“Nobody Gives A Sh*t About Ukraine!” – Reaction To Biden’s Surprise Visit To Ukraine

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Yeonmi Park, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine.

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Obviously President Biden pays the Surprise visit to uh Ukraine just uh I Think it was two days ago or maybe even Yesterday but I think it's yesterday he Pays a visit uh president arrives in Kiev Ukraine and surprise visit to meet The president uh zielinski and to Announce additional half a billion Dollars in U.S assistance ahead of one Of one year anniversary Russia as a Nation of the country the new Aid Package includes artillery ammunition Anti-armor systems and air surveillance Radars but no new Advanced weapons Biden Stated that this visit was to reaffirm Our unwavering and unflagging commitment To Ukraine's democracy sovereignty and Territorial integrity and to share that The U.S will announce additional Sanctions against Elites and companies Backing Russia's War Machine Biden's Visit to Ukraine comes at Russia as Russia is expected to ramp up its Offensive once again and Ukraine Officials warn of massive barrage of Missiles that Russia May launch on February 24th here's an interesting Thing to be thinking about he did this On President's Day and never visited East Palestine Took him 10 days to even recognize the Events in East Palestine Kamala hasn't Gone They're not talking about the issues

That's going on there 100 billion Dollars given to them all of this stuff Going on the other day I did the math on How many total homeless people we have In America check this out they say they Want to end homelessness okay do you Know the 100 billion dollars that we Gave to Ukraine okay if homelessness in America is that big of an issue you can Clean it up there's 524 total homeless People in America roughly a third of That is in California okay 524. if you took that 100 billion Dollars each homeless person could get 170 000 if you divide it up now you Don't need to give it to them if we took That money and we created a place for Them to go to live work shelter Different things and cleaned up those Streets what would happen to Safety in Those communities what would happen to Those things now I'm not somebody that's Endorsing us going and spending the next 100 billion dollars for you because Somebody's going to come down and say Well well now would you support this now Would you support this now no what I'm Saying to you is the constant spending Of the money that we have what if we Take that while we have the issues here We're going to Kiev while people in East Palestine are wondering what's going on With their water you're going over there So anyway so while that's taking place

China and Russia is getting close at the Same time China's coming out in the same We're great allies and then Simultaneously why this is going on for The first time since the 70s Russia Started loading nuclear missiles on Ships First time since the 70s while this is Going on okay and then zelinski comes Out and says if China allies itself with Russia there will be World War and I do Think that China is aware of that you Want to know something about you know You guys want to know why why I think All this is happening why the borders Open why why China's flying balloons why Everything's going to while Russia's threatening getting out of the Star treating doing all that stuff is Because we have right now a week later And I'm gonna make my point you guys Ever watch National Geographic Tom and You'll see a lion who's technically the King of the jungle yeah but he hasn't Gone to a fight and he's limping and you See that he's weak you know what the Jackals and the hyenas and all they all Start to look and they're like oh They the king is hurt so they start to Bite at his leg and they once they Realize okay he doesn't have any more Everybody attacks right now America is That injured lion Russia is doing That they've never done so since how

Long Pat China's literally flying balloons over over our nuclear Missile bases that I was stationed in The borders wide open China's sending Fentanyl to kill our youth and get money Back from us we are such in a weird Position right now that people Haven't done since the 70s it doesn't Look good and I'm genuinely for the First time I'm like if something I'm not I wouldn't be surprised if something did Pop off or somebody's like oh Somebody somebody launched something That they weren't supposed to launch and All Health breakthroughs because no Matter what you think I know for a fact Working at a nuclear missile base if one Person launches one it's over because Everybody's gonna Panic oh can you Imagine that somebody did somebody Launched a new it's over it's over and I Feel like we're getting close to that Point because those people have power Putin feels like he's getting surrounded Bro that's not good It's not a good time I think whenever Then he's right about the vacuum of Leadership and I think we have a weak Leader in America right now and I think That that we are still the greatest Country in the world and we can solve Our problems we can come together as a Diverse people and get that done but it

Needs strong leadership and that Leadership is not just at the top the Leadership is calls on all of us to step Up starting with our schools I feel Incredibly strong about education and Incredibly strong about providing safe Balanced education and weak leadership At the top weak leadership in the home Weak leadership at your school you make A great point and it's it's there's a Vacuum out here that's just screaming Let me ask a question though here's a Question the question we started off With was Russia you know Biden being in Ukraine not going to East Palestine uh Concerns of Russia you know putting Their weapons on the ships seeing the Fact that China is uniting with Putin And saying hey we will sell you lethal Weapons for the first time not like Regular weapons lethal weapons all of These things are you know Going in the direction of could this Lead to an all-out War are we there or Are we not there yet sorry about that I Was I was reacting I thought you were Asking me about my response today I want To know this story to the original Question going back here I think what is Happening right now is the west and Let's call it the East are fighting a Proxy war three in Ukraine and you have To remember let's take a look at the Weapons that are being given have you

Noticed uh we will never give them those Tanks we'll give them some of those We'll give them money for our MMS we'll Get money for small arms we've got money For grenade launchers get money for but We won't give them Stingers okay hell Give them Stingers if you notice that The level of weapons and they keep Making a point of it in each one of the Articles is but they're giving them Lethal now but we're not going to give Them these but we'll give them those It's escalating and I feel like it's a Proxy World War that's being fought in The Ukraine as both sides are providing Into a certain degree testing weapon Systems that they're giving to Ukrainians and giving to Russia China is Giving stuff to Russia and the West is Giving stuff to Ukraine remember we Weren't going to give many planes at all And and then they said Poland give them Give us your NATO planes please please Give us the better planes that we can Have and Paul and said well maybe well Maybe I won't I think we're fighting a Proxy war and it's going one step at a Time a drip at a time on the advanced Weapons and Pat where's the outrage the President of the United States on President's Day mind you flew to Ukraine gave them another 500 million I Don't think people people just throw Those numbers around 500 million dollars

Okay East Palestine there's a freaking New Peak fish are dying dogs are dying People can't drink the the water where You know what America is right now Imagine having like you know your Dad's Sick at the house Pat and he's he's God Forbid dying of cancer you have the Means to help him but we're like you Know what I'm gonna donate to like a Charity that's are you where is that Outrage or what the is I'm sorry For my language what is what is going on Like I I don't get it I don't understand How much money collectively have we Given to Ukraine 100 Billion billion uh what 100 that doesn't Make remember we had that talk Adam when What's her name was here uh it's gonna It's getting it's not gonna be a Trillion I think what she was saying Yeah she said it was 100 trillion yeah Think about this a hundred billion Dollars and I do I don't give a damn I Feel bad for what's going on over there I don't care about Ukraine I care about Us what why is putting America First Such a bad thing why why can't we come First in Palestine my thought about this Is I don't understand why it's being Ignored what is on those cranes and who Owns those trains that is able to to Drop the dime on the media and our Political leaders so that everybody Ignores it that I'm I am actually I'm

Actually confused I'm not confused I Think somebody's dropped the dime and is Suppressing the whole story but how Effectively did they if it wasn't for Twitter America wouldn't know and Pat We've talked about this before I walked In here how great is this uh there's a Documentary and two last year December Called white noise that the movie is set In 1984 the exact a trail derailment With toxic chemicals in East Palestine If if we're not living in The Matrix That's a fact that that happened in this Movie last year wait this this is a you Were this is what you were doing I told You before you went a little bit so we Can see the stories this was this was a Movie uh in 1984 set and it and in the Movie there's a train derailment in East Palestine and a dumped chemical uh thing If that if that is not insane like I I Don't know what is an Airborne Toxic Event I'm sorry is that we what are the Odds is that crazy so so go back to this Go back to this so are we are we uh uh At a point so Putin doesn't want NATO to Keep getting stronger NATO keeps acting Acting like uh Ukraine is part of NATO U.S and by the way this is not a Democratic thing Mitch McConnell said The most important thing we can do right Now is support Ukraine so it's not like It's a Democrat yeah McConnell is Supporting this there's a few there's a

Lot of people that are not supporting This Jimmy Dore they had a uh a rally This Sunday in uh what do you call a DC And there was a bunch of people there Tulsa gabbards there you know a bunch of We know you know uh uh how DeSantis Feels about this how Trump feels about This a lot of people are against Constantly sending resources to these Guys but are we at the Tipping Point Where all of a sudden boom because the Way this is going to go is the moment The first person goes like you said Earlier it's go time it's a wrap there's No more looking back and taking your Time with it no what do you think Yeah I think that's why it's so scary You know it's a I think it's is it worth something some Like a distant memory for Americans Currently so they don't really Understand how serious this thing is we Are playing with right now there's Actual possibility of war world war Three with the new career Power Country We somehow think it's not possible And so like let our guard down And also it's like our country's a mess It's not really a strong position Everything is working the country is a Complete mess China is I mean their Ambition is destroying America North Korea's only goal is destroying America I don't know what's he runs is it is it

True death upon America Around the same literally that's what They say match that um because death Upon America it's pretty clear yeah Their only purpose in their life is Destroying America and they are Supporting Russia right now so what are We doing I think that's so I'm raising a Child like some I don't know what kind Of future that he's gonna have but I Think this is where people in America's Because they never experience any Difficulty in life they cannot fathom That how easily this piece can go away And And it's not in democratically the truth Like who decides that we can give this Much money to Ukraine like who decides That is this like a democracy I don't Remember voting for that bill yeah me Neither it's like I thought this was Democracy Who chose that it was okay to send that Much money Well there's There's if I may um by the way we're About to reach the one year anniversary Of the war in Ukraine so uh that's I Think part of the reason that's the Reason that he went over there on President's Day or President's Day Weekend the big guy went over there I Think regarding the amount of money That's being spent that's an entirely

Okay conversation to have Congress has approved this budget uh It's Foreign Affairs it's part of the Entire budget you know as you know Tom The majority of our GDP of our budget Goes to Social Security Medicare Medicaid that's where the vast majority Goes and then beyond that it goes to our Defense and then beyond that what Pat Touched on the other day was the Freaking interest we have to pay on the Amount of debt that we have so I think It is incumbent on cities first and Foremost Chicago La New York to clean up Their own mess okay it's not the federal Government's job to clean up Homelessness I actually don't think that Homelessness is is something that we can Fix I think there's always going to be People who are up and there's Always going to be homelessness in every Country regardless but back to Ukraine I Think two things can be true at once I Think I and I stand Steadfast with this Charlie Kirk said it The other day it is just entirely Immoral and not the right thing to do For a country to invade a sovereign Country and invade their sovereignty you Just can't do that that's just not Anything that we stand for in America we Believe in democracy we believe in Borders we don't play that game and That's

Part of the reason that we're backing Ukraine at the same time we can question Dude how much freaking money are we Spending these over here how much longer Are we going to do this if we learned Anything in Afghanistan it's like we Don't want to be in Wars it just Never end how long is this going to go And if it's the quote-unquote technical One-year anniversary of the invasion but They've been doing this thing since 2014 In Crimea so this is an ongoing thing is This going to turn into another Afghanistan I hope not and then just Breaking news right now is on Wall Street Journal uh she chairman she of China is planning to visit uh Moscow Today or this week and this is right After Putin who has now officially Suspended the nuclear arms treaty with The United States of America so these Are real life things Tom touched on this Proxy war this is this is escalating to A point where we in America for the First few months Ukraine support Ukraine Nobody gives a about Ukraine Anymore like just live your life yeah at This point the war is escalating it People are dying I think we caught a Couple hundred thousand people have died There's something called diplomacy we Need to figure out who in America is Going to be the Diplomat to basically Provide diplomacy so we can end this

Freaking War nobody wants it it's not a Great points I I mean I don't think it's Gonna end anytime soon she's going to go Visit Russia which is and she's probably Going to bring the supply balloon info And tell him all the that that I'm Being serious show them everything and Then and then Adam Pat you know what the Start treaty that he's saying he's not Going to go and I think we have I think It's a 1550 uh between us and Russia we Can have or it might be individual uh Icbms that have the re-entry system you Know I mean that can actually come in And land and hit where they want he's Backing out of that so basically that's Russia saying we could put these systems On whatever the hell we want because bro Russia is the I think we're one in Russia's number two right for nuclear Arsenal and threat for them to say Listen we're backing out of this because We want to be able to put more not not Just the WarHeads the re-entry system Which tells it where it could sit and Where it can land and that's dude I'm Telling you right now that is not a good Team to be teaming up is those two bro That's I'm telling you it's not going to Be good well one one final point we have The luxury in America to sit here on the Other side of the world and genuinely Rest easy at night if you're in Europe Because one thing I'll continue to

Remind you is the entire EU supports This War I know the entire EU so if You're Germany if you're Poland if You're on that NATO border you're the Ones who literally would be facing Nuclear 100 death okay so if they're Still behind this as America we are we Taking their cues from them or are they Taking our cues from us or is it a is it A symbiotic relationship I don't know But if they're resting easy at night uh I think we can too I mean I don't know But what do we want out of this world Like what do we want do we want the Putin to die like we want to destroy Very good question like what is our goal Of keep going this past I think you Nailed it on the head you on me what is The goal yeah we've set the precedent Hey we don't stand for this we've Entered this War I think you're Absolutely what's the point now yeah and I I think we need to read into basically What Biden is saying is that he's Reaffirming our relationship with Ukraine and we're not stopping and I Would like to know what the ideal Outcome is from doing all this what what Else would it be maybe maybe Pat they Have a shitload of dirt on his ass Because we already know I'm just hold on I'm just Wing I'm giving you a bunch of Options and you know what zielinski's Saying hey bro we got old we got all

That on the laptop we got we got All of it just keep giving us understand Could that be a little bit of a just Again Biden's War what Congress has Approved but Biden hold on Biden Basically gave Russia the remember when He said you guys could do a little minor Incursion it won't really Biden gave Them the okay to just come on and buying It from the beginning was like come on In that's on record but I didn't give to Russia he said yeah we won't get that Mad if they do a minor incursion in Ukraine he said that live he Basically gave them the green light to Come that's your point my point is Biden Is compromise so for somebody to be Giving a country that much freaking Money just open Wallet all the time and Go on a visit and kiss this guy's ass There has to be other elements involved I'm saying it's not just one thing but She made a great Point why could Somebody answer me why yeah I think what You're going to see in Russia Russia Will be held accountable fit invades and It depends on what it does if it's one Thing like a minor incursion and then we End up having to fight about that uh What to do and do and not do like dude That's giving somebody a green light go Go you you could drop a couple bombs Just don't really go to war so how do You say that good point you're making

There Vinnie thanks listen we're gonna We're gonna learn what's gonna happen With this uh with 100 billion dollars The point wasn't to fix homelessness That's a mindset issue that we're having There's a reason why it keeps happening In LA to me if that's policies is the Real issue it's the example to say Democrats if you claim you care about Homeless people as much as you do this Is what you could have done with the Money given to Ukraine your cause your Need your money could have helped America but it went elsewhere that was The point with the homeless stuff that We're talking about so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you

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