Patrick Bet-David Declares His Intentions To His Family And The World

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There's a promise I made my debt at that Time I'm not making six weeks I'm making Fifty thousand dollars a year I said Dad They're gonna have to kill me the World's Gonna know your last name I guarantee you the World's Gonna know Your last name the World's Gonna Know What You Did for this family when you Left Iran FYI I sat poet there I sat Siam act there and I looked at both of Them and I said the World's Gonna know Our last name the World's Gonna know who We are asked the story from Paulina my Dad they'll tell you what this moment Was that's a declaration you know what My dad said when I said that here's what My dad said here you go again dreaming Here you go we're regular family we're Not stop saying that we're not a regular Family we're bad Davis we're not a Regular family I don't want to believe This by the way You Ought to talk about your last name the Same exact way you ought to get up and Say Bruno Castillo this is not a regular Last name Okafor is not a regular last Name pelayo is not a regular last name You ought to have that Pride

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