Patrick Bet-David Calls Out Ron DeSantis’ Marketing Team

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David calls out Ron DeSantis’ marketing team.

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What would you say is desantis's biggest Downside right we can all pick apart Trump's biggest downside but what would Desantis's biggest downside would be I Think I don't want to speak for the Mayor but I think what you would say is He hasn't done it before and this job is So big that it can eat anybody alive but Let's not forget it kind of ate Trump Alive too and again I voted for him and Supported him he kept fauci the entire Time uh there's a you know he ended up Fighting and firing that's the question So so what would you say what would you Say okay here's what I would say I think The Santas and his Camp need to come Together at his house or the office and Sit down and watch the documentary of Roger Ailes that's called divide and Conquer and see how a 25-26 year old Roger Ailes helped a Nixon who was a Brilliant operator but was not good on Camera become a marketer so he can get Elected because the ills understood Marketing Nixon did not Nixon wasn't a Marketable product he was not Charming He was not charismatic Mike Nixon help With McConnell Nixon help with Hannity O'Reilly all of these guys not Nixon I'm Sorry ales you need an else in your life Right everybody needs an else in your Life that's my first campaign man there You go Roger you're my best friend and I Was his lawyer how great yeah 40 million

Dollar deal with Fox which is one of the Reasons Fox hates me because they only Wanted to give him 20 million uh so I I Know Roger was a very close but hear me Out on what I'm saying this is the point I'm making so I think I think First of all man I'm gonna upset a lot Of people the chances of me ever Interviewing the census and him coming To our podcast every day goes lower and Lower and lower the more I say what I Say he'll come to you and you can ask The question that I say and then you can Post it it's a good word for it yeah I Mean but let me tell you let me tell you What my concern is here's my my call out Is to the following Who the hell is on his marketing team Why the hell do you come out with his Book in February knowing you can't Launch till July and the book drops out Of 100 ranking on Amazon one month later What the hell are you thinking if you Know you can't run till July you don't Launch a book till June what are you Doing launching a book in February do it In late may do it in June and then go on A ton of podcasts go on a ton of shows Make sure your book is number one you're Being too tough on it I'm not I can be Talking no no no no wait a minute let me See the first time candidate the first Time candidates make mistakes but no It's not about I'm not calling him out I

Didn't call him out I'm calling his Marketing team out my conversation is to The marketing team this is not a call Out to him I think he's a phenomenal Candidate I think he's crushed it we're In Florida because of him when we were In Dallas and I'm getting ready to go Through the process of selling the Insurance company my wife and I in the Family sat down and we looked at moving Back to Newport Beach Newsom eliminated That decision like this we were looking At moving to Greenwich because we're Starting a media company and I much Rather be in New York to compete with These guys we're looking at Nashville I Lived in Nashville for a couple years Right outside of it we're looking at Tampa we're looking at Fort Lauderdale We're looking at Miami we're looking at Manalapan or we're looking at staying in Dallas where Dallas was eliminated Greenwich was eliminated because the way They were handling covet Nashville we Like to water the beach is not that good In Nashville we like to Beach Yeah so we decided on Florida because of The santis yeah so this is not a message I'm giving it's the criticism to the Marketing campaign I went and talked to One of the biggest churches in town I Want to name the person They came and we started working with These guys I sat with their marketing

Team and I said can I just talk to your Marketing team directly and give me the Pressure uh permission to call them out And let them be pissed off at me not you He says go for it I said you're dealing In a time right now where parents are Frightened to send them to public school Because their kids are coming home Saying mom a guy I got a call on a Max 7 This week saying a guy was holding one Of our guys's hands in a private school In Dallas saying hey I like you I'm gay This kid is 10 years old 12 years old Flirting with this other guy the mom Doesn't know how to handle it she's Worried she's afraid what does she do About it so many parents right now are Frighten my word to send their kids Transgender well this kid's transgender How about you have you thought about Having this are you sure you're straight Is it only this have you thought about Having to say all this confusion that You have churches should be packed right Now every Church in America should be Packed right now what the hell are the Marketing teams that these churches Doing so my call is not a call out to The Past sisters my call is a call out To the marketing team of the descentes Campaign that's all it is not Ron yeah It's the marketing team well actually I Think first off I will gladly I'm sure You guys have reached out in every

Possible way but I will gladly try to Get that up the chain that's just one Thing because you should sit down and Stay away from DVD no they won't but Think about it you're what you're Watching you know you did oh stay away From PD because you're scared marketing Team not Ron you are they're holding up You're known as as Fair as possible so I I don't know what's going on there but Putting that aside for a second you what Your criticism of which is totally legit You have a very solvable problem right What you just laid out there was a very Solvable problem terrible timing on the Book you could even see you could be the Guy to sit down with him and say hey This is what the problem is and I can Actually help you solve for that he Doesn't trust a lot of people which you Can't blame that that may be but in Essence you're giving I ask you for the Biggest criticism and your criticism Which I'm not arguing with is actually Very solvable like you can yes so so That doesn't seem that deep not not that Deep it doesn't seem how do you problem And you only do a couple shows thinking The book is going to sell on its own Well I think it was number one New York Times for that long but that whole thing Two weeks yeah that shouldn't be the Case with the number one governor in America that had a state that everybody

Wanted to move to that should not be the I read the whole book that should not be The case and if you read the book you Will see how many times you gave credit To Trump in the book yeah a lot of People in New York Times or somebody Wrote an op-ed saying the fact that he Never gave he took shots at Trump there Was no shots at Trump he kept giving Credit if it wasn't for the Tweet if it Wasn't for this if it wasn't for that That book was marketed in the shittiest Way possible again I'm okay being the Target yeah all I'm saying is the Marketing team deserves the criticism Sure I'll also say this having launched My second book just a couple months Before that I mean I fired basically Everyone I worked with book the book Industry is so old and broken I'm not saying that's an example in the Book I'm dealing with Simon and Schuster And pink one here's what I said to them The other day we have a call Mario if Mario is somewhere around here is on he Remembers when he was on the call Mario You're somewhere around here they said Well we think this should be the title I said okay cool you want that as a Title of any we can hear you want that As a title yes okay oh we think this Should be the title I said can I just Pause and ask a question yes If you guys plan on selling the out

Of this pick the title go for it But if you want me to sell the book I Want this title And you see everybody's faces this is a Pretty heavyweight guy I got a lot of Respect for you I love this guy matter He's a stud of a guy he says Well you know what why don't you pick The title I said no I want to pick The time because you want me to shoot The book you don't sell a book nowadays Ask him to publish you to sell your book They're not marketers no they do nothing So again marketing team change your Strategy you got watch the Roger L's Documentary divide and conquer tonight Great it's a solvable problem yeah by The way he made me watch that Documentary amazing amazing documentary Go watch that tonight uh when you get Home guys Um but I feel like there's you have a Product and you have marketing we talked About this Natalia will know this I would much rather have a marketing Problem than a product problem because If you have a shitty product What the hell are you marketing okay but If you have a great product I.E Ron DeSantis you can clean up the marketing So say what you want about Trump he does Not have a marketing problem the problem Is kind of the product But the scientists in my opinion I think

Is a great product but he needs to Relook I I think that was a very uh Irresponsible comment about him not Being his being a great not being a Great product Uh he was probably He's probably the best president we've Had in 50 years So when DeSantis can be the best President for four years I'll agree with You but he had Santa's hasn't been in The white house he was not a Particularly effective congressman He was a terrible candidate when he ran The first time for office Uh and by the way Let me finish You can't separate the product and the Marketing that's That's lack of leadership I never separated from my team I'm responsible for my marketing I'm Responsible for my press secretary I'm Responsible for my Administration if I Did that I would have been a lousy mayor So if you're telling me that you want to Do a separation of well let's blame the Marketing but not the guy who's in Charge Ron DeSantis you don't have a Leader You got a follower the marketing team is Running everything of course he's Responsible for his marketing he's Responsible for everything that happened

To the damn campaign and if he's not he Shouldn't be president we don't know if He is like that I I honestly I I I I think it's more important that We keep Democrats out of the White House Than any of these guys Then to scientists and Trump then Cruz Or I'd be willing to consider somebody Else if they had a better chance of Saving this country RFK Robert uh no He's I know RFK for years he sued me More than anybody else And I love his book but the rest of them Is space in Mars somewhere did you ever Listen to some of the things that he Says Great guy but whoa whoa So no he she can't be president my God Uh Wow that would be scary but in any event We Ron DeSantis right now Is an ephemeral Something It's a year and a half before the Election he's not really campaigned as You pointed out that's his Responsibility not his marketing team Unless his marketing team is running Things Right if uh if I don't like I run my campaign Roger ayles with my Campaign manager I still ran my campaign I didn't blame when something went wrong

I didn't blame it on Roger rails so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here Foreign

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