Patrick Bet-David Offers Tucker Carlson $100 Million To Join Valuetainment

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David offers Tucker Carlson $100 Million To Join Valuetainment.

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We made a public offer to Tucker Carlson On the great Megyn Kelly show a few Hours ago and then we tweeted our offer And we put it out there it's an article You can see the details it's Crystal Clear uh two Tucker Carlson let me start Off by reading this if you can zoom in a Little bit more so the audience can also See it this is you can find us on Twitter dear Tucker I'll get right to The point We want you to partner with us in what We feel is a noble and necessary effort To define the future of media here's our Offer 100 million over five years and Equities taken by taymin president of Ayatayman and a board seat to project Your strategies your strategic vision And voice your podcast plural singular And other daily weekly shows Documentaries and movies covering topics You care about what else we're all ears Our convictions about Freedom Liberty And Truth Run Deep and we believe we are The absolute right fit for you in America why we may not be the biggest Media company We are a new media leader driving into The future to make truth Fair debate and Commentary more accessible consumable And protected we are 100 serious about Our offer respectfully uh myself so if You're watching this and you're saying Well I don't like the fact that Netflix

Does the woke and Disney does this and Disney does that and what no problem Then when other Otts come that are Trying to fight that and they tell you 14.99 12.99 whether it's daily wire Whether it's whatever guess what pay it Pay it don't go sorry camera pay it Because what you're doing to them that Money is going to be used to go get Talent so this relationship is a two-way Highway I remember I would go to charity Events and I would say Jen this guy's Gonna want some money tonight get the Checkbook ready we got to cut some money Tonight okay great we're sitting there And I'll say if the argument's good We'll cut the check and I'll sit there And say oh my God this is such a great Point we don't need one of those Machines we need five of those machines How much is this each machine fifty nine Thousand dollars you know what should 500 300 you know what absolutely we'll Support it we were planning on only Giving this much here's the money Because it made sense we need five of Those machines in that City instead of Just needing one machine so audience This is a two-way Highway if you're Sitting there not happy about it you got To fund and help those companies that Can do something with that money to get That voice to be bigger and then this is Going to be crazier you got to go and

Get that vote of other people also Subscribing just like we get somebody Ready to get elected so when I had Rudy Giuliani on the podcast and we're having A conversation on the what do you call It the uh in 59.90 live And he was talking about what the Election this and the election that Election this I'm like you know I'm not For it I'm not for it says what do you Mean I'm not 40. I said here's what I'm For if you think there's going to be any Kind of cheating going on in the Election guess what what get seven People to go vote for vote with you Nobody should go vote by themselves what Do you mean when you go to vote do you Typically go vote by yourself yes moving Forward just like the Army we had to Buddy rule what's the buddy rule bring Somebody always have a buddy with you Yep this year 2024 guess what you should Not elect you should not vote alone You're gonna go vote pull somebody from The office with you hey Johnny you want To go vote with me let's go hey you want To go vote man let's go don't go vote by Yourself what's the point we got to Become a little bit more also you know Collectively in this tribal leadership To say let's bring people as well if you Like like let's just say let's say this Opportunity happens and we bring Tucker And Tucker decides to do this okay and

We have the conversation announcements Made Tucker's coming to buy timing Fantastic guess what whatever is going To be in a private platform where Tucker Can speak freely and that is announced Whether it's with us or anybody else if We don't get them I'm telling you right Now anybody else that goes gets him I'm Telling you go support it God willing It's with us because we believe we're The right fit but if it's not go support It and FYI let me prep you a little bit More this is how sometime when we Started a company this is what I said When I first started the insurance Company I said guys I want you to be Thinking about this what's that Um we're about to make this Announcements this technology I'll never Forget bamboo when we first launch a Time you weren't there when we launched It it was the ugliest three months of my Business career Every day we were at the office till 1 30 in the morning with customer service Live Zoom with so many different things Breaking with this and I kept telling About guys be patient but I prepped Everybody for six months not Everything's gonna go perfectly well be Patient be patient be patient be patient Boom it's crazy we had three of our Employees they used to work here and These guys were I said listen be patient

Long term we're going to do something Big they're all die hard guys we just Announced that we want to do something With Tucker Daryl texting me saying oh My God never thought that was this one I Said well you were impatient if you were Patient we told you the vision is really Big when Tucker goes anywhere And the first month two months three Months six months is not working at the Pace you want it to be be patient the Relationship is both ways that Organization's got to figure out the Kinks and you got to figure out the Kinks the benefit of going to a place Like Fox the benefit of going to a place Like NBC the benefit of going to a place Like CBS or any of these places guess What they have they have 600 employees That are overpaid that can go and work On one person's project 50 people on one Person's project so but if you go to an Independent organization that is not a 12 billion dollar company seven billion Dollar company and they're coming up They don't have those resources yet to The level of patient needs to be higher Because the exchanges while you go to NBC ABC mainstream your muzzle because You can't talk about everything because Your biggest sponsor is Pfizer over here You are not muzzles you can talk about Everything but you don't have the 600 Employees and you got to be kind of

Patient for this thing to develop but if The relationship with the users and the Customers and the capitalist the Entrepreneur the town Talent is honest And sincere long term we're going to win This what fight but it's not going to be Just the talent in the company and not The involvement of the talent the what Do you call it the fans and the audience Getting involved as well this is going To take a real teamwork effort the next Three five ten twenty years for us to Win this fight and by the way if there's Ever been a fight worth fighting this is It I was looking at a book upstairs Shown to uh seven of our Executives About 10 year olds what book they're Getting on Section on uh sex education I'm showing this clip and and the book Is sold Millions on top of millions of Copies in public schools they're shown Positions on how two boys can have sex In school yeah two girls can have sex in School then you have the mission Missionary which is a boy and a girl Which is you know it's a regular A 10 year old guy a 10 year old boy is Going to learn how to have sex with Another boy listen if there's ever been A time that it's going to take Everyone's effort we're just sitting Around bitching and complaining about it It's not going to mean anything you got To get involved you got to support if

You support a brand if it's not us go Support somebody or support them if it's Us support us collectively 10 20 years From then we're going to look back and Say we did this together it's not going To be a one-man show it's not going to Be a one-team show it's going to be Collective effort with you and us doing It together without you there is no Entertainment without you there's no PPD Podcast without you we don't have this Media Company without you you and I Don't meet each other without you we Don't have all these people that are Working here this has been Collective I'm grateful for you guys but I just Want to prep you and I hope this kind of Made sense to some of you guys that are Still watching this I'm going to ask you For more if you say Pat we're going to Do this we kind of need to get to the Next phase of we're gonna need your help At the next level you know till today I'll tell you one thing about valetama Um Tom when we were building the Insurance company you know my salary not When we sold the company but you know my Salary when we build an insurance Company was I ever the highest paid guy In the company Absolutely not you are not even in the Top ten what was I paying myself salary Was you you know you were part of the Payroll

Can you tell everybody what I was making Barely 100 Grand and and by the way a Lot of that was benefits because you got The medical package for your family Eventually my salary went up to 250. Okay salary and then if the company did Well I got something of the ebitda five Percent of whatever the ebitda was above Five million dollars of eBay so it's not Like it's millions of dollars I'm Getting another hundred thousand dollars Two hundred thousand dollars three Hundred thousand dollars a bonus but it Was based on growing the company I Didn't have any problem till today from Valentine Day one till today you know How much money I've taken off the table From entertainment zero I don't take a Salary from this I don't take profits at The end of the year everything's Reinvested into the attainment because Vision is real so when we're doing what We're doing I was like oh my God I can't Believe we have to pay that I can't We're not doing this because I'm trying To go buy another car I've made a good Decision I've done well for myself Financially where we've set aside a good Amount of money and we sold the Insurance company this is a project of 40 years I'm going 40 years with media With videotainment period And I say this A long time again I'm saying it right Now I don't need another exit to become

Financially free we are going on a 40-year run God willing we're healthy I'm 44 if I live up to 84. thank you God I've already lived an incredible life The things I've done I'm very happy About it but the next 40 years God Willing uh will be able to compete in The marketplace and with guys like Tucker once in a lifetime type of a guy You know you're like the guy you want to Hear more the guy you want to hear his Perspective you want to hear what Questions he's asking in the way he goes And researches the way he interviews People you know his Charisma his Authenticity there's a lot of people That want to see this guy run there's People that are talking about why does Not just announce and go around for President why don't you just go and run For office he may even just announce That I'm going to go around for office You know what would happen what a Shakeuper would be if we made that kind Of announcement but what's the point the Point is people are saying that because They would like a guy like this to run The country yeah if he chooses to do That great if he chooses to join a Platform like ours great if we're here Oh my God all I can tell is future looks Bright Thank you Pat Uh I just have to say that Off the rip but uh uh I I first of all I

Don't think he should like 100 do not do Anything political pack because you saw What they did with Trump they're going To 100 go after him as well what do you Think Tom if he goes for if he did Anything political what would happen to Him Tucker Tucker Tucker's gonna make more of a difference And be more of a candidate than anybody Realizes he could be he could be Tremendous but I think his voice his Talents look you know you look at who is Tucker I look at him he's an Entrepreneur he created Daily Caller He's a producer he has an eye for Content He's a voice and a personality of his Own show he's also an author if you ever Ever read Ship of Fools you should read Ship of Fools it's a great book kind of Funny too You step back and look at that you know Why we you know why I recognize all that Because we're all that I mean look at Pat Pat's a multi-time entrepreneur he's An author he's a producer my gosh and He's a and he's his own voice and Personality we understand that and we Are that and so I look at all that and I Kind of see I said wow you know Tucker Is very much like us could he be very Well in political Spirit absolutely but I think he still has a voice an

Opportunity and he could take his time And talents and really you know Drive in Service to America what we're talking About can I tell you selfishly where I'm At let me tell you something for sure Well man okay as a as a guy who wants to Run with this guy we'd love for him to Be here but I'm telling you if he ran I'm 100 supported behind it because I Think he would be the number two guy Overnight I agree with the number two Guy overnight I'd be right with you and That's for my trip today number two guy Overnight so purely support uh I said This to Megan earlier Megan's like so What do you think about the fact that The video just came out and the fact That he said this and he said that in This video that was released and leaked By you know Fox and what are your Thoughts about this you know what my Answer was I said listen you know what History tells us People who had the audacity to fight a Fight against the bullies and Bully the Bully were never perfect They were not the people that you saw Them you're like oh my God what are you Know a fantastic this now Churchill Was able to do something Chamberlain Couldn't do okay it's just period Ulysses says Grand was able to do Something McClellan who was all he

Wanted to do was train train train train Train train train train train for a you Know uh for Abraham Lincoln all he Wanted to do was train constantly train The soldiers listen Lincoln's like Listen how many more months do you need To train your guys let's roll no they're Not fully trained yet dude we gotta go To war we gotta win this war no they're Not trained yet Ulysses has cran I keep trying to get a Hold of him he's not he's not I can't Get a hold of him Lincoln is furious because he can't hear Hear back from Ulysses S Grant when he Hears from him guess what he says we won Says Grant was Drunk all this other stuff what happens To Grant after Lincoln dies two-term President yeah okay so so the point is We can go back and talk about How you know so much of well you what About this and what about that and what About this listen yeah we're looking for Somebody who's a dog of a fighter when I Say dog I mean a dog fight this guy's Got the dog fight in him uh you you know When's the first time I fell on with the Scam I'm like I freaking like this guy Was when Jon Stewart came in to try to Bully him and I watched him yeah how Many times I watched it you only tell You how many times I watched a club you Know how many times I watched a couple

Of times if I tell you 200 times that's A low number really do Like for me in basketball I watch more Post game interviews than I watch Interview then I watch the game I'm a Post-game interview guy I watched the Other day John Morant you lost what's Your comment so hey John what do you Have to say about the fact that I don't Think about anybody in the west and so I Have to deal with that you know it is What it is yeah weak answer hey uh uh Giannis uh what do you do you consider This year a failure Eric you asked me the same question last Year okay When Stewart came in And he was a main guy and he tried to Bully him you just watch Tucker And I'm telling you Tucker never forgot That and as much as John peaked Tucker took it all the whole different Level it was a way of saying look man I'm not going to get bullied It's very hard to find people like Tucker I don't I don't we've never had dinner Together before we've never broken bread I'm not sitting here saying we're Friends oh you know it's my body nope I've never said that and I'm not here to Say that because we've never had any Kind of up until this conversation Taking we've never had anything that has

Ever happened right When I see a guy like that that's that Video took place with John trying to Make you guys just you got to stop You're terrible you're this and you see His reaction yeah well you know and then All of a sudden he see him going from The bow tie yeah to be here saying you Know under shadow of all the people and Then boom he's at the top listen I Relate to Underdogs that guy was an Underdog now he's at the top and he's Got a good I think he's got a good 10 to 15 year run of being on fire and his Voice is needed every night people are Asking where's this guy's voice so if You like this clip and you want to watch Another one click right here and if you Want to watch the entire podcast click Right here

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