“Our Company Culture Likes Disagreements” – Patrick Bet-David

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Most of our company if you're Hispanic Politically you may disagree with me Okay but the way we have created our Values and principles in PHP is that you And I can have disagreements but we can Respect each other have a conversation Together no matter of fact I welcome it We like it we like a good discourse we Like a good debate so now having said That Does that also get some people to say I Don't like the way this guy said this This that yeah I don't want to do Business with them sure I probably lost Some business as well But has it also flipped and brought some More True Believers that we know for a Fact that we're on the same page Absolutely and have some people been Able to consume the content then say Even though I disagree with this guy I Like the approach he takes I'd like to Go into business with them yes but to Say there is no risk I'd be naive saying That 100 there's a risk

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