“Not A Comedian” – Jimmy Kimmel Takes Cheap Shot At Robert Downey Jr. During Oscars Ceremony

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Jimmy Kimmel’s cheap shot at Robert Downey Jr. during the 2024 Oscars Ceremony.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Jimmy Kimel so first of all Robert Downey Jr congratulations he wins his First Oscars but while he's winning his First Oscar Rob if you can go to Twitter That the videos on my tweet while he's Winning his first Oscar Jimmy Kimmel Starts to joke trying to be funny and he Says the following just listen to this And I just want you to tell me if you Maybe I'm wrong maybe my humor sucks I Didn't find anything funny about what The man said on how he changed his life On the night he about to win his first Oscar and here's what kemel says go Ahead congratulations to cyan's co-star Robert Downey Jr who is this night Is this is the highest point of Robert Downey Jr's long and illustrious career Well one of the highest Points um but A scum maybe it's funny I don't find it Funny at all now he's playing it off Yeah he's being a professional was that Two on the nose or is that a drug motion You made just keep going just keep going Yeah move on but look at him I mean look At this guy he's so handsome so talented He's won every award there is to win is That an acceptance speech in your pocket Or do you just have a very rectangular Penis Like he's acting he's he's acting Meaning he can't stand any of the jokes That are being said what what are your

Thoughts when you see somethingone like That first of first of all I I don't Know who labeled Jimmy Kimmel a comedian Wikipedia has him in there as a comedian He is not a comedian he's a hack leftist Propagandist that just by the way is Does anything about him say funny Pat Anything on the man show they were just Discussing him and Adam Corolla Disgusting against women and remember The left is a professional at this they Could be racist they could they could Fat shame people did you see the video Rob I just sent you of by the way this Is maybe the third or fourth time that From his his past Jimmy Kimmel has been Done blackface he's been racist he's fat Shamed he's disrespected women nothing Happens to him because he's a Democrat You get a you get a golden ticket I just Sent it to you on slack Rob this is um Look look at look this is Jimmy Kimmel On Comedy Central look look look at how How is this not cancelable my body That's blackace opra that's why I start Every morning with a Brisk aerobic Workout look but I can't he's fat Shaming women workouts are easier when You have a partner and he's stomping on On a Mexican my Yeah margarit soft brown stomach Protects my knees and ankles from Unnecessary wear and tear not too much Longer me so

Okay that mean shut up in Spanish 15 minutes a day all you need so So here's the thing tasteless you know I've never seen that but by the way he Did Carl Malone he did blackface if any Other person did some [ __ ] like that Pat They're canceled all he is is a Mouthpiece for the L just like Steven Coar and all these pushers so let's Let's play let's let's be him let's be Him he's going to say that's comedy Though I got you guys talking about it That's comedy right I won you guys are Talking about it I won so the the the Part where this is if you're going to Tell that joke you can't get upset at Anybody calling your ass out you just Have to accept it why because when People bring up Carl Malone and Oprah Winfrey I'm sure he's like well that was 20 years ago that was 30 years ago why Are you bringing something up like that Well RDJ changes life man and and people Love him there's some actors and some People in life you root for literally There's certain people you just Naturally root for it's in sports it's In politics it's in Hollywood it's in Comedy it's in every space you just root For that guy Robert Downey Jr was a guy Put list of my top five movies of his With number one being judge I think Number two was the endgame number three I put as I think only you and then Iron

Man and I added one other the movie tuts I forget which one the fives are for me I just Lov this guy right and maybe Jimmy Kimel hates the fact that he Doesn't have that kind of love that uh You know Robert dowy Jr gets maybe his Envy is like I'm more famous and I'm Doing this and I'm doing that but how Come people don't love me like the way They love Robert Downey Jr I don't know What it is this is why he's a hypocrite Because he can bring up Robert Downey's Uh drug past 20 years ago yeah but you Can't talk about what he did 20 years Ago that's exactly that is the most Ironic part great point and here's the Thing though uh youil like the odds of What Robert if you guys don't know Robert Downey Jr's story of the drugs And everything the guy shouldn't even be Alive shouldn't have a career and look At he dude you want to talk about a Phoenix this guy came out of the ashes He's up there this is his night he's the Favorite to win and you're going to say Some stupid ignorant [ __ ] like that in Front of his wife in front of the world He played it off cool but it's like dude Like enough is enough with these hack Embarrassing freaking Moments by the way He opened when he was on stage uh he Read Trump's tweet about him being of The worst host and why by the way you Know what's crazy that was the funniest

Moment of the night and it wasn't that He said it it was what Trump said about His hack unfunny ass got a uh standing Well I'll tell you one thing obviously Cuomo is like best friends with Robert Downey Jr yeah right I mean he's Facetimed into the podcast before during The UFC fight I'm sitting with Cuomo who Tomm you were there Robert Downey Jr Facetimes US during the fight we're People behind us are literally like That's Robert dowy that's crazy Everyone's going like in our little Section it wasn't crazy um I haven't Watched the Oscars in I don't even Decades yeah but because of Robert Downey Jr because of quomo I wanted to See if he was going to win or Not by the Way Oppenheimer cleaned up he won best Supporting actor for Oppenheimer they Won best actor best picture best Supporting actor the list goes on I Think they won I don't know almost 10 Awards I want to say but he got up on Stage this is what you know he could you Got to appreciate somebody that can poke Fun at themselves right so he said uh I Would like to thank my terrible Childhood and the academy in that order And and shout out to the insurance guys Out there because he goes then I would Also like to thank my talent agent for Actually getting me insured and he goes Thanks bro so you know he's just a very

Likable guy guarantee he goes home that Night his phone blows up and they say WTF what was that all about by I Guarantee you that's what people texted In to say that about him and but he's Love and and God bless you you know what People say he that was rich and God Bless you pbd he goes that was ren do You guys know that he read that Trump Tweet he told them I'm going to go up There and read it and they said no and He said yes I am so he chose to say this Stupid ass joke they told him not to Read the Trump thing and he did it so That so when people say this is written No no he can say whatever do you have The Trump tweet that he read can you can You pull that up if he did the Oscars Yeah is this the one clip of him reading It if you want to play that how long is It 2 minutes oh no we're not 30 seconds Do you have the yeah I fast forwarded it To right okay go ahead play the clip go Ahead wondering if I could share it with You I just got a a review and Um has there ever been a worse host than Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscar fact his Opening was that of a less than average Person trying too hard to be something Which he is not and never can be get rid Of Kimmel and perhaps replace him with Another washed up but cheap ABC Talent George Soplos he would make everybody on stage

Look bigger stronger and more glamorous Blah blah blah make America great again Wow by the way how funny stop Anopolis slopis and Rob if you want to Pull up what I sent you on slack look at The the people are aware of how Bipartisan not that one the first one Right above that yeah Jimmy Kimmel Number one or does it say here Rob Punchin Who like yeah can you zoom in SC percent Of Americans who the late night host Leans politically liberal Jimmy Kimmel's Number one Steph M Bear right next to Him Jimmy Fallon JM the only one that I could even Tolerate but look at the unfunny hacks On this list keep going keep going What's interesting is only one of them Is actually a political show Bill Mah He's not even in the top three what does That say to you look look I mean and I Could deal with Samantha be John Oliver Is another hack and then if you go to The next thing that I sent you it's very Interesting this John Oliver does some Real good good things what he did about Boeing if we cover that we could talk About he does not hold back I mean Obviously he's not a trunk I can't stand Him but he's got and this is the reason That Greg got failed who's not a Comedian I don't know if you can see it Great graphic Adam yeah my bad what this

Nintendo 1982 there it is the hell Free Fighter is Blanca about to fight rayu What the hell is that it looks like that Oh my God you this is why Gutfeld is Number one because a lot of people think That it's politically liberal to ad at 2: a.m. last night did this look in Focus to you I almost like it must be my Eyes are going but I just I think it Don't blame it on the technology I think Kimel is classless tasteless he you know If if he was a republican he would have Been cancelled 10 years ago 100% the Hysterical thing about Hollywood is for All of their liberal Unity that they Claim to have there is not a more Backbiting cynical insecure world than That of Hollywood Talent they are Jealous of each other they are cynical About each other and you get a talent Agent alone and get a couple glasses of Wine in them and they'll give you War Stories about how actresses get so Snippy with each other you get a talent Age Al with a no no I'm saying wine he's Going to ask you get people talking let Me put it this way you go to a you go to A cocktail party in Hollywood and you Know what I mean you go to a cocktail Party in Hollywood and at about 11:00 You get an agent with a buzz starts Talking and they'll start telling you Since we're speaking of the a I'm Telling you I'm not having the cup of

Glass of wine with I'm drink I think Everybody knows what I mean but Kimmel Is a cynical going do it jealous man This is what we're going to do anybody That places an order of let's say $50 or More minimum one futur looks bright hat Cuz I want a million people this year Wearing this skure there was so many People in the arena independently Wearing the future looks bright gear and It's so confusing for people who are Pessimistic when they see somebody say The future looks bright but this is what I'm going to do anybody that places an Order of uh you know $50 or more okay Between now and Thursday but Specifically anyone that places an order Every for every $50 you place an order You get one ticket in the drawing and I'm going to get I don't know I'm going To get four tickets to the next UFC Fight okay I don't even know where the Next UFC fight is UFC 3 and I'm going to Give two people two UFC tickets Rob if You can give me those Sam just bring it To me just bring it to me it's okay and Here's what we got these are the things That we have right now for international Women's day we just got these pink uh uh Uh uh look at that yeah pink future Looks bright hats that are here sville Are these on the site so Rob hats let's Make sure they're on the site we got These two future looks bright uh women

At pink to choose from and then we got The new navy blue navy blue if you're Like a police officer we got the new Navy blue future looks bright let's make Sure and these are on the site Rob can You show these things being on the site You placed the order of the hats oh that Blue is sick $50 or more for every $50 We're going to do a drawing and on Thursday I'm giving away four UFC Tickets that that's the one right the Navy blue and then S I don't know if I See the pink one on there so if you can Make sure that gets on there as well but Uh that's what we're going to do make Sure you place your order okay it's uh April 13th Las Vegas perfect UF April Las Vegas I'm going to give away four Tickets so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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