“No Face Left” – Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf Confirms Osama bin Laden’s Death Photo Exists

Patrick Bet-David and Vincent Oshana are joined by former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf as they discuss why photos of Osama bin Laden’s body haven’t been released.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

What were some of the major projects you Worked on that you can talk about um to Be honest I mean I consider my career to Be aggressively average um the only Thing I probably ever was involved with And I was a super small Cog and a very Big wheel was uh the jessal Lynch rescue I mean other than that there's I left The command in 2006 so a lot of the Things that that whether it's the Captain Phillips or uh the rescue of the Aid worker in Africa or the bin Laden Raid all of that happened well after my Time so I think people in that era even Though they would be unlikely to uh want To raise their hand and directly attach Themselves to that a lot of that stuff Happened post my time crazy question for You so announcement comes out hey we've Killed Ben Laden okay and okay sounds Good and he's dead and you know the the Speech that uh Obama gives which I think His speech was like 9 minutes and the Famous Trump speech is 48 minutes Abu Bakar bagadi is dead heed like a crush Oh God he he It by the way it's one of those things That my kids watch it on repeat over I Mean you know most of the time people You knock on the door before you go no We didn't even knock we just came Through I mean the way he told the story But anyways so Ben Laden okay we found Him he's dead we dump him in the middle

Of the ocean you expect me to believe That and and so so then the question for You like a guy who's on the inside I Don't know man if you caught somebody Can can we see a face can we see a body Can we see why are you so quick to drop The guy into the ocean so is I mean Listen this is just us speaking it's Just I promise you I'm I'm I'm on a Vouch for nobody's watching so like what Do are you certain that Osama Bin Laden Is actually dead yes because I am Friends with people who were there that Night and I've had conversations with Them Independently the decision to dispose of The body in the way that they did I've Heard it phrase in a couple different Ways but one of the main ones was that They didn't want to create a place where Followers would come and use it as like A place of worship or connecting and Their and then connecting and doing Something else with those ideas um I've Heard it say that they were trying to at Least in some way shape or form respect The religious beliefs of that individual And there's a third possibility that Maybe you guys have or have not Considered maybe there wasn't much of a Face left to take a picture of got it Okay and I get that and could we add a Fourth POS ability oh we can go deep I Mean he might be on a space shuttle

Right now I don't know like how deep do You want to Go no it's actually the the the truth is The aliens came they took them they went To a different planet and they just you Know they're hanging out over there Playing back ging no but the fourth Option would be could it Be possibility that you announce you Dropped him in the middle of the ocean But you have the body and it's buried Someone else somewhere else that nobody Else with the with the is the military And our intelligence capable of lying to The people of what they did with the Body uh I would say possible but not Probable because there'd be too many Moving pieces it's the same reason where When I hear people talking about uh 911 Being an inside job I've worked with Some of the people at the absolute Highest levels of the intelligence Organization and apparatus and the Military and I'm sorry to break people's Hearts it's not a bunch of Jason born Running around um if you pull back the Curtain at the agency and I don't mean This from like a case officer level or Um the individuals working there if You're looking for Jason Bourne you're Going to find a donkey with a fly Buzzing around its head right and it's It's it's a huge bureaucratic Organization they do many many many

Things but it you know what's what's the Saying secret is something that only two People know as soon as you start adding Layers to that you know cuz there's the Helicopter crew Everybody who is On Target right who supposedly let's assume That the body they have a mannequin in The body bag if they even put them into A body bag I'm not sure so everybody on Target would have to be a witting Participant in that and then how' they Get to Target helicopters right so okay The helicopter crew is now exposed to This as well to import include the Support Personnel that's gassing up the Helicopter all the things that make Those things fly then you go back to a Ford operating base all right so how Many people at that base are now going To be included in this particular Narrative and then it makes its way out To a a United States Naval vessel and You know what I mean it just it to me Again not impossible but it becomes much More improbable as you start adding Those extreme layers of exposure and Individual that's where I'm at with you On 911 because for me with 911 by the Way we had rich is it Richard Gage am I Saying the last name correct Richard Gage we had him on here how long did his Episode last on YouTube before they took It down like that day Maybe what did he say first they took it

Down like within a it may have been a Day or two before they took it down and His entire story and the premise is the Fact that you know it was was an inside Job Lex Wexner was involved and you know How the other buildings come down Building seven and all these things so But for me I asked him I said how many People does it take to do something like That you mean to tell me you can keep 50 People quiet well how could you keep Them quiet everybody has an individual Thing people want to brag about their Legacy you mean to tell me like you know Guy's not going to sit there and say Well let me tell you what I do it's kind Of like when you you know a guy uh uh John Russo is like well let me tell you I hooked up with Marilyn Monroe people Want to brag about you know what they've Done it's like later on I was actually Part of it and you're at a bar drinking So those 50 people who were involved Would need to remain non-alcoholic for The rest of their lives never get drunk Never do Drugs and either you kill all 50 of them Which 50 of their family members would Come out and say why did all these 50 People who were working on the building Get killed there is that's the challenge That I go to right so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to

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