that activates our Problem solving our perseverance our Ability to figure things out Communication is the actual acting agent That starts it too often so many of us Are too afraid to talk and we suppress It and we don't communicate [Music]

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