One Paradigm Shift Away From Changing Your Life

PBD goes undercover at Wynn Dixie in Liberty City. Why? A paradigm shift. Find out how you can experience more life changing moments in 2023. FaceTime or Ask Patrick any questions on

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What if I told you last week I was a Bagger at Winn-Dixie like literally a Bagger and a cashier and I had the Uniform on I did that last week for an Hour in Liberty City while two people Got shot right across the street that's Literally what I did last week I'll Explain to you why I did that last Weekend combine it with a paradigm shift And maybe something to ask yourself of What's beneath you and by the way if you Get value from this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel So I'm interviewing Antonio Brown and While we're sitting right here Antonio Brown says you don't know what you're Talking about I'm from Liberty City I'm Like I grew up in Inglewood I mean my Dad is a 99 cent store in Inglewood so You know you I grew up in LA but you Don't know what it's like I said in Liberty City people can shout out I said In Iran we get bombed on but that was a Choice to joined the army I said I was Born in Iran I didn't have a choice that Whole banter I don't know if you've seen This so when he said that I came away And I went and said I want to know what Liberty City looks like never been there Before how about we do this what if we Go to Liberty City and I become a bagger Because I want to give myself a paradigm Shift to understand what that place Looks like rather than just talk about

Or watch a video so we go to Winn-Dixie's and I dress as a bagger and Me and cashier heaven and we're right There going back and forth taking care Of customers and while customers are Coming I'm talking to everybody okay and I'm talking to everybody what's your Story what do you do it's a teacher for 42 years about yourself single mother What do you do I work for the city what Are you doing going back and forth and All I'm doing at the end is listen do You mind if I pay for your groceries What yes can I go grab you some diapers You're joking no and I paid for Everybody I think at the end of the day We spend I don't know four or five Thousand dollars I don't know the number But we paid for people for over an hour The line got longer and longer and Longer within 30 minutes everybody was Calling there is this guy at aisle Number seven Winn-Dixie come by he's Paying for everybody right while I'm Doing this guess who said I want to go With you my dad 80 years old is standing To my right okay my dad was a cashier in Inglewood 15 years in LA right next to Great Western firm he was held up three Times three times he was held up you Know my dad that never gave the money he Took the Bible out I said dad you don't Do something like that that tells you The character of my dad right so my dad

Is standing there walking around he sees This place in a completely different Lens he says I like their fruits very Good color healthy I like how I'm like What are you talking about but that's His lens because he ran a 99 cent store Do you know whole purpose of doing this Last week let's just have a paradigm Shift why for me to get an understanding What's going on this Market what it's Looking like If if I were to tell you right now if You're somebody that's winning and you Had the best you make more money than Ever you drive a Lambo a Ferrari live in A 10 million dollar house five million Dollar house you travel all over the World and everybody around you is Winning you kind of need to pay a visit To the other side you need to go to the Local community whatever you got a skid Row whatever City it is to find out what It's really looking like to give you a Perspective of how lucky you are now Flip it if you're watching this 2021 2022 horrible year for you you went Through a divorce bad breakup you lost It all 100 of your money was in Bitcoin You were thinking it's going to go to The moon and it did not you literally Lost your life savings in 2022 you're Down and out guess what you need to be Doing you need to go and sell the dream To yourself go look at some 35 million

Dollar house go to a Ferrari dealership Go to a community you want to live in go To a private school and Shop to see what It's like to send your kids to that Place you need to give yourself a Paradigm shift for you to start thinking About what life could look like if you Decide to change because every once in a While we all lose so going back I chose To go to Winn-Dixie to have a paradigm Shift because I always want to be Connected to the people at every level Whether you make 10 bucks an hour I want To be able to talk to you whether you're White black Hispanic Asian middle Eastern millionaire billionaire broke Communist convict Democrat Republican Libertarian I don't care what you are I Want to be able to have a conversation With you and learn from each other Because that tells you your winning Votes and that tells you having a Paradigm shift where everybody's got Something of value to give you and you Somehow someone can Inspire others to do So something big with their lives so my Message to going into 2023 this whole Concept of Paradigm Shift isn't just for You you got to create those appointments I study for my series seven right next To my grandmother's plot at Forest Lawn Her plot's right there I'm studying for My series seven and every 30 minutes I Would walk around to read everyone's

Names to see who I recognized or not and Said if you don't do something big with Your life you're going to be that person Born 1939 died in 1982 I don't know who It is next person born 1946 died 2002 I Don't know who it is boom boom boom boom Boom looking at everybody that is my Paradigm Shift you got to create some Paradigm ships for yourself some for Your kids some for your spouse some for Your team to get people to think about Their dreams and ways they wouldn't Think without a paradigm shift having Said that if you want to go a little bit Deeper on this topic I gave a talk on The difference between will versus Swant Tough to watch but if you've never seen It click here to watch it you got value From this video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel take care Everybody bye Foreign [Music]

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