“NOT GOOD ENOUGH” – Conor McGregor Calls Out Irish Authorities For Lackluster Response to Stabbings

Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by The Daily Wire co-founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing as they discuss Irish police investigating former UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s tweets about the Dublin riots.

Jeremy Boreing is the co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire and host of the popular podcast Daily Wire Backstage, featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the
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Are you following what's going on in Dublin and what Conor McGregor said to You know the whole uh uh challenge That's taking place there wanting to Take uh refugees have been following That score all let's read let's go I Know a little bit about what's happening In Ireland but not the Conor mcgreg okay So let's let's read this and then we'll Get your commentary on it so yeah Dublin Sees worst writing in decades after Children stabbed this is a Wall Street Journal story Dublin Witnesses worst Civil disorder in decades resulting in 13 damage shops 34 arrests and the Deployment of over 400 police officers Guard of commissioner haris attributed The violence to lunatic Hooligan faction driven by the far-right Ideology the riots following a stabbing Attack outside a school leaving three Children injured and 5-year-old girl in Critical condition a man in his 50s was Taken into custody in the incident spark Rumors online Irish Prime Minister Leo Vatar condemned the writers warning of Potential further protests and Emphasizing the need for review of the Event of violence has also raised Questions about migration in Ireland With around 141,000 migrants immigrants entering the Republic between a damn April 2022 and April 2023 according to government

Figures the majority coming from Ukraine And while this has taking place Conor McGregor rips the Irish government uh Appears to hint at political aspirations Conor McGregor Rob if you got the Tweet The US UFC Superstar criticized the Current state of Ireland amid protests McGregor said I do not condone last Night's rights I do not condone any Condone any attacks uh of on our First Responders in their duty of line of duty I do not condone looting and the Damaging of shops McGregor emphasized The need for action and change in Ireland hinting at potential aspirations He stated I am in the process of Arranging believe me I am way more Technical uh and I have backing there Will be change in Ireland mark my words McGregor also warned that if officials Don't act to ensure Ireland safety he Would take matters into his own an Saying if they do not take action soon With their plan of action to ensure Ireland safety I will so what are your Thoughts on what's going on there well First of all the the greatest bad idea Of the 20th century is that you can have Unfettered immigration uh you know IM Immigration is important obviously America is an immigrant country but the Melting Pot uh theory of immigration Requires you not to change fundamentally The taste of the soup you you you see

What I mean you have to bring in people Who either align with the soup and so Bringing them in doesn't change the Flavor of the soup or you bring in People who don't but in small enough Numbers that the soup assimilates the Ingredient the ingredient doesn't Overpower the soup and that worked very Well in this country for a long time and In the second half of the 20th century We threw that completely out the door And we said no no no everything all the Time bring in everybody in fact you know It was a deliberate political strategy Led by Ted Kennedy and others in this Country to change the the voting Demographics of the country to more Align with his Politics and and I I think it hasn't Always been that and that's not the only Thing that was at play there's also a Huge economic aspect which is when when Your culture isn't having babies at a Replacement rate or at a growing rate You have to bring in immigrants in order To do certain jobs especially in times Of prosperity there's other you Refugee Concerns but essentially the bad idea is That every culture is the same and Therefore no matter who we let into our Country our culture will remain our Culture and that that is a bad idea that Kills Nations so you look around the World right now and you see well it

Turns out 50 years into this experiment That all cultures are not the same and That if you bring in too many people From certain cultures at a rate in which The soup can't can't uh uh consume the Ingredient you start changing the taste Of the soup you start changing your Culture into their culture and people Are rightly pushing back against that I Don't think that they're always pushing Back against it in the right way but it Is right to push back against it and the Real question for the West is is it too Late you know when the when the number One baby name in Britain is Muhammad you You've gone a long way down this road And what are you going to do about it And I worry that what's ahead in the Next 20 years in the world is going to Be an incredibly dark time as the West Either goes Through death death gasps or course Corrects and either one of those is Likely to be painful uh and I'm likely To disagree with a lot of the actions Taken by people who with uh who I think Did accurately diagnose the problem I Think one of the one of the challenges Particularly in the sort of emerging Right-wing movements around the world Today is that a lot of people are Accurately diagnosing the problem but Their prescription is the incorrect Prescription and that happens when you

Push people who are who have not been Thinking about issues for a long time to Their breaking point you can't expect That they're going to have the right Answer but they are going to be pretty Uh acute aware that there's a problem And I think that's part of what we're Seeing like Conor McGregor burning down Shops and looting is a bad Reaction but an but but the outrage is Understandable 100% I want to read this And Vin I want to come to you I'm going To read this tweet because this is the One I miss and then I'm I'm so Leo varar This is a day of enormous joy and relief For Emily hand and her family and Innocent child who was lost key word Lost lost has now been found and Returned and we br bre a massive sigh of Relief our prayers have been answered by The way readers added context Emily was Not lost she was abducted by terrorists From Hamas Conor McGregor she was Abducted by an evil terrorist Organization what is with you and your Government and your paid for media Affiliates constantly downplaying Attempting to repress horrific acts that Happened to Children you are a disgrace The day after a stabbing of children in Ireland not one paper had it on their Front cover We will not forget I mean look if There's anything about this guy he knows

How to fight but this guy knows how to Fight with his fist and his legs but With his body but he also knows how to Fight with his mouth which is rare to Find Vinnie go ahead and the and it's Funny that the Irish government is going After people who are complaining about The problem instead of going after the Actual problem itself and by the way 75% Of people in Ireland think that this is A problem they all think like how Connor Is thinking but uh let's let's think About it this guy that attacked it was An Algerian migrant he stabbed these Kids outside of a school p and uh he was Supposed to be deported 20 years ago but The government let him stay gave him a Passport and citizenship he was also Caught with a knife earlier in the year And guess what they let him go they just Let him go so you have to ask why all These things are happening right Pat and Then and then there's bills that are Being put in place right now that are Pretty jacked up uh is it okay if he Shows us Pat Senator Pauline O'Reilly Was speaking about Ireland's hate speech Bill you you know what I mean Jeremy cuz They're going after these people I'll Have Rob play it and then I'll tell you What this bill actually has and no Wonder why the people are pissed off This is uh Senator Pauline O'Reilly from Ireland think about it all law all

Legislation is about the Restriction of Freedom that's exactly what we're doing Here is we are restricting freedom but We're doing it for the common good you Will see throughout our constitution yes You have rights but they are restricted For the common good everything needs to Be Balan I'm with the government I'm Here if your abuse on other people's Identities go to make their lives we Stop that she's a very pleasant Tyrant Yeah yeah exactly she's sweet she's not She actually you know when somebody Wears a necklace I trust them but people Don't realize how extreme this bill this Hate speech bill that they're trying to Do Jeremy you can get up to 12 months in Prison for refusing to give your Password to your devices if suspected of Committing a hate speech if they think You were being hateful you have to give Them your passcode of your phone and all Your social media or else you go to uh Prison for for 12 months and I I I Respect Conor Pat because he is a true Patriot think about it he's worth Hundreds of millions of dollars he knows He's out there right he has an amazing Life amazing family I mean he he himself He's pumping out kids left and right He's saving the Ireland's blood line Forever but um he could have stayed Quiet Pat he does why did why do he need To talk he knows once he went public

With his opinion that especially going Against the left's narrative that they Tried to destroy him and think about it You remember a couple months ago I Started losing faith Jeremy I was like Hope and we had a we had a conversation I was sitting right where you were Sitting it's like you have to keep hope And and he literally woke me up and I And I turned my my mindset cuz look What's happening in the world it started With Trump Argentina elects Malay the Netherlands elected uh gear wielders the People in Spain are in the street They're protesting by the hundreds of Thousands Elon by Twitter he you know Lets us speak our minds and now Connor's Hinting for running for office I'm Gaining that hope and that Faith because It seems like the left keeps getting Left and more left and more left but the People are actually speaking and there Is a chance for us because I'm seeing it Happen right in front of our faces you You know you know what is crazy while He's showing this clip the clip that to Me is the most shocking and Rob I texted It to you if you can play the clip from Uh Poland the position he takes while They're talking about uh uh uh refugees Go and play this clip this never gets Sold go for it How many refugees has Poland Taken zero and you're proud of that if

You are asking me if you're if you are Asking me about Muslim uh Muslims Illegal immigration none not even one Will come to Poland not even one if it's Illegal we we took over 2 million Ukrainians who are working who are Peaceful in Poland we will not receive Even one Muslim because this is what we Promised but I asked not about illegal Immigrants I asked about refugees and Jeane junker the commissioned President Says that you're racist you sound proud Of the fact that you haven't taken any Refugees of course because this is what Our people expecting from our government That's number one this is why our Government was elected but this is why Poland is so safe this is the the the Reason why we had not even uh one Terrorist attack at the streets in Poland and we can be called populists Nationalists racists I don't care I care About my family and my my country the The backbone is what you got to respect What's your reaction when you see this Stuff happening yeah you know there's There's uh two countries in Europe Poland and Hungary where they're not Abiding this and they're safe countries You know I I don't know time will tell If people like Victor Orban are uh are Have dictatorial Tendencies certainly They have autocratic Tendencies Benjamin Yahoo has autocratic Tendencies and time

Will tell you know again power wealth And fame are corrosive you will will the Systems that are in place in those Countries and the character of those men Be able to constrain in some way those Worse the the worst things that can Happen in those situations I certainly Hope so but on the other side in in the The more what we might call the more Democratic countries the more liberal Democracies uh like America Britain France we're losing our national Identity and not just our national Identity but in the name of radical Individualism we're losing individual Identity too because your daughter can Actually lose connection to the part of Her identity that is girl and your son Can lose uh part of his identity that is Boy and we're losing our ability to say That our countries represent something Good that our cultures despite their Flaws represent something good in the World and maybe even the best thing That's ever been represented in the World and so yes it is again maybe not All the prescriptions are correct but You're seeing absolutely the right Diagnosis uh by the former polish prime Minister and the current uh prime Minister of H hry and and other G Wilders and others who are coming up and Hopefully Conor McGregor too I hope so By by the way it's going to be very if

If he becomes a p oh my God if he does It'll be the most Entertaining everybody worldwide is Going to want to go visit Ireland can You imagine that where you going for Vacation I'm going over they shouldn't Have debates they should have a weighin Be the greatest political oh my God can You see foreign leaders coming up here Welcome to Ireland yeah you know Tomorrow tomorrow we debate but first Today we cuz you know somebody would say Something P be like what the fu yeah What are you talking F out of here no he Would be like okay today we're going to Open up the uh prayer with proper 12 Drink everybody Put so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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