Patrick Bet-David Explains Why Hunger Trumps a College Degree

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I'm coming up in the insurance industry I'm 25 years old This one lady who was a former Accountant married good Market educated Degree I got nothing and she says you Know you have to realize Patrick you're Not at our level you can never compete With us and I said there's one thing That you don't have that I have and I Never told her what it was but I know Deep down and said there's one thing and It's the most intimidating thing when You go against the competitor and it's The fact that that person's not going to Stop if you go up against most opponents Most of them have a number or a Lifestyle where they'll stop meaning the Moment I have a million bucks Boom the Moment I have five million Boom the Moment I have that house Boom the moment I'm married with kids Boom the moment I Worked on there's there's always at the Moment I I will be cruising and I'll be More kicking back I'm not planning on Stopping there's only one person that Can stop me and it's the man upstairs And if he says you can keep going I'm Going to keep going Thank you

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