Patrick Bet-David Best Advice To Parents

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I think parents have to realize whoever You present as a hero your kids will Duplicate and go after so if you present Somebody who is constantly a victim oh My God life is hard as a hero your kid's Gonna aspire to be a victim because That's how your kid gets attention if The way your kid gets attention is by Being sick and you always go to them and You baby them all the time when that kid Gets older that's how they're going to Get your attention because they're sick Because they're going to get babied by You I think we need to let people fail a Little bit I think we need to let kids Go through a little bit of Challenge and Times I think putting kids in sports With a coach that's pushing the kids Sports is very important somebody Kicking their butt is very important I Think boys having strong men around them If a single mother is raising their kids Figure out a way to have that Uncle That's tough to be around figure out a Way to have your brother you know Whoever it is to to be around those guys Because if you don't some people are Going to be lost there's no saving them It's over

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